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When you’re setting up a pond at home, you need to have the proper materials. Ponds are fun and add a touch of scenic enjoyment to your yard or area for you to enjoy. Many people refer to these as an aquascape, which is an escape to pond beauty.

Setting up a pond takes some work to get going but if you choose and use the right materials, you will have far better success. Before you get started, you need to choose the best pond liner from a list of the top rated pond liners on the market.

It can be challenging to sort through all of the pond liner reviews and try to figure out which ones are really worth your while but there’s no need to fret! We’ve searched and sorted through the options found you and narrowed it down to the best liners for ponds on the market.

In this guide, we will share with you all of our top picks for the best liner for ponds, complete with reviews and details for each item on the list. Stick with us to find your pond liner and get that pond started!

Top Rated Pond Liner Review

In this section, you will find the best pond liner options from our own searches. Each liner pond selection will have a detailed review and a list of pros and cons so you can make an educated decision to fit your needs.

Whether you need a liner for a pond that is best for fish and plants or you want something puncture resistant and easy to handle, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s take a look.

1. Best Overall: Aquascape 85009 EPDM Rubber Liner for Pond

Aquascape 85009 EPDM Rubber Liner for Pond

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This first option for ponds liners from Aquascape is an EPDM pond liners that is high quality and is the best pond liner choice overall if you want a quality pond solution. This highly rated solution from Aquascape comes in a variety of sizes that include 10 x 12, 8 x 10, and even as large as 20 x 25. There are several other sizes available also so you can get the pond liner size that is right for you.

This Aquascape garden pond EPDM rubber best pond liners comes with 45 mil thickness. It is incredibly durable as far as EPDM liners go and you can find solutions for a small pond or a large pond and even water features. These quality liners are thick and durable but still allow for stretch so you can get the liner width just right for pond underlayment.

The Aquascape pond liner material is EPDM rubber and it is safe for fish and plants. This is so easy to install and it doesn’t even require any tools to install. The company provides a 20-year guarantee on this pond liner. Pond liners are built to last against water pressure and sun exposure and the EPDM rubber line design is perfect for any table of contents for the setup that you might use.


  • Customer reviews rave about this best pond liner from Aquascape
  • Liner is made with EPDM pond rubber liner materials
  • Easy to install and stretch for fit
  • The life expectancy of at least 20 years
  • Multiple liner size options to choose from with these best pond liners


  • The company could improve its shipping and quality control processes, according to customer reviews.

Why We Like It

This Aquaspace liner is an original EPDM rubber liner that comes in a variety of pond liner sizes. It is certainly one of the best EPDM liners on the market that is safe for fish and plants but can also handle textured surface and water feature designs. It’s easy to use and a reliable pond liner overall.

2. Budget Pick: Total Pond Pond Skins Pond Liner

Total Pond Pond Skins Pond Liner

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Total Pond is a fairly popular brand for the best pond liner because they have a lot of capability and are easy to handle but they are also budget-friendly for the most part. This particular garden pond liner is safe for fish and plant use and you can choose from 3 different size options as well.

This PVC liner is made with polyvinyl chloride on the inner weave to make it UV resistant as well as puncture resistant so you can use it for a preformed pond, PVC pond, rubber pond, garden pond, or whatever other quality pond you choose to construct.

The protection from UV rays is essential and helps with bacteria growth in your water garden. The best pond liners always have protection from UV rays as well as the ability for the PVC pond liner that won’t puncture easily. These PVC liners can be great for a small pond or another type of pond as well and will be reliable for any use without breaking the bank.


  • Budget-friendly pond liners solution
  • Easy to install for PVC pond or other types of ponds
  • Safe for fish and plant use
  • Protection from UV rays and punctures
  • Includes a textured surface to reduce cleaning challenges for pond owners


  • This liner may only last 2-3 years for some ponds and products as underlayment rocks and plant roots.
  • The material feels like plastic, which reduces the expected strength. It does meet 14.5 mil as described.

Why We Like It

While this may not be the strongest PVC, PVC products for ponds certainly do fill a solution for liners. You can rely on the pond liner materials to provide protection for fish and simple things like water lilies without charging an arm and a leg.

3. Firestone 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner

Firestone 45 Mil EPDM Rubber Pond Liner

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This next option from Firestone is your premium selection of EPDM rubber pond liners. The Firestone EPDM pond liner is pre cut and boxed but it is high quality material. This particular option is 15 x 20 feet but Firestone does have other popular sizes like 10 x 12 and larger options even like 20 x 40. There is a good variety of choices from Firestone that are well worth the price to get them because of the quality puncture resistance pond underlayment material.

