Understanding Jungle Aquascaping Style

The Jungle aquascaping style is considered to be a combination of Dutch and Nature aquascaping style.

Incorporating traits such as dense plant life and unique focal points, the defining characteristic of a Jungle aquascape is its presentation.

The purpose of a Jungle style aquascape is to depict a chaotic, boundless, and wild ecosystem.

Jungle Style Aquascaping

Unlike other styles, Jungle aquascaping enjoys a natural overall look that is encouraged as opposed to a more organized and formulaic setting like in Dutch styles.

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A thorough understanding of maintenance and cultivating the plant life is required for a healthy aquascape.

For the inexperienced aquascaper, this design may prove to be challenging due to the variety and maintenance; however, when implemented correctly, a Jungle aquascape is equally beautiful as it is unique.

Jungle Aquascape: A Quick Summary

A jungle aquascape is an aquarium design featuring lush, dense vegetation and decor that mimic a tropical rainforest. It requires high lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate, suitable for peaceful fish.

Components of Jungle Aquascaping Style

Jungle Style Aquascape

Jungle style aquascaping is defined by its unruly and wild appearance.

Often, this atmosphere is built upon dense and varied species of aquatic plants.

In addition, the introduction of large leaved plants is also unique to the Jungle style.

The overall organization of the tank is not of importance as it is for the aquascape to seem natural; as a result, there is little open space in the design and few hardscape elements (usually driftwood) to add definition to the look of the aquascape.

Basic Design and Layout

Jungle Style Aquarium

Most aquascapers are confronted with the same issue when creating a Jungle style design.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing aquascape is difficult to do when the emphasis of the design is to create a natural and nearly chaotic subject.

As a result, one of the great allures of the Jungle aquascaping style is the freedom of choice when creating your scene.

Aquascapers are enabled to create a design that is as wild as they like, but only within the boundaries of their ability.

Jungle Aquascaping Styles

The underlying theme is to cultivate an environment that the aquascaper will be able to nurture and manage, but maintain the organized chaos of a natural setting.

Utilizing dense and varied plant life, the aquascaper should use a darker substrate to create the look of a surface that all plants will grow upon.

In regards to the plants themselves, it is common to use diverse, contrasting species such as large leafed or taller species.

This will create levels in height and also provide the differentiation between species to look natural and untamed.

Recommended Plants and Fish

Jungle Aquascaping Style

In the context of types of plants to be used in a Jungle style aquascape, the main factors to consider are light and space.

As you cultivate the aquarium and nurture it, plants will naturally overshadow one another to garner additional light and possibly overtake their neighbors.

That’s why you need to use the best aquarium lighting to provide adequate light for all the plants.

While this is something to contemplate, it is important to remember that the goal of this aquascape is to create a natural and untamed setting.

Suggested Suitable Plants

Below are a few species of plants that are recommended for use in a Jungle style aquascape.

Suggested Suitable Fishes

Similarly, the addition of fish should also be used to create a natural and healthy ecosystem for your Jungle aquascape. There are a variety of popular fish types that can be added to your setting:

Challenges of Jungle Aquascaping Style

Jungle Aquascape Styles

Jungle style aquascapes face the daily challenge of constant water maintenance.

In addition, the variety and high volume of plant life in the tank creates a mixture in oxygen and carbon dioxide levels necessitating constant monitoring.

Furthermore, cultivating the aquascape requires a proper water filter and liquid fertilizers.

Compared to other styles, the benefit of a Jungle style aquascape is it requires less frequent maintenance, which accounts for the natural and untamed look.

However, this poses a different challenge to the aquascaper for the maintenance is usually more dynamic and time-consuming.


Jungle Aquascape Style

The Jungle style aquascape is a unique, natural, untamed, and beautiful style of aquascaping.

The great variety in creating your jungle is one of the more enjoyable problems to solve in the process.

Coupled with the less frequent maintenance of the aquascape, this style provides an excellent opportunity for an aquascaper to create a picturesque, natural aquascape.

Transforming the chaos of a jungle in the bounds of your aquascape does however have its own set of challenges.

For the less knowledgeable, the process of cultivating and nurturing your aquascape may prove to be demanding.

Overall, the variety of designing a Jungle aquascape also holds promise for the aquascaper to enjoy the freedom of the style.

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4 thoughts on “Understanding Jungle Aquascaping Style”

    • Hi Lukasz, for a first timer, I would suggest you to not focus on any style but just give it a shot and learn from it.

      Once you get the hang of it, then you will have a better success at any of the style.

  1. I was wondering how would i do a jungle aquascaping style to my fish tank. My idea was to make the fish tank look like the amazon jungle. In addition, I was planning to put some Mayan ruins to make it seem like if you just discovered the lost city of el dorado. But how would i make it loo like a real forest what do you recommend?

    • Hi Isaias, that is a cool idea! There are no standard rules when it comes to jungle style. You have to be creative and imagine. What I would do is to search for images of El Dorado and imagine what type of plants and layout would best represent it. Looking forward to your El Dorado tank!! Do share when it’s done.


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