Plant Care Guide Hub: Complete Information

In this page you’ll find different resources to learn more about plants.

African Water Fern Guide

Found in streams and boggy areas across Africa, this type of water fern lives long when attached to lava rocks and wood in the fish tank. You will find a detailed guide about the morphology of this plant and its care guide in this article.

Amazon Frogbit Care and Propagation Guide

Amazon Frogbit is one of the staple aquarium plants that is used by every beginner aquarist. Besides the ornamental nature, the plant is easy to care for and grows pretty quickly. Know about the care and propagation guide in this article.

Amazon Sword Guide

The Amazon Sword guide takes you along a detailed understanding of the plant, its availability, and its functions in a fish tank. Not only is it easy to care for, this is hands down one of the best beginner-friendly aquatic plants.

Anacharis Care and Propagation Guide

Anacharis is a hardy plant that is native to Brazil. Commonly found in the fish stores, this aquatic plant has a dark green color with an elegant lush appearance. If you want to add the same to your fish tank, this care guide should help.

Anubias Nana Guide

Anubias Nana is a flowering aquatic plant, which is quite rare in the aquarium world. The thick, leather-like leaves propagate pretty fast and make a good addition to your tank. This article gives you a roundabout of its care.

Aponogeton Ulvaceus Plant Care Guide

Native to Madagascar, Aponogeton Ulvaceus is an ideal addition to larger fish tanks since they can grow up to 1 ft in length. Know about its traits, and care in this detailed guide.

Aquarium Moss 101

Aquarium moss makes up for great additions to fish tanks, especially because they serve as amazing hiding spots for the fish. Since there are so many different variants available, this guide takes you along all of the available variants.

Brazilian Pennywort: How to grow in an aquarium?

Growing Brazilian pennywort in an aquarium can be challenging since it propagates very quickly. However, the tapered and flat appearance makes for great additions to fish tanks and this guide will direct you on how to grow them properly.

Bucephalandra Guide

Although quite a new addition to the aquarium world, this low-light plant is hardy, easy to care for, and has a stunning combination of color, size, and shape. This article walks you through the basics of this aquatic plant and how to care for it.

Crinum Calamistratum Planting Guide

If you want to make your aquarium background stunning and one of a kind, the Crinum variant is a good variant that stays submerged underwater. This article walks you through the basics of it.

Cryptocoryne Beckettii Guide

Native to India, Sri Lanka, and New Guinea, the Cryptocoryne Becketti has a very complicated reputation as being invasive. However, they make for great aquatic plants that stay submerged underwater.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Planting Guide

This is a freshwater aquatic plant that is easy to grow and ideal for beginners with not much knowledge. The Cryptocoryne Wendtii is a low-light plant and perfect for freshwater aquariums. This article guides you through it.

Cyperus Helferi Planting And Care Guide

The helferi variant is one of the few options that grow underwater and thrive in such settings. The tall grass-like appearance and easy to care feature make it ideal for beginners. If you have been meaning to add this to your tank, this article should help.

Dwarf Baby Tears Guide

The dwarf baby tears are one of the most popular foreground aquatic plants. It features small, bright green leaves that grow at an alarmingly fast rate. Know more about it in this article.

Dwarf Hair Grass for Beautiful Underwater “Lawn”

Scientifically termed as Eleocharis parvula, this is a shorter aquatic plant that fills up the background of an aquarium. It adds a dense, lawn-like appearance to the tank and hence the name. Explore more about this in this article.

Dwarf Sagittaria Guide

If you are a beginner aquarist with limited knowledge about aquatic plants, the Dwarf Sagittaria is a good point to start. It is native to the U.S and Colombia and can grow up to 12 inches in length. Know more about this plant in this guide.

Hornwort Care and Maintenance Guide

From the stunning beautiful bright green color to the faster growth, Hornwort is one of the most popular aquatic plants. Know more about foxtail in this care and maintenance guide article.

