Crinum Calamistratum Planting Guide

It is an ideal background aquarium plant that you can use perfectly in the background of your aquarium. Although Crinum Calamistratum grows submerged in water, it usually grows long and slender leaves that can grow even above the water surface. If the plant is grown under ideal conditions it can grow long leaves that can reach lengths of up to 4 feet. The plant is known to be sensitive to being interfered with when grown in an aquarium setting by being moved about. This therefore means that it should be planted in the desired place within the aquarium and then let it to grow without interference.

When the plant is growing in its natural habitat it is a tough plant that sometimes even survives brief periods of drought. The plant is known to thrive under No products found.. When planted in an aquarium setting it is best to ensure that the water flow is kept low and not too high.

Appearance of Crinum Calamistratum

Crinum Calamistratum

The plant features a very elegant look and when added in an aquarium often brings great dominance there. When grown in ideal conditions it will exhibit stalks that are long spiral and spindle-like. The leaves of the plant are usually green appearing somewhat wrinkled and if you are a novice you may mistake this for a lack of a certain mineral. The plant’s unique feature of having stalks that is curly and tentacle-like makes can make you think that it has been swept by water waves. The stalks of the plant are thin and long and will easily move about in the direction of water current. Indeed with these unique and interesting looks the plant has really become so popular amongst aquarists who wish add oomph to their aquascapes.

Native habitat

The plant was gotten from the wild and is native to Africa specifically the West/Central African region in Cameroon. The plant usually stays fully submerged in water when growing in the wild and therefore even you are taking it to grow it in your own aquarium it is best to let it grow under the same conditions.


The Crinum Calamistratum plant does not require lots of maintenance needs once it has been planted in the aquarium. It must be noted however that the plant usually doesn’t do well when transplanted. It is one plant that you will not just uproot and then proceed to plant into the substrate and expect it to do well.

Below are some tips provided for you that will help you grow it in an aquarium easily without experiencing issues:

  • This plant usually grows by way of buds growths that gradually grow into new shoots.
  • Take the parent plant off the aquarium, and in a gentle manner pluck off the small buds.
  • You can then plant the new buds into the substrate.
  • The new buds will grow into new independent plants.
  • It is best to add sufficient nutrients into the substrate where you will plant the new buds. This often encourages quick growth.

If your wish to get the plant to flower, you’d better provide the plant with lots of light. The plant will blossom flowers when light is provided in abundance. Also ensure that the water in the tank remains soft and pure. Additionally you may need to provide sufficient carbon dioxide supplementation in the tank for the plant to even produce more flowers.

Please note that propagating this plant from seeds is not easy and is something that only experts can do. The recommended water hardness for growing the plant should be dGH 0 – 18°N (321.43ppm) and the recommended temperature for growing the plant in an aquarium setting should be 20 – 27°C. The pH range of the aquarium water should be 6.1 – 7.8 and substrate should be fine gravel.

Growing conditions

The plant’s growth is usually slow and it remains fully submerged in water. For any quick growth to be achieved lots of light exposure should be provided to the plant. Please take note that insufficient lighting often leads the plant to experience stunted growth with poor root development.

It is best not to mix this plant with fish that will frequently nip on its leaves as this will adversely affect its overall growth rate. It can do well in both soft and hard water. Success has been reported of the plant growing in both mildly salty and fresh water.

Plant features

Grows totally submerged in water and when flowering the flowers become beautiful and usually get suspended high enough on stalks above the water surface. The leaves are dark green and usually grow upward in a slight angle from the bulb and will exhibit curls as well as loops. It can grow to lengths of up to 4 feet high.

Aquarium use of Crinum Calamistratum

The plant is best placed in the mid sections or the back of the tank to offer a strong focal point. Indeed it can be used in the aquarium to make additions on the beauty of the tank. It is best however to be mindful of the position that it will be placed in the tank with regards to light. Remember the plant requires sufficient amounts of light for it to be able do well and have its elegant flowers blossom. Allow the plant to establish itself either in the mid or background position without frequent interference. Please remember to place the plant in a position within the tank where it will receive enough light.

Bottom line

Crinum Calamistratum is a good aquarium favorite plant that is ideal for placing in mid section or the background of the aquarium. It does best when exposed to bright lighting and sufficient carbon dioxide supplementation. The plant will grow best in soft or slightly brackish water and will exhibit amazing flowers that can greatly contribute to the overall elegance of your aquarium.

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