Twinstar Nano Review: How Does it Work & Effect the Fish

Twinstar Nano

No matter if you are a beginner in aquascaping or you have been taking care of your tanks for a while, you probably had problems with algae.

These annoying plants seem to appear all the time, no matter what you do.

Not only do they destroy the appearance of your tank, but they also slow down the growth of your plants.

If you changed the light, the fertilizer, and the plants, yet algae still prevails, No products found., a device that promises to clear your tank and keep the algae away.

Check out my infographic on Algae:
Aquarium Algae 101

What can you expect from the Twinstar Nano?

Twinstar Review

It promotes plant grow

Even if this device does not effect the plants directly, it does help them grow faster and healthier.

The surface of the water will no longer be covered in small algae, thus the plants receive the exact amount of light they need.

At the same time, it activates microelements in the water and helps the plant absorb the nutrients needed in an easier way.

Several tests proved plants can grow faster, up to 50%, with the help of this device.

If you are a fan of luxurious aquariums, this is a quality device you will not regret purchasing.

It inhibits algae grow

Most of the time, you have to wait until you actually see the algae in order to be able to remove it.

With this device, the algae will never grow because Twinstar Nano will eliminate the spores before they can propagate.

How does it work?


The description of the product does not give too many details about how it works, but the mechanism is fairly simple.

The device sterilizes the water, destroying every spore from the very beginning so you don’t have to introduce more chemicals to the tank to fight the algae.

Once you plug it in, it remains on all the time; since it has a controller, you can adjust it to the right intensity depending on the volume of the tank.

It effects most types of algae, including thread algae, blue green algae, or green spot algae.

The only types of algae that will not be removed by this device are beard algae and green water algae.

Will it effect the fish?

No, it will not; this device promises to be completely safe for your plants and fish.

Even when you leave it on all the time, it will not change the parameters of the water or release any substance in the water harming the fish.

Actually, the device will work without you even noticing; only the lack of algae will show you the efficiency of the Twinstar Nano.

For how long can I use it?

The No products found.; however, this does not mean the device will be any less efficient after this time.

After all, it is a device that works continuously for a year and will save you time and effort.

Twinstar Nano Review

Why should I get it?

Besides the fact that it is small, quiet, and useful, there are other things to factor in:

You will never have to clean the algae by yourself

It can be exhausting to clean the algae from the walls of the tank, not to mention from the substrate, which may disturb the plants and fish and take a lot of time.

With Twinstar Nano, you can forget about this completely.

You don’t have to use chemicals

In pet stores you will find many substances to fight algae; some of them are better than others, but you never know when you can destroy your tank with these substances.

Why hurt your fish when you can get something safer and better like the Twinstar Nano.

You can finally have the plants you want

Some types of plants require a great deal of special light as well as fertilizers.

It is difficult enough to provide this without the algae taking the light and the “food” of the plants.

You will not even believe what a difference this device can make in your tank.

Twinstar Nano is maintenance free

You don’t have to think about this device. No, you don’t have to change any part of it or replace a material inside. It will work on its own and make your aquarium spotless!

Where to buy Twinstar Nano?

So you are convince and would like to get one, where exactly can you buy it?

Well, you can try your local fish store (LFS) but I doubt a small LFS will have the item on stock.

The next best thing is to get it online via Amazon.

Amazon usually have No products found..

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  1. This machine where should located in aquarium?
    Can I keep it next to water air to push the smoke and spray it around or not.

  2. Hooked up the new Nano and it only put out bubbles for about 4 minutes. The blue light is still on. Does it cycle off and on? If so it’s never mentioned in the instructions. Thanks.

  3. I have several Nerite snails. Will this harm them by removing all food for the snails. How do I make sure there is plenty to eat for them. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I’m new to this but trying to stop hair algae.


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