KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box

Many people dedicate their lives to aquariums and tanks and are always ready to take the next step for their passion. If you are one of these people you may have asked yourself what you can do next and how you can improve your little corner of nature. One of the answers is using better, more useful devices such as the KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box. Have you ever worried your devices will be destroyed because the electricity went out? The KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box will gather the water from the filter if this scenario happens to you.

KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box

The KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box keeps the water in your fish tank moving constantly while ensuring that the filter works efficiently. It also gathers water from the filter and prevents your tank from getting destroyed if you have a power cut.

KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box

What is the price?

First of all, it’s not something you buy without doing some research.  You should be sure the investment is worth the approximately $100 price tag. Also, if you have a very small tank save your money for something else since this device is largely for bigger tanks. Indeed, this device will prove to be very useful and if you want only the best for your fish, this overflow box can save you a lot of trouble.

Is it useful?

You know in order to have healthy fish you have to maintain a continuous water flow in your tank. This requires many devices and you can never be sure there won’t be a flood when you leave your house. With this device however, things work better than you expect. The Overflow box will keep the water in your tank moving at all times and make the filter more efficient. Additionally, the chemical balance of the water will be more stable more often, making it unnecessary to use chemicals to deal with nitrites or nitrates problems.

The box is made from high-quality, water resistant that will last for years. Furthermore, by combining it with different water pumps you can choose the water flow that suits your needs. Since it is so large and it has a capacity of 800 GPH, you can easily use it in a large tank and it will do a great job. If you want to put it in a small aquarium, make sure you reduce the water flow to avoid hurting any fish or plants.

KollerCraft TOM RP3 Overflow Box

How does it work?

This overflow box will stop the water from going inside the filter if the electricity stops. Most users agree this device is completely silent, so it does not matter in what part of the house you want to place your tank.

Some might think the fact it’s large is a disadvantage, but in reality it can be easily hidden behind decorations or large plants. You just have to pay attention to what part of the tank you direct the water flow.

The device comes with an “auto start” function, which means if you don’t have electricity for a few hours, the device will start working on its own. This is very useful, especially if the power goes off in the night when you unaware.

Is it worth it?

Before you buy this device,make sure you discuss its usefulness with some people who already have it to know what to expect. From users reviews,it will be a great experience for your aquarium.

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