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20 gallon turtle tank - Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

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Best practices on how to set up and maintain your aquarium tank.

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Learn how to care for those hard working snails and how to keep the pesky ones out.

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Aquarium Shrimp Care Guides

Learn about different aquarium shrimp species and how to care for them.


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Best Koi Food for Growth and Color Enhancing

Best Koi Food for Growth and Color Enhancing

Koi are omnivorous feeders. They feed on aquatic insects, algae, plants, and commercial pellets. As growth and color are the most important features of domesticated Koi Fish, diet holds major significance in their care routine.  While you may feed your Koi Fish live/frozen worms

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CO2 Regulator for your Aquarium

Best Aquarium CO2 Regulator for your Aquarium

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the key elements required for plants, both aquatic and terrestrial, to survive and thrive. In natural waters, dead leaves, animals, and other organic materials rot and decompose to produce CO2 gas. However, there aren’t as many CO2-producing elements

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Best Wave Makers For Your Aquarium

Best Wave Makers for your Aquarium

In the wild, aquatic creatures are subjected to various water movements, including wave action, tides, and water currents. These natural conditions are non-existent in artificial waters. Wave makers help recreate these dynamic environments for the aquatic lives in your tank.  Wave makers are especially

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Gravel for Betta Fish

Best Gravel for Betta Fish – Expert Guide

Substrates are an integral part of relatively small tanks which lack powerful filters. Gravel, like any other substrate, helps build beneficial bacteria colonies and works as a primary filter to trap organic debris.  Beginner aquarists often disregard the importance of gravel for Betta aquariums.

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What is an Axolotl and Is It Suitable for your Aquarium

Popular in both aquarium trade and research, Axolotls are amphibians that refuse to go through metamorphosis and spend their whole life in the larvae stage. Although some Axolotls mature to leave the water to become Mexican Salamanders, they’re rare. We’ll talk more about these

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Water Dog Fish Care

Water Dog Fish – Complete Care Guide

Commonly referred to by their name Beyer’s Waterdog, the Water Dog Fish/Waterdog Fish are peaceful aquatic creatures who don’t go through the typical metamorphosis stage to transform into terrestrial adults. Unlike most salamanders, the Water Dog Fish retain their gills and streamlined bodies even

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