Best Planted Tank Forums

When you have a hobby, you want to share your experience with other people. It’s always better to discuss every element of your tank with knowledgeable people instead of just doing everything on your own and to acquire some tips and tricks that will help you expand your tank.

Planted Tank

The Internet is very helpful in this situation, since you can easily find people who are passionate about the same thing as you.

7 Best Planted Tank Forums

  • Plantedtank Forum
  • AquaticPlantCentral Forum
  • Aquaria Central Forum
  • UK Aquatic Plant Society Forum
  • Planted Tank Forum
  • RateMyFishTank Forum
  • AquariumLife Forum

These planted tank forums will help you find other aquarists:

Plantedtank Forum

You want to know how to use a new piece of equipment or how to take care of high maintenance plants? If yes, this is the right place to be. A large, passionate community will help you with advice, tips, and ideas on how to organize and maintain your tank.  If you are lucky, you can even meet some members and exchange types of plants or equipment. You will find out everything you need to know about care and maintenance in this place.

AquaticPlantCentral Forum

Sometimes you want information, but you also want to make friends. In this forum, you can discuss everything from aquarium plants to how to get the best prices when you buy fish. In addition, some of the members meet every once in a while and discuss the latest equipment and how to maximize efficiency. Start by making an account, introducing yourself, and enjoying your time with your new friends.

Aquaria Central Forum

If you need to know more about the parameters of the water or how much CO2 you need to introduce in your tank, take a look at this forum. Many of the members are not only passionate about aquariums, but they are also professional and dedicate their lives to creating the most beautiful planted tanks. You can gain experience and make your aquarium the best one among your friends. For many interesting tips, check out this forum.

UK Aquatic Plant Society Forum

Plant societies are becoming more and more popular with the expansion of aquariums; in the United Kingdom, the UKAPS was created to advise others about their expertise in caring for aquarium plants and fish. On the forum, all members offer their best contributions, answering every question asked. The UK Aquatic Plant Society is a great community with various interesting things to share from the best tanks to the most beautiful fish.

Planted Tank Forum

If you enjoy showing your tank to other people and asking for advice then you can become a member of this forum and not only display all your hard work, but also see what other people have created. The members are friendly, open, and don’t believe in “silly questions.” If you need assistance, they can do everything from help you install your tank from scratch to choosing the right fish for your aquascape. They will explain how to manage every single detail and they will be there for you until everything is perfect.

RateMyFishTank Forum

RateMyFishTank is a community of people discussing tanks and displaying their own aquariums. The members of the group will find a solution to any of your problems and they will give you useful advice on how to improve your tank and take your hobby to the next level. You have plenty of interesting topics to choose from, so you will never be bored when you visit. Also, you can get some ideas on how to arrange your aquarium from all the variety of pictures posted.

AquariumLife Forum

For those moments when you need professional articles and good opinions, this forum is perfect. The community analyzes any problem that you or others may have until a good solution is found. If your plants begin to look strange, these are the guys you want to talk to in order to find out what to do to remedy it. The people are friendly, helpful, and, more important, they are always thinking about ways to improve their tanks.

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