Here are the Best Ich Treatment Product Options

Anything ever outweighs the horrors of seeing small white spots on your fish’s body. Knowing that your fish has already been affected by some kind of notorious parasite, which is creeping and reproducing in your tank, makes the situation much more complex and awful. 

White spots on your fish’s body can be caused by anything among the hundreds of parasitic and fungal infections. Still, the most common issue prevalent in tropical aquariums is ich or ick. The white salt-like grains, which cause your fish to scrape its body against objects and exhibit abnormal hiding behavior, are caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, a ciliated protozoan that damages fish tissue and causes secondary infections. 

Without proper care and treatment, ich can kill the exposed fish and also infect the tank to risk all its inhabitants. The best Ich treatments neutralize the immature forms of the parasite (tomites) by preventing it from infecting new hosts. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the best ich treatment options that can eliminate the risk of this pandemic before it even starts in your tank. 

9 Best Ich Treatment Product




Available in multiple sizes, API Liquid Ick Cure works pretty fast and is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. It also adds a slime coat to protect the fish from getting exposed to the harsh active ingredients. It usually kills the ich parasites within the first 24 hours of treatment. 

Key Features

Active IngredientMalachite Green and Nitrofurazone. 
Effective AgainstIch, secondary infection, other parasitic infections
Safety and CompatibilitySafe for tropical freshwater fish and most saltwater aquariums, but isn’t suitable for reef aquariums. If scaleless fish are present in your aquarium, use ½ dose. 
Dosage InstructionsRemove the activated carbon filter and add 1 tablespoon Super Ick per 5 gallons of water.
Treatment DurationDose per day in the initial stages for five days. After, dose every alternate day for a week. 


  • Works pretty fast and doesn’t require the water temperature to be raised for it to work. 
  • Adds slime coat protection to fish. 


  • It can prove to be fatal for scaleless fish if a normal dosage is administered. We typically rely on 60% dosage for loaches and similar fish species.

2. KORDON Ich Attack

KORDON Ich Attack


Targeting single-celled external parasites, Kordon Ich Attack comes in 16 Oz bottles that should last you a long time. It works for almost every kind of fish species and also is reef-safe. Its herbal formula makes it one of the safest ich treatment products out there. It also treats a wide range of diseases that may cause white spots on your fish. 

Key Features

Active IngredientNaphthoquinones
Effective AgainstProtozoan, fungal, and dinoflagellate infections. Particularly effective against ich, velvet disease, coral fish disease, and trichodina. 
Safety and CompatibilityClaims to be suitable for all types of fish species, including scaleless fish and reef aquariums. It’s worth the try in emergencies. 
Dosage Instructions10 drops per gallon. Don’t forget to remove the carbon filter and dim the lights. 
Treatment DurationRepeat every day for 5 days. Continue dosing on alternate days for a week to ensure neutralization. 


  • Works on every type of aquaria and doesn’t harm invertebrates. 
  • Treats more fungal and parasitic infections in addition to ich.


  • Doesn’t work as rapidly as we would’ve liked. It’s good for sporadic cases, but consider getting a stronger product for extreme infections. 

3. Weco Nox-Ich Water Treatment

Weco Nox-Ich Water Treatment


Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums, the Weco Nox-Ich includes sodium chloride as an active ingredient. Nox-Ich is essentially a salt bath alternative for your infected fish. However, it may cause discomfort to scaleless freshwater fish. It also treats multiple external fungal infections. 

Key Features

Active IngredientSodium ChlorideMalachite Green
Effective AgainstIch, Velvet, Fin Rot, Chilodonella, Trichodina, and other fungal infections. 
Safety and CompatibilitySafe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, but it isn’t safe for corals or plants. Use ½ or less sensitive dosage for scaleless fish like loaches. 
Dosage Instructions2 drops per 3 gallons of aquarium water. Remove the carbon filter during treatment. Keep treating, but do not increase dosage even if the issue persists.
Treatment DurationUse for 3 days consecutively and continue dosing on every alternate day for a week. Change water after the initial 3 days.   


  • Works immediately and also helps treat the exposed fish, in addition to the aquarium water.
  • Doesn’t require water temperature to be raised. 


  • Stains, sealants, and decorations. 

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4. Hikari USA Inc. Ich x

Hikari USA Inc. Ich x


One of the most effective yet difficult solutions, the Hikari Ich-X, cures almost all common fungal infections in freshwater and marine aquariums. It comes in a 16 Oz bottle that can be stored at normal temperature without freezing. Ich-X is also potent enough to work rapidly without a raised water temperature. 

