Aquarium Algae 101

Algae is a problem. Everyone who has (or had) an aquarium must have faced with this issue. It is a big deal and if not handled properly, your tank could end up like this:

Aquarium algae breakout

Bad isn’t it? It is one of the worst algae outbreak I’ve seen. That is why I’ve written a number of algae related post:

And here are some other useful algae related post by other websites:

Even then, I still received messages on my facebook page (The Aquarium Guide) asking about how to deal with them.

As such, here’s an infographic that will help to clear any doubts you have about aquarium algae.

This infographic will touch on:

  • What is Algae?
  • Why Algae occur?
  • Types of Algae and how to treat them
  • How to prevent Algae?

Hope you find this useful and appreciate it if you share this infographic.

Aquarium Algae 101

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