Betta Fish Series – Types of Betta Fish

A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon a photo on Facebook and was totally in awe of the Betta fish tank by Brian Murphy. Here’s the photo below (I’ve edited the size of the photo to suit the site’s criteria):

brian murphy betta

I was so in awe of the tank and the Betta that I’ve decided to do extensive research on them. I would like to believe that I’m now ready to get my first betta.

I will be sharing what I’ve found about Bettas in the next couple of post such as their feeding habits, the type of tank mates that are suitable for them, ways to breed them and even the different diseases that they might get.

For now, I’ll be sharing the different type of Betta fish out there. Hope you will love the first of my Betta series.

Types of Betta Fish

Type of Betta Fish

If you are like me and have a strong passion for freshwater aquariums, you have probably considered incorporating Betta fish to your tank. I’m sure you’ve heard how wonderful Bettas are and how beautiful they can be.

Another reason to get a Betta fish is the freedom to choose a multitude of colors or patterns to fascinate admirers with an alluring aquarium. They are considered as one of the most colorful freshwater fish.

These are the most common types of Betta fish:

Plakat Betta

Betta fish Plakat

Closely related to the traditional fighting Betta, the Plakat Betta is easily recognizable from its short tail.

If you are unfamiliar with the Betta fish, you may think Plakat are actually females, since they have short fins and tails.

The tail of the Plakat Betta can be rounded or with elongated rays and a spiky appearance.

When breed with other types, this fish tends to look spectacular due to its various colors.

Crowntail Betta

Betta fish Crowntail

As the name suggests, the tail is what makes this type of Betta so special.

It is the most popular and spectacular type of Betta due to its long, spiky tail.

There are three types of Crowntails: the single ray, the double ray, and the crossed ray.

The crossed ray is the most beautiful type, but also the most difficult to find and take care of.

You should avoid keeping the Crowntail Betta in the same tank with aggressive fish or it will be attacked very often.

These fish also have strict requirements and in order for their tails to keep their shape, the water needs to be completely clean all the time.

They are prone to diseases and aggressive in nature, which is why they thrive better in a smaller tank alone.

Half Moon Betta

Betta fish Half Moon

With a tail that spreads 180 degrees, the Half Moon Betta is stunning in any color.

To be considered a Half Moon, the tail of the Betta needs to form a complete “D” shape.

Just as the Crowntail Betta, the Half Moon Betta needs to be kept alone or in the same tank with calm species that will not bite their fins.

It is incredibly difficult to breed them because the males cannot wrap the female completely due to the female’s long tail.

Double Tail Betta

Betta fish Double Tail

The Double Tail Betta fish has two tails due to a genetic mutation.

Depending on the initial type of Betta, this mutation can make the fish look very interesting, but they are also shorter than usual and prone to swim bladder diseases (something that I will touch on another Betta series post).

Not many babies survive, so you will not see them in aquariums and even in pet stores very often.

It is not recommended to breed them with other types of Bettas because the babies might be compromised from the beginning.

Combtail Betta

Betta fish CombTail

This is usually the result of a cross-breed between a Crowntail and another Betta type.

The Combtail has the shape of a Crowntail, but with longer, thinner fins that give a new appearance to the tail.

You can obtain this type by yourself by simply breeding two different types of Bettas.

Rosetail Betta

Betta fish RoseTail

A result of careful breeding, the Rosetail is very similar to the Half Moon type, but the tail is much bigger and with ruffled edges.

Although this type looks special, it is difficult to breed them.

The tail will be obtained only if a genetic mutation takes place, but this also means the fish can be sensitive to diseases and die prematurely.

Many Other Betta Types

The wonderful thing about the Betta fish is you can obtain the type and color you want by breeding two different types. (another topic that I’ll be discussing in this betta series)

Due to the fact that Bettas have been heavily crossed breed over the years, there are so many types of bettas that I’ve not covered (for sure).

However, I will try to update this post of new types whenever possible.

And if you know other types that I should add, please comment below with the name and a short description of the type.

Check out more beautiful bettas on my pinterest board below:
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PS: Check out interesting facts about betta by EarthsFriends where I get some of my useful information for this betta series.

If you are serious about learning how to take care of your betta, check out Betta Care Made Easy!

33 thoughts on “Betta Fish Series – Types of Betta Fish”

  1. I have a Dragon Scale Betta, he was an iridescent white when I bought him (named him “Casper” because of his ghost like appearance) but he has since gone through a major change in color to look like a Koi fish instead?

    • Casper is a marble type, with those guys they can be sold as one colour, and turn into a complete different colouration or patter as they mature. Were his parent fish marble?

  2. I have one and he has the crowntail look he has all black eyes he is not colorful at all he is peach / sand color and a pastel dark blue his name is Zeus I picked him because of his eyes

  3. there is also a veil tail betta ps i have a channel pls subscribe thxxxxx. i hav betta fish videos the name is MIkaNikaVlogs

  4. Heyy.. I can’t seem to identify what type my betta fish is and I am really curious. This is my first time taking care of this fish and it would be great if you could help me out. 🙂 I’ll send you the pic (somewhere I guess).

  5. I have a blue veil tail named Chippy. He is super active, and he attacked my arm the other day when I was moving a plant. I also had to buy him flake food because he spit out the pellets I bought first. He has serious attitude. LOL And even though I feed him more than enough each day he acts like I never feed him and rushes to the feeding door whenever I walk by. If ever there was a spoiled fish.

    • My Blue and red veil tail is the opposite. He ate flakes for the first 3 weeks we had him, then he got quite ill, now he won’t touch anything but blue betta pellets, not even bloodworms! Spoiled indeed! 😀

  6. Veiltail: blubee 3 years, crowntail: redbee 5 years plakat: piranha 2 years. Would love to find a dumbo ear or moon tail. Only find online?

  7. I have a red and blue double tail. I’ve had him for 2 days now and I haven’t named him yet. Misty, PetSmart usually has like 2-3 dumbo betters every once in a while, you could check there.

  8. I have a Betta called Super Delta Tail that you haven’t added. It is like a half-moon but it’s tail is smaller. Mine is white.

  9. i have a crown tail and also a rose tail the crown tail is three different colours so i named him rainbow and the rose tail is red and i named him fierro because he jumped into rainbows tank and tried to wreak his beautiful fins

  10. I had a rose tail betta named Gatsby, he was blue and red with some purple. Absolutely beautiful and had a great personality. He got sick and never really recovered. 🙁 I’m doing a lot of research and getting another one eventually. Even though I have a 55g and 20g, my room still feels empty without a betta in my 10g. :/

  11. I just got a Blue and Red Veil Tail Betta,andhe is very active. I want to train him but he doesn’t seem to like any of his food ?(bloodworms And pellets). Very picky…LOVE HIM THough

  12. Betta fish dealer’s are confusing with koi plakat and galaxy koi plakat . How I select them if that is normal koi hmpk or galaxy koi hmpk . Please reply

  13. I am unable to find my betta type.

    It is similar to pictures of plakat betta and half moon beeta. It’s body is bluish black like half moon betta shown in the pic but it’s fins are not big as half moon neither small like plakat.

  14. I have two different Bettas (different tanks).. One is a Black Orchid Male (I don’t know what type and I’m having a hard time figuring it out), and the other is Blue, Teal, and Red Male. I have no idea and all of the Bettas had the same exact type on them. They weren’t though. I’m almost positive I have two different species, I’m just having a hard time figuring out what ones they are.


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