Advantages of Live Aquarium Plants (Benefits Revealed)

In the first weeks, you liked your aquarium because it looked nice and gave you a peaceful feeling just looking at it. Yes, it was as simple as that. It was an interesting object in your room that made everything look brighter. However, you did not even imagine that soon you would become an excited aquarist. The fish are actually interesting, the decor is fantastic, and you test the water every day to see if everything is fine.

Low Light Aquarium Plants - Java Fern

But how about the plants? You started with a few artificial plastic plants and they seemed fine until now. However, it is very obvious they are not as realistic as you would have them to be and you are thinking about buying some live plants very soon. With all your dedication, this still may seem like a difficult task, but most aquarists feel the same way before they start taking care of real plants.

There are many advantages of having live plants in your aquarium such as:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: One of the first reasons why you bought plants for inside the aquarium is because they gave the aquarium a more realistic looking environment.A tank that is filled with multi-colored fish and luxurious plants can be breathtaking. Plants come ina variety of colors and shapes you should not have an excuse to use fake ones. In addition, the movement from the water pump brings life to the real plants, instead of the stiffness once displayed by artificial plants.
  • Fish Health: Artificial plants are made from a water friendly material;however, this does not guarantee that those will not damage the fish in any way. In the end, after spending months in the water, even the best possible material will start to change. The colors will fade, fish may break small pieces,and they will release chemicals into the water; establishing a good chemical balance is difficult as it is, so do not ruin it now with artificial flora and fauna. On the other hand, live plants help achieve the right nutrients in the water. Small fish will have a place to hide and will feel relaxed in a natural ambient as well.
  • Another Food Source: Do not worry; your fish will not devour your real plants in a few weeks. You feed them every day and they seem happy with this,but what if you forget to feed them for a few days? This situation occurs occasionally and real plants can be their salvation. Even if the fish are not interested,they will still take a few bites, enough to survive. Most of the fish are omnivorous and they do need to eat plants once in a while. Live plants can be beneficial for the digestion of the fish and the ecosystem in which they live.
  • Oxygen Production:Though there is a special device that is meant to keep the water oxygenated, most of the time it is not enough considering the air pump can rarely provide all the oxygen that your fish needs. If you use an air stone to provide enough oxygen for your fish, it will gather bacteria, making your water dirtier than it should be and disturbing your fish. With the addition of real plants, you can remove the air pump and air stone completely. When plants photosynthesize, they release oxygen in the water and reduce the carbon dioxide.Your plants will have what they need to flourish and your fish will have everything they need to function perfectly.
  • Algae Reduction: If your tank does not have any natural plants, you probably have algae already. It does not matter how many chemicals you add to the water, algae will still appear since it only needs some light and nutrients in the water. Of course, you can struggle and put algae eaters in the tank, but they will be exhausted in a short time.When you have real plants in the tank, they will use all the nutrients. Their roots are strong enough to absorb everything, so there will not be enough nutrients for algae.

If you take a look at all these benefits, you will give up your plastic plants instantly. The reason why you became passionate about aquariums was because you wanted to create your own natural element. After you bring home your first real plants, you will notice what a huge impact they have. Even a single floating plant will make a dramatic difference and you will be eager to place more and more in the tank.

You can create any effect you want:one standout color,your own jungle, or a small garden. Your many possibilities are endless and it would be disheartening to neglect live plants only because you are afraid. After you place your plants, you do not have to do anything else; they do not require a complicated maintenance. Live plants are just what you and your fish want; they are simple,beautiful and natural!

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