This Firestone liner makes liner installation a breeze whether you’re placing in a dug hole or into an odd shape pre formed pond. The materials is flexible with a polyester weave that is fish friendly and environmentally friendly as well.

This high quality firestone pondgard has ethylene propylene which makes it suitable for plant shelves, water garden use, koi fish pond, water pump pond pump water gardens, in ground use and more. It can stand up to punctures from rocks and UV radiation that tends to wear fish pond liners down quickly.


  • Premium pond underlayment pond liner material from Firestone
  • Does not obstruct water flow in the fish pond
  • Easy to install for fish ponds and more
  • Firestone is one of the most popular 2020 solutions, measures 15 x 20
  • Complete your look with any shape and easy flexibility material


  • Firestone designed this with very heavy weight material might make moving around a lot a chore

Why We Like It

Firestone Pondgard is a popular pond liner for plants and other uses. The thickness is ideal for rocks and other types of strength needs without being a hindrance to water or plants. It provides protection with sturdy construction.

4. Beckett Corporation 6 x 12 Pre-Cut Pond Liner Underlayment

Beckett Corporation 6 x 12 Pre-Cut Pond Liner Underlayment

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This next option from Beckett Corporation  is perfect for pond underlayment made with polyvinyl chloride pond liners material. You can buy these in pre-cut sections and you can purchase up to a pack of 4, with 1, 2, 3, or 4 per your needs.

Beckett Corporation material can help to improve the longevity of your pond and make it look nice as you fill it with rocks, fish, water, or some other material. These liners from Beckett Corporation are sturdy and flexible to any shape and you can use two or more to prepare your fish pond or water features as needed.

The liners from Beckett Corporation are best suited to underlayment needs, much like a pvc liner might be. It can handle the pressure of a water pump pond pump and will outlast UV radiation. It’s easy to install because of its flexibility. The 6 x 12 cut is great for versatility as well.


  • Beckett Corporation provides a suitable underlayment solution as one of the best pond liners
  • Great for preformed pond use or water feature ponds and water flow
  • Sturdy and flexible material that you can player or shape as needed
  • You can buy a pack of 1, 2, 3, or 4 liners
  • Standard pond liner sizes that you can stack and combine as needed


  • Some comment name mentions prefer EPDM rubber liner for durability but this holds up well if used properly
  • The thickness is not really mentioned and these liners are slightly thin

Why We Like It

We chose these liners because while they may not be thick and sturdy like a 45 mil, they are reliable for underlayment and remain one of the best pond liners for water feature setup and preformed pond design. The materials are reliable and UV resistant as well.

5. USA Pond Products Small Pond Liner

USA Pond Products Small Pond Liner

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This next liner or two only measure about 4 x 6 but it is perfect for koi ponds, streams and fountains or water feature design, and water gardens. It has a simple polyester weave and the pond liner sizes give you a PVC pond liner that is reliable and can overlap with multiple liners to take care of your ponds needs and get the ground covered for protection.

This PVC pond liner is 20 mil, which is a medium thickness. The material is UV resistant and works great under fish ponds and other products as well. There are several types of suitable installation for anything water related and the rubber materials make a quality PVC underlayment.

If you check out the website, this USA pond liner offers depth and coverage so everything will be safe and secure from stones, sunlight, weather, and more. Durability offers protection with the choice to expand both the depth of the hold and the width or length of the article as well.


  • Retains heat and is suitable for weather and sunlight protection
  • You can overlap this 4 x 6 liner with other product or multiple liners to extend length and width
  • Made with PVC liner that is resistant to tears and works for all shapes
  • Perfect for koi ponds or waterfall design construction
  • The process to use is totally easy if you follow instruction recommendation sites


  • Limited research participant information to get to the bottom of durability and lifespan
  • It’s unclear whether there is a warranty for punctures or hole issues on this product

Why We Like

This product is USA made and can be very versatile. You can place it any way you like and cover the surface you have in mind quite easily. It is UV and hold resistant and the size can easily be adapted with layering and flexibility.

6. Growneer 13 x 20 14.5 Mil HDPE Pond Liner

Growneer 13 x 20 14.5 Mil HDPE Pond Liner

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If you’re a fan of the way that RPE liners are designed, you might like this particular pond liner from Growneer. It’s similar to PVC pond liner that uses diene monomer materials. The liners are slightly thin with 14.5 mil installation protection on the ground but they are great for a lot of needs. Whether you have plants, fish, specialty shapes, or just want ground protection, this type can do a lot for you.

Installation is very simple and you can layer this for width or length on the ground or to accommodate a different shape. You can choose from 4 x 7, 7 x 10, 7 x 13, or 13 x 20. The nice thing is you can overlap so if you need odd numbers like 5, 8, 9, 30, 25, or some other measurement, you will be covered!

