Choosing Suitable Aquarium Backgrounds

For those non-aquarists, taking care of an aquarium is easy;you feed the fish, you clean everything once per week, and the job is done. Well, you know very well that there is much more than this! Every detail needs to be carefully analyzed and one single plant can change the entire balance of a tank for a few weeks. To prevent this, you need to keep yourself updated and informed all the time and constantly search for new ways to improve your tank.

Aquarium Backgrounds

For many people, the most fun part of designing your aquarium is the decoration. You can add anything in the tank, as long as it will not disturb the fish. The only important thing is the material of the object in order not to compromise your project in any way. One way to change the entire aspect without too much effort is by adding a decorative background to the tank.


When deciding on a background for your aquarium, consider the size of the tank. If you think that this does not matter, you are wrong. If you have a small aquarium that is already crowded with plants, adding a dark background is not a good idea.

When you have a very small tank, your priority should be to make it look bigger. This means that you have to stay away from dark backgrounds that will make it look closed-in and boring. Instead, opt for something bright that will create a deep effect. Luckily, there are no restrictions for large tanks; even a black background will look good, if the decoration is suitable.


Where will you place the tank? Sometimes, you place the back of the tank against the wall, and in this case a background is recommended. But what choices do you have if you want to put your aquarium in the middle of the room where people will look at it from all sides.If someone wants to look at your aquarium but can only see a black wall because he is at the back of the tank, it will not be an attention-grabber.  To avoid this scenario,place some plants in the middle of the tank, a nice substrate for the bottom of the tank, and leave everything else open. In this way, everyone will be able to admire your masterpiece.


What kind of fish do you want to grow? Yes, this matters because some fish like a dark ambiance, while others need as much light as possible. Of course, you invested in a good lighting system, but the power of it can be diminished by the background.

When you want to add a dark background, first try it on in the evening, with the lighting of the aquarium on. Does it make everything seem darker than usual? Do the fish seem calmer than usual with some of them even hiding under the plants? If so, you did not make the right choice. On the other hand, a bright background can also cause problems. Some materials reflect the light and direct it to the opposite wall. If you choose this kind of material for your tank but your fish need a darker ambiance, they will not be healthy for much longer. Lighting is a sensitive detail when it comes to fish tanks, so don’t neglect this aspect.


What kind of background do you want? When you think about background, you are thinking about a sticky paper that you apply on the back of your tank. However, there are many other alternatives. Many people prefer to create their own background from tall plants. Simply plant them in the back of the aquarium, and make sure that they cover the entire back. Voila! They will create an amazing effect and your fish will be happier.

If you want something more elegant, you can choose a background that is made from plastic or polystyrene. Place it on the inside of your tank and fix it with special glue on the back wall. It will look like the back is made from stone and everyone will wonder how you created this effect.


Will the background effect the fish? It does not matter how good it looks or how expensive it is;your priority needs to be the health of your fish and only after that you can think about the appearance. Even the most expensive material can be damaging for your fish and in a few weeks can destroy the chemical balance of your tank. When you buy the background, make sure that it is aquarium-friendly to protect your fish.

The material is not the only thing that matters. Some colored patterns can be very damaging for the fish. If the colors are not natural, they will confuse your fish. If you ever see that one of your fish is trying to hit the background, remove the background immediately.

It is also important to know how long the background will last. To install and remove a background you need to take out all the water from your tank, which means a lot of undue stress for your fish. You have to make sure that you buy a high quality piece and you will not be forced to replace it after a few weeks. If you are unsure that the background will be stable, it is better not to put it in at all.


Choosing the right background can be a difficult choice since there are many factors to consider. In the end, it is just a supplementary decoration for an aesthetically pleasing aquarium; any tank can be just fine even without a background. Use your creativity and create the tank that you and your fish love!

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  1. I’ve always wanted to purchase an aquarium and a perfect background. Thank you for suggesting the importance of considering the kind of fishes when it comes to choosing a background; I never knew that some fishes like a dark ambiance. I hope I’ll be able to find an amazing aquarium at a reasonable price.


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