Advantages of a Custom Aquarium

Once you’ve been in the aquarium game long enough, you’ll very likely desire a custom built aquarium.  You may have seen one on TV, in a celebrity restaurant, or a business office.  Typically, they are larger than your average tank and can be of almost any size, since realistically, money would be the only limitation.  Regardless of what size or shape they are or what type of fish and plants are contained therein, these custom built aquariums are sure to catch your eye.  It makes sense, as the whole point of custom aquariums is to grab the attention of any passerby.  The more of them you see, the more likely it is that you’ll begin to think about the feasibility of getting a custom built aquarium yourself.  Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons for having a custom built aquarium.

Custom Aquarium

Custom aquariums: PROS

The pros for having a custom aquarium built are fairly obvious.  First and foremost, you’re not stuck with a bleak rectangle.  You can design any shape you can dream up, provided you can afford it. If you have a specific space you want to place an aquarium, but cannot find a pre-designed one that fits, a custom aquarium might be the perfect solution.  Whatever the dimensions, a custom tank could be made to fit.

Custom built aquariums can also be made to accept any size or style equipment.  If there was a specific substrate, decorative item you wanted, a supersized pump, or a chiller, a custom aquarium could be made to fit everything.  Custom built aquariums can also have customized glass.  A relatively new development is called sapphire glass, which clearer and is free of iron and the greenish tint customary in standard aquarium glass.

In addition, you can have the designer (or design team) assist you with any other concerns including customized stands, decorations, and much more.  All in all, the customized aquarium is a great choice for anyone wanting to show off his or her own personal flair.

Custom Aquarium


Custom aquariums: CONS

The advantages of custom aquariums are quite impressive.  Unfortunately, that is only one side of the story and in this case, the disadvantages of owning a custom aquarium can be equally impressive.  At its core, the main negative aspect of custom aquariums is the prohibitive cost.  Almost all other negative aspects stem from this same issue.  Clearly, custom-built aquariums will cost more than your typical retail solution.  Due to the increased cost, and in many cases the increased weight, a custom tank will require a custom stand as well.  This also will be more costly than off-the-shelf solutions.  In addition, the hood will more than likely also have to be custom-built, just to ensure that it fits on your tank.

You should also shop around for a trustworthy dealer.  As with any purchase, don’t be afraid to ask other customers or read reviews online.  You’ll want to find someone who is competent, easy to work with, and is willing to charge a fair rate.  A reputable dealer will test out components before, during, and after the build is complete.  They also shouldn’t mind if you ask about the testing and building processes, as well as what type of warranty comes with the tank.  If the custom aquarium you decide on is a large one, don’t forget to ask about the dealer’s shipping policies for distance, price, installation, and if damage occurs.


Knowing what to ask for is important when investing in a custom-built aquarium.  Do your research as well as knowing what design compromises you can make if the price becomes more than you budgeted for.  A customized aquarium can be a beautiful and dramatic piece of furniture that will add class and elegance to any room, but it is important to know all the details before venturing into the ultimate aquarium.

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  1. It’d be pretty interesting to see what kind of custom styles company’s can build for an aquarium. I’ve been wanting to have my own custom aquarium in my living room, and my husband was interested in the same idea. I’ll just have to see if he’d actually be interested, that way I can look for a professional to build one for us.


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