Key Features

Active IngredientFormaldehyde
Malachite Green
Effective AgainstIch, Velvet disease, Saprolegniasis, Cryptocaryonaisis, and other fungal diseases. 
Safety and CompatibilitySuitable for freshwater and marine aquariums. However, avoid reef aquariums and tanks with invertebrates. Scaleless fish may also be negatively affected. Avoid freezing the solution. 
Dosage InstructionsDose 1 teaspoon Ich-X to 10 gallons of water. Reduce dosage if scaleless fish are present in the tank. Keep changing water to improve performance.  
Treatment DurationTreat every 24 hours for 3 days and perform water change before continuing every alternate day for a week. 


  • Doesn’t harm loaches as other solutions with sodium chloride. 
  • Works pretty fast and doesn’t require a raised temperature to work. 


  • It may stain your substrate, hands, and decorations. Do use gloves during use. 
  • May alter pH and hardness. 

5. KORDON Rapid CURE Ich & Parasite Treatment

KORDON Rapid CURE Ich & Parasite Treatment


Treating ich, frayed fins, and worms, KORDON Rapid Cure starts working within 48 hours of first dosing. It comes in a 0.75 Oz tiny bottle that can treat up to 400 gallons of aquarium water. However, we recommend isolating the infected fish and treating it separately. It also dyes the water as a visual indicator of effectiveness. 

Key Features

Active IngredientTriethylene Glycol
Polyvinylpyrrolidone K-29
Malachite Green
Effective AgainstIch, fin rot, and other parasitic infections.
Safety and CompatibilityFor both freshwater and saltwater aquaria, remove invertebrates and scaleless fish from the water before application. Love coral and anemones should also be removed before treatment. 
Dosage Instructions1 drop for 1-gallon aquarium water. ½ dosage for tetra families and scaleless fish. Change 25% water after each dosing cycle.
Treatment DurationDose the normal amount for 3 consecutive days and change water. Continue dosing every alternate day for a week after the visible infection has receded. Avoid dosing more than 3 times a day. 


  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. 
  • Starts producing visible results in as few as 48 hours. 


  • You may have to use it multiple times a day for rapid results. 
  • The water temperature needs to be raised a bit.

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6. Seachem ParaGuard

Seachem ParaGuard


Safe for both marine and freshwater tanks, Seachem ParaGuard comes in a 100ml bottle that treats up to 200 gallons of aquarium water. ParaGuard doesn’t contain methanol or aldehydes that may alter the water quality or pH levels, but it still isn’t suitable for invertebrates and corals. The usage instructions also ensure that the product is safe to use as hour dips.

Key Features

Active IngredientGlutaralMalachite Green
Effective AgainstIch, fin rot, ectoparasites, and external fungal infections. 
Safety and CompatibilityIt doesn’t contain harsh elements and thus doesn’t alter pH. While it’s suitable for marine and freshwater fish species, invertebrates and corals may be affected negatively. 
Dosage InstructionsUse 10ml (1 cap) ParaGuard for every 20 gallons of aquarium water. You may reduce the dosage to 60-70% if scaleless fish are present in the aquarium. 
Treatment DurationUse multiple times (3-4 times) a day for 3 days or till the visible infections subside. After that, continue dosing for a few days to eradicate the pathogen. 


  • Doesn’t contain methanol or formaldehyde that are somewhat toxic and alters pH. 
  • Fish protective polymers help keep your fish healthy during treatment. 


  • The cap is tough to open and may require a few small tools. 

7. Kordon Methylene Blue

Kordon Methylene Blue


Exclusively made for fungal growth on fish eggs, the 4 Oz bottle of Kordon Methylene Blue is equally effective for saltwater and freshwater fish. As it stains corals and decorations, it’s recommended to be used in isolated hospital tanks as dip treatment. However, it may kill beneficial bacteria and raise ammonia levels temporarily. Kordon is used when fish are sensitive and can’t tolerate the harsh malachite green solutions. 

Key Features

Active IngredientChloride salt of Methylene Blue
Effective AgainstIch, Chilodonella, Costia, and external fungal infections. 
Safety and CompatibilityMade for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Methylene Blue is safe for fish to a great extent but is toxic to plants and the beneficial bacteria colonies. 
Using it in bare tanks without corals and other decorations is best. 
Dosage InstructionsRemove the carbon filter and dose 1 teaspoon of Kordon Methylene Blue in 10 gallons of water in normal situations. 
For dip treatment and extreme cases, add 5 teaspoons in 3 gallons of water and place the infected fish for 10 seconds before returning it to its original aquarium. 
Treatment DurationContinue dosing the normal amount for 3-5 days in hospital tanks till you see improvements. Continue dosing intermittently if the issue persists. 


  • Methylene blue dip bath is a particularly effective treatment for ich infections. 
  • It can be used to treat parasites in fish eggs. 


  • The product may permanently dye white corals, decorations, and substrate. Therefore, it’s recommended to use it in hospital tanks.

