Benefits of a Large Fish Tank

In the beginning, you had a small bowl with two fish in it. It was good enough for you, but then you wanted more. You saw other larger aquariums, but it seemed very difficult. Taking care of a small tank was manageable, but a larger tank should be ten times harder to handle, right?

Well, this is not always the case. Your fear of the responsibility of a large aquarium may be because you do not know the reality of caring for one. A large fish tank has many more benefits than a small one such as being visually pleasing and giving a natural, breath-taking effect to an ordinarily dull room.


Some of the benefits of a large aquarium are:

Price is relatively cheaper

A large fish tank is cheaper. It sounds ridiculous, right? Well, it is not because a small tank makes it nearly impossible to have healthy fish and plants all the time. You have to test the water almost daily, buy an expensive filter, add fish or plants when some die, and so forth. On the other hand, a large tank is much easier to maintain because the upkeep is not as demanding and it will cost less.

Option to include more fish

You may not need to buy more fish because the ones already in the tank may reproduce.Space is not an issue as long as you remember for every one-inch of fish, you need one gallon of water. You may choose to start your aquarium small to see how you can handle the maintenance and how you would like to improve it. Just be cautious not to overpopulate your tank.

Happy and healthier fish

Your fish will be healthier in a larger tank because even the smallest fish need a large volume of water. Just imagine how they feel if you put them in a small, crowded tank. Smaller sized tanks may produce more ammonia (from the fish) and higher pH levels since the volume of liquid is smaller and does not allow for these toxins to disperse as much as a larger tank.

Aggressive fish– Not an issue

In a large tank, fish have plenty of space to swim without having to fight for their territory whereas a small tank welcomes aggression between species. Try to put two Betta fish in a small aquarium and you will notice that they will fight until one of them dies. However, allowing them to swim freely together in a large tank will assist in them ignoring one another and living in peace.

More variety of plants to choose

Many plants can fit in a small tank,but do they look good? Of course not! They do not have enough light, nutrients,and often some fish bite the leaves.With a large tank you can add any plant you want. Indeed, it will look amazing! You can play with different textures, colors, and you will be sure that they have plenty of space to grow. Add a few small plants in the front of your tank and larger ones in the background. Instantly, your small box of glass will become spectacular!

Suitable breeding environment

You can allow your fish to reproduce. Some species do not need a lot of space so smaller fish like goldfish can reproduce in a smaller tank.  On the other hand, more spectacular fish, like the Angel Fish, need a lot of space to reproduce. The female will lay eggs on the surface of the water and then the male will fertilize them;in a few weeks the babies will appear. Do you think that they can handle this in a small tank, where there are ten other fish? Of course not! Even only for this experience, it’s worth the investment.

Awesome looking aquarium

You have to admit that a nice aquarium looks good in every room. Not only will it make you feel very proud when your friends admire the way you decorated the tank or what new fish you have included, but it brings a tranquil, therapeutic atmosphere to your home that does not happen when you have only a small bowl.

Take a risk and get a large tank

It can be scary to bring such a large tank into your house, especially if you are a beginner. However, it will not be as difficult as you think. In the end, things will get better! You will discover that you have so many new possibilities now that you have so much space. You will be eager to bring new fish and new plants to the aquarium and watch them grow.

To save you some trouble, you can buy a complete kit and install it right away. The fish tank will have all the accessories included, and you will not feel that everything is so complicated. When it comes to your passion, you have to be ready to take a leap of faith. You can never evolve if you get stuck at the same level only because someone told you that it’s hard to move forward. Search for information about the fish you want, the size aquarium you will need, the types of plants to add and then buy the large tank that you are dreaming about!

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