Use just one or two or whatever you need and these are made with HDPE rather than PVC so they are light but sturdy. You will find that you have a range of resistance and flexibility with this surface liner product in place. It’s great for weather changes, puncture potential, chemical stability, and UV resistance as well.


  • Great for plan life, water streams and garden, fountains, or fish ponds in a hole or other choice of design range
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Resistant to extreme heat and weather
  • An option that you can layer in place for any type of sizes and shapes. Need 35? No problem!
  • Easy to clean up as needed and durable material for your garden needs


  • The liner is stiff at first but reviews mention that it does flex to give you more range.
  • Everything seems to work well but quality control for shipping could be improved

Why We Like It

No matter what sizes or depth you are working with, this choice could be good for many things. You can cover corners and you get your money worth no matter how you set up your backyard. This is a thin but durable foundation with few disadvantages compared to others.

7. Algreen 91901 Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner

Algreen 91901 Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner

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If you want a project that is pretty much already set up and just needs to be established to your environment, check out this Algreen preformed pond liner equipment. It’s perfect for cost reduction and saving time on projects. With this side of choices, you are less likely to spring a leak, have challenges with edges, or deal with tear or damage issues since it is a solid liner.

This particular option is a 33 gallon liner that is already shaped for objects and ready to put to use. The point is, these are simple for the cost and have less worry about abrasion or damage or even tear issues as well. Professionals use these often for certain conditions because you know exact measurements and room for your pool. It’s a reliable habitat for any owner and placement is simplified in any location.

This is a great way to set up a pond world for goldfish, animals, or just plants and water lilies and not worry about elements or underlay for the perimeter. You will be content to know that capacity is straight forward and you won’t have problems with a seam either.


  • Components are formed and hardened to save you the hassle
  • Great for a condition that might make digging hard or maybe even a deck or cement solution
  • Holds 33 gallons of water
  • Create your vision and let it be long-lasting with this durable and stable item
  • The base is flat so you can easily run pipes, pumps, or a hose as needed


  • Can sometimes be challenging to find in stock compared to other pond applications
  • It is unclear whether there are warranties to cover damage possibilities

Why We Like It

In conclusion, we love this because it offers side effects that some objects simply don’t have. Create your ambience or enjoyable place for peace and nature in any situation and don’t worry about cracks and abrasions or toxins, which is typically of great importance.

Bonus Products

We have a selection of bonus products that you may find yourself needing to correlate with your pond liners. While we certainly cannot dictate or predict everything you need, these could potentially come in handy.

Pond Armor Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint

Pond Armor Non-Toxic Pond Shield Epoxy Paint

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Pay close attention to what you may need and be willing to ask questions. Different pond characteristics might have different needs but the fact remains that you very well may need more than “just a liner” One of the common sales categories that a person may need includes Pond Shield.

Pond Shield is an epoxy paint that is used to line the pond rather than using liners that could develop splits and are made from plastics depending on the brand. It’s a liner replacement possibility. These are ideal for things like fountains and bird baths but can also be used for ponds and lakes as well.

It’s super easy to use. These brands have a water proof formula that can handle any temperature and any number of climate conditions. It’s great for the ambiance in addition to the protection for your piece. You can get all sorts of ideas from gardeners who used these, particularly if you have a structure already set into the dirt somewhere that just needs brought to life.


  • Epoxy paint on shield support rather than layers of plastic liners and contours if creativity
  • Handles all types of temperatures and oxidations as well as sun and weather and varying climates
  • No fabric concerns to worry about in your backyard
  • Manufacturers produced a level of simplicity with this solution that can be used in any amount for about the same money cost
  • Great for areas already established that just need stone covered or an idea brought to life


  • The downside is you don’t have room for growth and this may not fully prevent leaks
  • Some reviews mentioned that you may have to mix multiple times during your process

Why We Like It

We love that this gives you an alternative solution to your traditional pond liner. It’s nice for fountains and stone works that are already in place and is friendly to fish and plant environments.

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

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Even if you buy the most high quality pond liners you can find on the market, there may come a time that you will have to patch or repair your liner. Whether it’s a rubber pond liner PVC liners or another material, they do wear down and sometimes tear or develop holes.

Be ready for those times with this waterproof tape from Gorilla. You’ve heard of Gorilla glue, right? It’s the same thing but in tape form here. You can easily repair your PVC liners and other pond liners with this high quality tape that works under water and provides a permanent bond to the surface.

This tape is strong and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. It is slated to instantly create a seal that will lock out water, moisture, and air and make your liner or tank almost like new again without having to dig it up and redo it all over. This tape is LDPE, much like some liners. You can purchase it in a 1, 2, or 4-pack option.


