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Expert advice on fish keeping, care, tank conditions, tank mates, breeding and more.

Sagittaria Plant

Aquarium Planting and Propagation Guides

Explore the different species of aquarium plants and learn how to grow them in your tank.

Aquarium product reviews

Product Reviews

Get the latest information and reviews on the aquarium products like filters, tanks, accessories and more.

20 gallon turtle tank - Marina Style 20 Deluxe Glass Aquarium Kit

Tank Set Up and Maintenance

Best practices on how to set up and maintain your aquarium tank.

Nerite Snail

Snail Care Guides

Learn how to care for those hard working snails and how to keep the pesky ones out.

Red Bee Shrimp

Aquarium Shrimp Care Guides

Learn about different aquarium shrimp species and how to care for them.


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Male and a Female Guppy

How to Differentiate Between a Male and a Female Guppy

The first fish you ever owned was probably a bright-colored guppy. Guppies are absolute staples in an aquarium. But do you know whether your guppies were male or female?  Guppies thrive in the tropical waters of South America. Their unique markings make them beautiful

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how long can Betta fish go without food

How Long Can Betta Fish Go Without Food?

Most aquarists have a panic moment when they go on holiday. What will happen to their beloved fish while they’re away? How will that precious Betta fish survive without food (if the automatic fish feeder should jam)? So, how long can Betta fish go

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Banded Cichlid Care Guide

Severum (Banded Cichlid) Care Guide

Similar to Discus in terms of water parameters and temperament, Severum, aka Banded Cichlids, are quite popular in the aquarium trade. They have a relatively long lifespan and often exhibit interesting swimming behaviors. However, aquarists are mostly fascinated by their unique body shape, coloration,

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Accurate Aquarium Thermometers

Most Accurate Aquarium Thermometers money can Buy!

Except for a few, most fish and amphibians are cold-blooded creatures whose metabolic functions are influenced by environmental temperature. While it helps them survive with less energy and food, their biological functions cease to perform optimally in considerably higher or lower temperatures.  As the

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Aquarium Silicone

Best & Safest Aquarium Silicone Brands to Choose From

Irrespective of the building material used, waterproof silicone is integral to the aquarium building process. Aquarium silicone makes a covalent bond between two surfaces, acrylic or glass, and creates a long-lasting, waterproof joint. It also finds use in aquarium repairs and decorative fixtures.  While

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LED Lights for Planted Aquariums

Choose from these best LED Lights for Planted Aquariums

Sunlight, technically photons, serves the initial energy necessary for photosynthesis. Artificial LED lights, while not 100%, supplement the lack of sunlight in planted aquariums. However, only the lights made specifically for this purpose have the ability to fulfill the requirements and cause your aquarium

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