Review: Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters

Taking care of your fish tank is interesting, relaxing, and satisfying. Bringing a new fish home or changing the decorations in your aquarium allows you to discover new ways to explore your hobby.

Of course, the equipment used is just as necessary as anything else. You need many devices if you want to maintain healthy fish, and the water heater is one of the devices that can help keep your fish healthy. 

Maintaining the optimum temperature in your tank can extend your fish’s life, encourage plant growth, and prevent algae from forming. Sometimes choosing the right heater is difficult unless you do proper research first. The Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heater is a very popular heating device with aquarists for multiple reasons.

Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heaters


This heater is very affordable (at less than $20 and including free shipping) for every aquarist, from hobbyists to professionals. Compared to similar equipment, high-quality materials are used to manufacture the Aquatop Quartz Glass Submersible Heater so that it will last a long time.

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Naturally, you will need a small heater for a small tank and a more powerful one for a large tank. If the heater is not strong enough to heat through all the water, your tropical fish will not be as active.

Luckily, the Aquatop Heater comes in an extensive range of styles and sizes for you to precisely choose what you need for the size of your tank

The weakest heater has a power of 50 watts, and the strongest one maxes out at 300 watts, which is more than enough for most larger tanks.

If you get a more powerful heater than necessary and don’t need as much power, you can simply adjust the temperature with the adjustment knob.


Many people hesitate to use a submersible heater, especially one made from glass. Most people have the same questions: Can the materials damage the fish in any way? What if the glass breaks? And if so, does the water need to be drained to collect all the pieces? 

Considering the high-quality insulated glass the heater is made from, it’s unlikely that the heater will break. You can use this heater in any tank, even if you have very active fish that might swim into it occasionally.

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The device’s features indicate that the heater maintains a constant temperature without needing daily adjustment. Due to the heater being submersible, it is much more effective than other heaters that do not distribute heat evenly.

With the Aquatop Quartz Heater, your tank will have the right temperature throughout the day with minimal effort from you.

User Friendly

Of course, the Aquatop Quartz Heater is very user-friendly! You don’t have to worry about a complicated installation. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and attach it to one of the side panels of your tank with the handy sucker. 

It is always better to position the heater away from tall plants to ensure it does not significantly heat the water around these plants and burn the leaves (fish can swim away while plants are stuck in hot spots if these should form). 

The Aquatop Quartz Heater is extremely easy to attach and requires no additional accessories or parts. The heater and kit come with very clear instructions anyone can follow, or you can follow the installation video.


Many people chose to use the Aquatop Heater for their tanks and have been quite satisfied. According to the reviews, all the users are content with the power of this heater and also with its durability. It offers a good quality for the price and you will not have to change it after a few months. It would not be a surprise if you could use this heater for years and years.

If all this sounds good to you and you think it is the right device for your tank, give it a try. It will be an interesting experience and you will learn more about keeping your fish healthy.

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1. What is a submersible aquarium heater? 

A submersible aquarium heater is a heating device that is positioned below the waterline so the whole device is under the water. It is more efficient than a heater that has to be placed partly out of the water as it has more significant contact with the water, which increases the heat dispersal rate.

2. How do you calculate the size of the Aquatop heater to get for your aquarium? 

Start by determining the size of your aquarium before you make a purchase. For each gallon of water in your aquarium, the recommendation is to have 2.5-5 watts of output power from your heater. Choosing a submersible heater that regulates power is best, as you can dial down the heat as needed for your aquarium. 

3. Do I need more than one heater for my longer-length aquarium?

If your aquarium is longer than a standard-size aquarium, you may need more than one heater to spread heat throughout the water volume accurately. It would be best to have two heating units compared to one large unit, which could cause the water to become too hot in that area. 

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