  • Quickly repair ponder liner rips, tears, and more
  • Creates a permanent bond to a PVC liner or another fish pond liner fabric
  • Seals out water, moisture, and air
  • Easy to use and a reliable, lasting patch so you don’t have to repeat the installation
  • Comes with 10 foot of tape that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use


  • Some email comments mention that this adheres better to dry surfaces than wet, although it clearly indicates works under water in one mention
  • Takes time and patience to apply according to recommendations

Why We Like It

From all sides, it is always possible that you will find a case of splits, holes, leaks, and more. Fight it without having to dig out the soil or re-build your waterfall with this simple order. The steps are easy and you can get a permanent bond against every bit barrier breakdown and it’s something that will hold up with a value to maintain your pond items for longer.

Buyer’s Guide

koi pond under construction Photo by Koi Acres
Photo by Koi Acres

When it comes to choosing a pond liner, you can choose from sheets or pieces and there are a lot of different things to be aware of in terms of maintenance and value. Pond liners are an associate to your pond with many benefits but you might be able to use this guide to your advantage to know more about using pondgard or something similar and things to consider as you check out the kinds of answer we provide in our top picks.

Check out this buyer’s guide to help you understand something more about pond liner functionality as well as ideas for people to keep in mind before you choose your equipment.

Why Use a Pond Liner?

If you follow instructions setting up your pond, a liner is almost always recommended as a foundation. The liner is designed to seal the edges and curves and prevent leak issues to protect your purchases and hard work.

In most cases, it is common for ponds to slowly seep water but the liner provides ways to prevent these disadvantages and prevent things like constant refilling of your project. Help yourself out, save the hose time, and use a liner like so many others have learned is well worth it with any project.

Apart from acting as a seal, your liner might also be useful for providing an anchor or environment that can be beneficial to plants or provide you with a substrate base to work with.

Things to Consider Choosing a Pond Liner

Here are some things that may be important to be aware of as you pick out a pond liner based on various recommendations.

Remember that no amount of review information can dictate the support that you need so it is important to keep your own uses and value in mind as a point when making a decision for your environment. We simply hope this can help you help yourself with an educated decision.

Material Flexibility

While the majority of pond liners we shared here are fully flexible in their own way, you should be aware that there are options that are not. If you’re creating shelves or working with curves, you need something that will conform to your shapes and be light to work with.

You will notice things like EPMD, polyethylene, PVC, rubber, and more in the flexible liners. In addition, there are preformed options as well as the ability to create a concrete, sand, or stone floor and simply seal with a sealing layer.

Flexible liners allow you to adapt according to your specific calculations and design in a simple step. They don’t provide an edge but rather a base for the wildlife that you are placing within the post. Some of these do have chemicals so be sure to check out the articles and manufacturer details to understand what you are getting.


While you might be looking for an option that just reduces oxidation, bacteria, and algae for your account, you also may want to consider the looks. You want functional but you also don’t want your solution to make your pond look tacky in the end. Specifications are important to any gardener and there are plenty of tips to manage folds and curves or edges to keep your shell looking nice when placed in the pond as a liner.

Your pond liner (PVC liners included) could be complex and you may have to combine layers for your pond liner to functionally do what it is meant to do. A pond liner should look nice but it also should provide quality and safety in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Pond Liner Material?

There are several quality pond liner fabrics out there. Some pond liner fabrics include EPDM, PVC, HDPE, rubber, fiberglass, and concrete. Which pond liner is the best will really depend on your needs. EPDM pond liner fabric is one of the sturdiest but it can also be very heavy to work with.

Can You Use Something Besides a Pond Liner?

We recommend a pond liner as they are designed for this purpose. However, you can try something like a tarp, a waterbed liner, or a lime and clay cover if you really don’t want to use a pond liner.

Can You Have a Natural Pond with No Liner?

Yes, you can absolutely skip the pond liner. What you should be aware of is that the water will naturally recede into the ground without a pond liner and you may have to refill it frequently with a hose or water pump.


A pond liner is a valuable resource to really get the most out of your pond. No matter what you are looking for in a pond liner, we hope that we have provided a reliable solution for you here. Your pond liner needs to be reliable and meet your needs at the same time. Be sure to check out all of the pond liner tips and relevant manufacturer information before you make a final pond liner decision.

Expert Tip

If you’re concerned about wrinkles in your pond liner, try forming them to give your pond liner some visual appeal. Think of those pond liner wrinkles as a design mechanism and use them to your advantage for a view!

Did You Know?

If you have a bird bath or found in place, a pond liner is not necessary but you should check out the pond liner pond shield to help seal and maintain these pond setups. It might just be the pond solution you need!

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  • Flexibility: The pond liner is flexible, easily bending and folding to fit almost any shape of pond, so you...
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