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20 gallon turtle tank - Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

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Learn about different aquarium shrimp species and how to care for them.


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How Long do Cichlid Fish Live?

Cichlids are a very popular species of fish among aquarists. Their bright colors are the primary factor behind their popularity. However, they might be difficult to take care of due to their aggressive personality. Yet, this is balanced by their increased social interaction and

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How to Save a Dying Cichlid – Quick Tips and Guide

Cichlids are long-living fish. If you care for them well, they can live up to 10 years. There are thousands of Cichlid varieties, but they all succumb to the same illnesses. Even though the ideal lifespan of a Cichlid is much more, certain factors

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how big does a peacock cichlid get

How Big Do Peacock Cichlids Get? (All Types)

Peacock cichlids, scientifically called Aulonocara, are a species of freshwater fish. They are a subspecies of African cichlids. Native to East Africa, they are initially found in Lake Malawi. They have many different colors, such as yellow, crimson, pink, violet, etc. You can group

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Rusty Cichlid: Care, Tank Mates, and Size

Mbuna Lavender is another name for the Rusty Cichlid, which is not as violent as the other cichlids. It has a unique color with variations of orange and red that give it a rusted appearance and a vivid azure to violet projection. This fish

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How many Ghost Shrimp in a 10 Gallon Tank

How many Ghost Shrimp in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Ghost shrimp are some of the most popular crustaceans you will find people keeping in their home aquariums. It is popular with aquarists that are beginners and experienced alike. They are relatively small and reproduce without producing too much bio-waste. Ghost shrimp also have

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