Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter Review by Expert in 2023

When you have a tank, you have to pay attention to many diverse elements and devices; however, one of the more important ones is the filter. It does not matter how large the tank, you always have to make sure the water is clean otherwise, the chemical balance of the water will quickly be destroyed and your fish will not survive for too long.

Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter

Choosing the right filter is not always simple since there are hundreds of models out there. However, the SunSun HW 302 Canister Filter is a great device with a small price, something we all want. Let’s focus on the features of this device:

Silence is Golden

If you ever had a tank in your bedroom, you know very well the filter is usually the noisiest device. It is almost impossible to keep your aquarium in a quiet place because the droning of the filter is disturbing. With this filter, you don’t have to worry about that issue.

Even if it’s built solely from plastic, the materials are high-quality and the parts are well put together. This means even when you use it at maximum capacity you still will not hear any noise. Don’t worry, this does not mean the filter is not working properly; if you touch it you can fell the vibrations.


Some filters don’t allow you to change the materials inside and this can be a real problem if, for example, your fish cannot tolerate carbon filtration. In this case, you will have to change all of the equipment so you can prevent a chemical imbalance in the water or the death of your fish. With this filter there are three flexible media trays to situate in multiple ways. The device will work well no matter if you use a normal sponge or bio-balls.

Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter 2


If you do not have too much experience in aquascaping, you don’t want to struggle to assemble and install a complicated device. Besides, this would also mean you have to spend hours on this job every time you want to change a sponge or filter from inside. Well, not with the Sunsun HW 302 Canister Filter.

This device is so simple even a beginner can install it in just a few minutes. It is compact and preassembled so all you have to do is place the intake and outlet tubes where you want and make sure it does not disturb your fish and plants. The device does not come with a flow control feature, but as long as your tank is not too small it will not create any problems in the tank. Change the filtering media a few times per year (depending on the materials that you chose in the first place) and the device comes with a self-priming pump, so you don’t have to think about manual siphoning again. It is that simple!

Go With the Flow!

This is a great advantage compared with other filters on the market. Most of the time, filters for small tanks (under 75 gallons) don’t have a great flow and you never know if your water is clean enough. If you use this filter, you don’t have to add anything additional.

It Has Connections

When you want to clean or adjust your filter, you have to struggle to prevent leakage, especially if the device is still plugged in. This filter comes with a great shut-off valve that will close the intake and outtake tube. When you are done, just turn it on again and enjoy your clean tank.

A Good Filter is Priceless

Not many people have an unlimited budget to spend on a hobby; therefore, you have to find the best option for your tank without having to make financial efforts. The price of the SunSun HW 302 Canister Filter is surprisingly low, even compared to other similar equipment on the market. At the same time, this product is so beneficial it can be used for years before having to replace anything. If you want to save even more money, you can purchase the complete kit and get everything you might need at once.

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  1. I have a 42 g tank pf African Cichlids, can I use Sunsun 302? How long should I run this? Shall turn it off at night? There is no flow control, can it be attached separately?


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