Java Fern: How to Grow and Maintain

Although quite a common and standard aquatic plant, the Java fern adds a variable look to the fish tank and has a needle-like appearance to it. They are inexpensive and abundantly available. Explore more about this plant in this guide.

Java Moss Guide

Native to Southeast Asia, Java moss is low maintenance and high-quality aquatic plant that is ideal for beginners. If you have been meaning to add some to your fish tank, follow this article for more information.

Jungle Val: Planting and Maintaining Guide

The Jungle Val is a staple freshwater aquatic plant that is quite adaptable and can acclimatize in different environments. It is easy to care for and is easily accessible in the market. Know more about this aquatic plant in this article.

Lilaeopsis Guide

Although shaped like a short-stemmed carpet, the Lilaeopsis is a fast-growing submersible aquatic plant that is found around Brazil, Argentina. This guide walks you through the basic care and maintenance of this plant.

Marimo Moss Ball

If you don’t want to overstuff your fish tank but also want to strike a balance with the additional greenery, adding marimo moss ball is the ideal choice. Explore all the nitty-gritty about this aquatic plant in this guide.

Marsilea Hirsuta Planting Guide

The Marsilea Hirsuta is a popular foreground aquatic plant that features clover-like shaped leaves. The bright green color of the plant paired with the slow-growing rate makes it ideal for larger tanks. Find more information about this plant in this guide.

Peacock Fern Planting and Maintenance Guide

Peacock fern is a type of aquatic moss that is native to the U.S. They make a great addition to an aquarium setup and this planting and maintenance guide will tell you why.

How to Plant Ludwigia Repens

Ludwigia Repens is quite a hardy aquatic plant but not the easiest to grow and maintain. This article gives you a detailed insight into all the steps that go into growing this plant in your home aquarium so it thrives.

Pogostemon Helferi Guide

The Pogostemon Helferi is quite a rare and unusual addition to an aquarium but their curled leaves make it stand out in the tank. They are native to Thailand and are easy to grow. This article will give you detailed insights into the same.

Proper Way to Grow Dwarf Hair Grass

Growing dwarf hair grass isn’t that difficult but they propagate pretty quickly and can make the tank look crowded and dirty. This article will guide you through the correct ways to grow this aquatic plant.

Proserpinaca Palustris planting and care guide

A staple in wetlands in South America and Eastern U.S, growing Proserpinaca Palustris is ideal for beginners. This is one of the most beautiful freshwater aquarium plants and we delve into the right care guide in this article.

Red Tiger Lotus Care Guide

The Red tiger lotus is a popular African stagnant aquarium plant that can grow up to 31 inches underwater. They have a bright red coloration to their leaves and stand out in the tanks. Read more to find all the details about their care.

Rotala Macrandra Planting and Propagating Guide

Besides the beautiful and stunning red coloration, the Rotala Macrandra also has a high nutrient value. Planning on adding them to your aquarium? This article should guide you about its care and planting needs.

Staurogyne Repens Carpet

If you want to add a luxurious look and feel to your aquarium, adding the Stayrogyne repens is a good choice. It is easy to maintain and creates a carpet-like appearance underwater. Find more information about this in this article.

Utricularia Graminifolia: Planting and Caring Guide

The Utricularia graminifolia is one of the staple perennial, carnivorous plants that thrive underwater and gets rid of algae growth and unnecessary dirt in the water. This planting and caring guide will give you all the insights you need to know of.

Vallisneria aquarium plant

The Vallisneria aquarium plant is a staple and classic addition to your home aquarium and is native to Africa, South America, and parts of Europe. This care guide will discuss everything you need to know about the plant and how to care for it.

Water Sprite Plant: A Comprehensive Care Guide

The Water sprite is one of the easiest aquarium plants to grow. They feature a dark green and leafy appearance that propagates pretty quickly. Know more about this plant in this article.

Water Wisteria Guide

The water wisteria is a hardy and freshwater aquarium plant that is popular among beginner and advanced aquarists due to its versatility. If you have been meaning to add some to your tank, this care guide should help you plan the process better.