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8. Fritz ParaCleanse

Fritz ParaCleanse


Shipped in packet forms, ParaCleanse is one of the easiest treatments available in the market. Each packet (total 10 packets) in powder form treats 10 gallons of aquarium water, which is suitable for smaller tanks. It also doesn’t harm the plants, scaleless fish, and coral reefs. Moreover, it’s also effective for a wide range of internal bacterial infections. 

Key Features

Active IngredientMetronidazolePraziquantel
Effective AgainstIch, velvet skin, Hexamita, fish lice, flukes, and other external fungal infections. 
Safety and CompatibilitySuitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It’s also safe for scaleless fish, invertebrates, and coral reefs. However, a hospital tank is recommended when treating infected fish. 
Dosage InstructionsEach packet is for 10 gallons of water. Add the contents of the packet to the water on alternative days for optimum results.
Turn off UV lights and chemical filtration during treatment. However, maintain water flow and mechanical filtration. 
Hospital tanks are also recommended because ammonia spikes may occur during treatment. 
Treatment DurationContinue treatment by using ParaCleanse on alternative days for 5 days. On day 5, perform a 25% water change and repeat the dosing routine until the infections disappear.


  • The packets are easy to use and reduce the risk of overdosing. 
  • Doesn’t cloud the water or cause ammonia spike.


  • Can prove to be expensive for bigger tanks.

9. Tetra Ick Guard

Tetra Ick Guard


Available in tablet form, Tetra Ick Guard treats up to 80 gallons of aquarium water. Although it’s made only for freshwater aquariums, it doesn’t harm plants or scaleless fish species. Ick Guard also doesn’t require you to raise the water temperature to a dangerous level for it to work effectively. This product also protects the fish from secondary infections during treatment.  

Key Features

Active IngredientVictoria GreenAcriflavine
Effective AgainstIch, velvet, and other external fungal infections.
Safety and CompatibilityFor freshwater aquariums. Can be used on scaleless fish in moderation. Refrain from using in marine or reef aquariums. Remove invertebrates and live coral from the tank before dosing. Safe for plants. 
Dosage Instructions1 table for 10 gallons of water. Dissolve the tablets before adding them to the aquarium water. For scaleless fish, use 1 tablet in 20 gallons of water. You don’t need to raise the temperature, but remove the carbon filter during treatment.  
Treatment DurationDose every 24 hours until white spots are cleared. Change 25% water before every dosing cycle. Continue this for 5 days and perform a 50% water change before repeating. 


  • Protects fish against secondary infections. 
  • Doesn’t need a raised water temperature to function. 


  • Can prove to be expensive for larger aquariums. 

Buying Guide

Aquarium medications are often subjected to FDA and other local regulations. If a product is available online, it doesn’t necessitate your probability of getting it in your area. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of elements that we typically analyze to review the treatment options.  

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients have to be toxic for a treatment option to be effective. Methanol, Malachite Green, Methylene Blue, and Formaldehydes are considered toxic to both us and fish in considerable amounts.

However, the best ich treatment products ensure that the fish species that are meant to benefit from the medication are kept as safe as possible. If a product specifically recommends limiting its usage in a specific environment, don’t risk it. For example, many ich treatments are harmful to reef aquariums and invertebrates. 

Effective Against

You don’t want a treatment option that only treats ich or any specific type of pathogen in fish. Symptoms of several fungal and bacterial infections often coincide, and you must ensure that the treatment options include those as well. 

Therefore, consider ich treatment options that are also effective against velvet disease, hexamita, fish lice, flukes, chilodonella, costia, and other external fungal infections. However, most products don’t mention their whole treatment range.


The products include the recommended dosing on the label. Some of them recommend water changes, some of them require raising water temperatures, and some of them emphasize 3-5 days treatment cycles. Ensure that you understand the dosing recommendations and can follow them. 

Most ich treatment options, except those with copper solutions and salt, can be dosed multiple times daily. 

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Q: What is the best medicine for saltwater Ich?

Copper solutions are considered one of the best treatments for saltwater ich. But, it can prove to be fatal if not moderated. Ich treatment options that work for saltwater aquariums should be considered as the first alternative.

Q: How long is the treatment for Ich?

If the product is effective, visible ich infections can be eliminated within 3-5 days. Continue a lower concentration treatment and water changes for a few weeks intermittently to eradicate them from the tank water.

Q: Can fish fight off Ich naturally?

As long as your fish are stress-free and your tank doesn’t have an infected fish, they can keep the disease under control. New fish are more vulnerable and are pretty easily overwhelmed by the parasites.

The Bottom Line

We’ve reviewed the best ich treatment product options available for your freshwater and saltwater tanks. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to choose the suitable product for your parasite-infested tank and maintain a healthy environment. 

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