Can Guppies and Betta Live Together?

Guppies are one of the widespread species found in aquariums. However, before adding any other species, make sure it’s suitable with guppy fish. In this article, I’ll discuss betta fish as a guppy fish tank buddy. When comparing the characteristics of these two fish species, the guppy fish turns out to be far more tranquil than the betta fish. Betta fish, on the other hand, cannot be termed hostile. It has a semi-aggressive tone to it. As a result, if you want to add both of these fish species to your aquarium, you should first determine whether they can coexist.

betta and guppy fish can live together

Short Answer 

This question does not have a straightforward answer. However, the answer leans towards a YES. However, other factors must be taken into account. Your betta’s aggressiveness or placidness, the size of your tank, and the other fish you have in your tank are all factors to consider.

With that in mind, here’s a guide to help you decide whether or not to give your betta guppies. know more about the betta fish series.

Keeping Guppies with Betta Fish 

Several factors determine the compatibility between your Guppy and Betta. Some of these factors are as follows: 

Choosing a suitable Betta fish breed

Betta fish breed

Betta fish are semi-aggressive species to choose from. When it comes to betta fish, though, there are a variety of breeds to choose from. Some of these breeds are more aggressive than others, while others are more tranquil. If you wish to have guppies with betta fish in your aquarium, you must select the appropriate breed. The breed that is more passive and less aggressive is the ideal choice. You can choose between the Delta Betta Fish and Halfmoon Betta Fish. Instead of assuming that all betta fish breeds are compatible with guppy fish, it’s best to stick to just these two. This will allow the guppy fish to coexist with the betta fish effortlessly. 

Limiting the number of Betta Fish

Group of Betta Fish

You must limit the amount of betta fish to prevent them from hunting down and eating the guppy fish. Because betta fish can fight each other, it’s best to keep only one in a single aquarium. Male betta fish are typically more aggressive, whereas females are more tranquil. Bettas are scavengers. As a result, the guppy fish’s fins are frequently nibbled. While guppies can live with truncated fins in most situations, they can create significant health problems. The ideal option is to keep numerous guppies with a single Betta fish. The betta fish won’t be able to concentrate on just one guppy this way.

Adoring the tank with a lot of live plants

tank with a lot of live plants

You’ll need to introduce a lot of live plants. This will give the guppy fish a decent space to relax and a more natural atmosphere. The betta fish will get disinterested in a particular guppy fish by interrupting the line of sight in the aquarium with living plants.

Time-to-time Betta fish can also be seen hiding among live plants. This is their natural state of affairs. Adding live plants to your aquarium is beneficial to your guppies and your betta fish.

Java Moss, Amazon Swords, Watersprite, Java Fern, Hornworts, and Guppy Grass are some of the plant varieties you can use in your guppy and betta fish tank.

Protecting the Guppy Fry 

It is pretty challenging to breed guppies in a tank with a betta fish present. It’s possible to separate the fry in a breeding box. However, guppy fry raised in a breeding box will develop normally. Fry requires room to grow. Guppy fry can be let into the tank when they are 2-3 weeks old to help with growth, although they are still little. Betta fish can still consume one-month-old guppy fry with ease.

Guppy fry can even be removed from the main aquarium and grown in a separate tank. When the guppy fry have reached adulthood, you can reintroduce them to the tank. It’s also crucial to keep the guppies in the aquarium under control. There is something very cool about an overcrowded tank. But the water quality will suffer as a result. If keeping guppies with a betta fish, it might be best to forget about breeding them.

To make sure that the population doesn’t get out of control, you can choose to keep only male guppies.

Avoiding Larger Betta Breeds 

Large Betta Breeds

As previously said, choosing tranquil breeds of betta fish for a fish tank with guppies is an intelligent choice. Simultaneously, selecting a species that is smaller in size is a good option. Your guppies will be at more risk if your betta fish is more significant.

The Tank Size Matters

aquarium size

It is critical to provide enough space for your fish. Overstocking an aquarium is a common mistake that can result in significant fish health issues. You can easily fit 4-5 guppies and a betta fish into a 10 gallon (40 litres) aquarium. You can add extra guppies to a larger tank if you have one. However, as stated previously, you should only add one betta fish. 

Feeding the Betta 

Feeding the Betta

Betta fish are carnivores; thus, they devour insects, worms, and smaller fish in the wild. You should feed your betta fish a lot of meat-based food to keep them healthy. 

Frozen blood worms or live black worms are favorites of Betta fish. However, you should not just give them blood worms or black worms. It’s best to have three to four different types of food and rotate among them so that the betta fish gets all of the vitamins and minerals it requires. Guppies are omnivores, which means they will consume anything you put in front of them. They will consume betta food as well. Guppies can live and thrive on betta food, but too much protein-based food is unhealthy for them.

You should also provide veggie pallets for your guppies. It’s crucial to feed your guppies first to get the feeding properly. The veggie pellets or flakes are unlikely to be touched by the betta fish.

Once your guppies are complete, you can begin feeding the special meal to your betta. You can provide your betta fish with a pipette or pincettes. You can be sure that the betta fish will consume the unusual food and that your guppies will not steal it if you do it this way.

Overfeeding is one of the most prevalent causes of fish infections; therefore, be careful not to overfeed your fish. It is sufficient to feed your fish once or twice a day. 

Betta Fish and Guppies Decorations 

How to decorate your betta tank is one of the most critical aspects of its setup. You want to strike a good balance between your Guppy’s and Betta’s preferences and your own. Fake decorations, such as skulls and castles, have recently fallen out of favour. Today, a natural look has become more popular. However, the best betta fish decorations are still a combination of the two! 



Driftwood is a common addition to many aquariums. It’s a terrific focus point, and you can often use it to anchor plants as well. It will also give hiding and swimming areas for your betta, as well as hiding areas for any other fish you may have.

However, Driftwood has several drawbacks. It can drop the pH in your tank over time and if you leave it for too long. No matter how carefully it’s been handled, it will decay. 

If you want to add Driftwood to your tank, buy it from a seller rather than using what you find naturally.

Also, make sure you’ve cleaned your tank thoroughly before adding Driftwood. 

Marimo Moss Balls 

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo moss balls are a beautiful adornment that also helps to keep your tank clean. They’ll float for a while if you carefully set them at the top of the aquarium. You can also fully submerge them if you want them to sink.

Marimo Moss Balls are a ball of algae that is constantly developing (albeit slowly). However, don’t be concerned about them covering your tank in algae; they will not do so.

Marimo moss balls will not only enhance the appearance of your tank, but they will also serve as a toy for your betta to push around.

How many Guppies can you keep with your Betta? 

You can easily fit 4-5 guppies and a betta fish into a 10 gallon (40 litres) aquarium. Going beyond this number would be problematic. 

Wrapping Up

To sum up this essay, guppies and betta fish can coexist in an aquarium. You’ll have to do a little more work feeding your betta separately. You’ll need to buy live plants as well, but it’s achievable. You can’t keep just any betta alongside guppies. You can appreciate the beauty of both fish species by picking smaller species.

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