Aquascaping Style – The Complete Guide

When setting up your aquarium, I’m sure you have a rough idea how you want it to be. You would have done some research on the different aquascaping style or have you not?

If you haven’t, here’s a pretty solid guide that I’ve written on aquascaping style:

7 Aquascaping Styles for Aquarium

If that’s not enough, here’s more resources that you can read:

Getting Started Aquascaping by
Aquascaping Styles – Forgotten and Current by

Aquascaping Style Infographic

Anyway, I’ve somehow simplify the information and created this infographic to help you better understand the different aquascaping styles.

Hope you find it useful and appreciate it if you could help share it around.
Complete Guide to Aquascaping Style

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11 thoughts on “Aquascaping Style – The Complete Guide”

  1. This is absolutely fantastic! You are really good at creating your infographics – taught me a lot! I feel a bit inspired to make one now 🙂

    I found your info graphic via a facebook post on subscape Aquarium’s page if you wanted to know. 😀

    Do you make any other infographics often?, also how long roughly does it take to make one? (in terms of this size infographic!)

  2. Really great tips and info !!! Tnx for shareing it. Sadly i did my 1000l tank without any tips. Following only my intuition. Turned out to be a kind of jungle, but i hope to slide it down step by step. The tank is 75 cm high so there is a huge lightning problem to creat a clean decent vew.

  3. Very informative! Thanks a lot for sharing. I’m planning to set up a planted aquarium with my 75 gallon tank. But I’m afraid because thus is my first time to try with plants. Though I’ve been maintaining tanks with my Discus, Arowana, Goldfish and African Cichlids.


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