10 Best Christmas Gifts for Aquascapers

Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re probably thinking of what to buy for your aquarium-loving friends and family. Since most of your friends share your passion, you want to buy them something helpful yet lovely at the same time.

In general, it’s better to avoid buying fish or other live creatures. You don’t know if your friend wants them or if they can take care of them (especially over the holidays), so focus on something practical.

Be creative and avoid stereotypes—a cup with an inscription is probably not the most original idea. So, what are the best gifts for your aquascape-obsessed loved ones?

Here is a suggestion list:

10 Best Gifts For Aquascapers

1. Encyclopedia of aquarium plants

Encyclopedia of aquarium plants

If your friend is quieter than others and enjoys a good book, you can combine their passions and get a book that will help them decide what plants to choose for their aquarium, how to plant them, and how to make these plants grow to their full potential.

This book explains many plant problems, making it an absolute pleasure for anyone interested in aquascaping, planted aquariums, and general fish keeping.

2. 4Pcs Aquascaping Tools Kit

4Pcs Aquascaping Tools Kit

No aquascaper can be without a quality aquascaping tools kit, which accurately places plants, stones, and other essentials in the tank. When your planted aquascape starts thriving, you may have to prune back quite a few branches, which is where these tools will be invaluable. 

Treat someone special with these high-quality stainless steel tools, including a magnetic tool holder, to keep things neat and tidy. 

Your loved one can keep their miniature aquatic bonsais in shape, remove dead leaves, and use the pliers to attach new plants to elements in the substrate.

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3. Aqueon Aquarium Algae Cleaning Magnets Glass

Aqueon Aquarium Algae Cleaning Magnets Glass

Once your loved one has their aquascaped tank set up, it’s all about maintenance and cleanliness. Scraping algae from the tank glass isn’t fun, but with this magnetic cleaner, it’s sure to be a breeze. 

The magnetic cleaner is available in different sizes, accommodating different glass thicknesses, so choose one that works for their existing setup or add it as a gift to their new aquarium bundle.

4. Amawarm Fish Tank Accessories Organizer

Amawarm Fish Tank Accessories Organizer

Our next gift idea is perfect for the professional aquascaper and aquatic enthusiast. This handy accessory organizer is simply ideal for keeping a range of aquatic tools, medicines, and supplements organized and neat. 

The unit has a neat finish and clean lines, and you can hang it with the keyhole fittings or let it stand independently on sturdy feet. 

The two mesh basket shelves can hold a range of medicine bottles and filter accessories, while the sliding holders at the sides hold pliers, small nets, scissors, scrapers, and more. And at the price, it’s a steal!

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5. Capetsma 2X Crystal Glass Aquatic Plant Pot

Capetsma 2X Crystal Glass Aquatic Plant Pot

When your loved one really gets into aquascaping, they are always looking for something new to try, and these hanging glass orb pots are perfect for adding some elevation to their aquascape design.

The orbs attach with powerful suction cups to the side of the tank, and by adding some stunning substrate pebbles and a splash of color with a delicate aquatic plant, they form a unique appearance. 

Choose between a one-cup, two-cup, or four-cup set. This is a perfect gift to add to an aquascaping bundle or as a stocking filler.

6. Aquarium Fish Keeper Aquascaping Aquascaper I Create Worlds T-Shirt

Aquarium Fish Keeper Aquascaping Aquascaper I Create Worlds T-Shirt

The next gift idea isn’t something you’ll likely place in an aquarium, but your aquascaping friend will love this unique statement T-shirt. The “I create worlds” T-shirt is vibrant and perfect for that next aquascaping conference your loved one attends. 

The shirt is available in five colors, from black to royal blue, and a men’s and ladies’ cut is available.

7. AWXZOM 7.1lb+ Natural Dragon Rock Carefully Selected Mixed Sizes

AWXZOM 7.1lb+ Natural Dragon Rock

You may think giving someone a stone as a gift is odd, but this natural dragon rock is perfect for that aquascaping fanatic in your family (who may also be obsessed with Game of Thrones).

This is a statement piece, and the natural craggy appearance is perfect for grafting some aquatic plants and making a unique and stunning aquascape. 

There’s more than one rock in the set, and there are options with a large rock of 5.5 pounds and smaller rocks that create a natural landscape.

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8. Hygger Aquarium Air Stone

Hygger Aquarium Air Stone

We often neglect the use of light and air to decorate our aquascapes. But any aquascaper will love the addition of a stylish explosion of air bubbles that add that moving element that brings life to your tank. 

The air stone produces dense, refined air bubbles that create a column of air that catches the light and ensures your fish are healthy and active (thanks to the oxygenation).

9. Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit

If your budget allows, the next gift is ideal for a new aquascaper (or a pro who wants a unique depth profile for a future aquascaping project. The 8-gallon tank is perfectly appointed with a 3D background, which looks like the side of an ocean reef, with a shelf-like appearance. 

The rockery background is simply begging for some greenery in the form of aquatic plants, bright fish, and vibrant underwater elements. With the included LED light, the tank will always look its best. 

It’s an ideal gift for a newbie as the tank includes a rockery background, LED light, and a 110 GPH filter to keep the tank clean and ensure excellent water parameters. 

10. EZPIK 27″ Extra Long Tweezers for Aquarium


For the serious aquascaper, a large tank is a blessing (but also a curse) as you can go to town with plants, stones, and other design elements. However, a large tank means you must risk life and limb by sticking your hands in the water to adjust plants, remove stones, or change the landscape. If you have skin sensitivities, it’s not ideal to get your hands in the tank water (plus, any skin lotions you wear will contaminate the water). 

Fortunately, our last gift idea is the solution. With these extra-long 27-inch tweezers, you can reach the bottom of most deep tanks without getting your fingers wet. The extra strong materials are rust-proof, and your loved one can easily pinch off leaves, move stones, and make the changes they want while keeping dry and away from that snappy turtle or vicious miniature shark they’re so fond of.

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Final Gifting Thoughts

Finding the right gift for a fellow aquarist is not always easy, but our gift list can make any friend smile joyfully. Decide what your loved one could use to encourage their aquascaping hobby further or surprise them with something they haven’t yet thought of.  

Happy Holidays!

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