Best 100 Gallon Aquariums in 2024 (Reviewed By Experts)

When you began keeping fish, you were satisfied with a small tank. It was easy to clean, needed little space, and even less equipment. However, you’re no longer a beginner, and you want a bigger tank (a 100-gallon aquarium or more), colorful and exotic fish, and additional beautiful plants.

100 gallon aquarium

A 100-gallon tank is not exactly pocket change, so you want to buy the best large-scale tank for your budget and needs. Here are the best 100-gallon aquariums and tanks, how to choose which large-scale tank to buy, and guidelines if you have a tank assembled for your unique needs. 

It’s time to go big or go home!

The Best 100-Gallon Aquariums and Tanks

A 100-gallon tank or aquarium offers many options, from freshwater tanks to saltwater environments. If you buy a complete 100-gallon kit, you’ll have less guesswork, but these kits don’t always include the best quality filters and aerators for the fish and plants you want. Plus, the quality may be poor. The tank and fittings should be at the top of your expenses list when you are setting up your large-scale aquarium. 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the choices with these 100-gallon aquariums and tanks. Now, you just need to decide which is your favorite. 

1. TV Stand Aquarium

TV Stand Aquarium  

A large-scale fish tank is absolutely beautiful. The TV stand aquarium-type fish tank is an absolute extension of the natural beauty of a large fish tank. The TV stand aquarium has built-in filtration chambers, complimentary light, and a beautifully curved tank that holds up to 100 gallons

Choose between freshwater fish or keeping a saltwater aquarium, as the tank lends itself to either. Best of all, the tank is its own stand, so there is no need to find a suitable one. Integrate the tank into your home by using the top crystal shelf as a space for your TV, or make a minibar out of it. Now your fish collection can be part of your home and lifestyle. 


  • Acrylic material
  • Decorative finishing
  • Rectangular with front curves
  • Hidden filter compartments
  • 72 x 24 x 18 inches
  • 335 pounds weight (without water)


  • Available in eight unique trim finishes
  • Acrylic makes the tank lighter in weight than glass tanks
  • Plain blue backdrop finish for the hidden filtration chambers
  • Crystal pillars support a glass bar surface atop the tank
  • Beautifully finished feature piece


  • The tank is somewhat narrower than needed because of the built-in filtration chambers
  • Quite a steep price

2. Reefer XL 525 G2+ System (112 Gal)

Reefer XL 525 G2+ System

The reefer brand is synonymous with quality display tanks, and their 112-gallon tank is a show stopper. This setup has a reinforced cabinet, tank, temperature monitor, leak detector, pump, filter, and tank controller to manage the pump and filter motors. 

The included sump is kitted out with a range of filtration features that help ensure crystal-clear water and excellent health for your fish. 

The skimmer chamber is height adjustable, and there are multiple storage compartments in the cabinet where you can store extra filter material, fish food, medicines, and water conditioners. 

The cabinet also helps to hide the fish tank plumbing and further silence the filtration process. 

The set also includes a Reefer ATO+, which helps keep the water level perfectly stable, detects leaks, and saves your pumps if the motors don’t shut down or if there’s a leak and a pump motor is exposed. 

Finally, the marine quality tank stand and cabinet are essential as it’s specially reinforced to carry the extra weight of a loaded tank while having enough space to hide the inner workings of keeping your tank spotlessly clean.


  • Tank Dimensions: 59″L x 22″H x 23.6″W
  • Tank Volume: 112 gallons 
  • Total height with cabinet: 56 inches
  • Sump size: 31 gallons
  • Glass thickness: ⅝ inch (19 millimeters)


  • The set includes most of what’s needed to start a stunning aquarium
  • Includes a 75 GPH pump (ATO)
  • Two-year warranty
  • One-year warranty extension by registering on the site
  • Add one to two years with an extended plan
  • Bubble trap helps reduce noise
  • Internal plumbing in the cabinet further silences the motor and water flow
  • Beveled glass, rimless, and ultra-clear


  • It does not include the return pump for the sump
  • No heater included
  • Quite pricey

What I Like:

The Reefer tanks are super pleasing to look at, and if you want to keep more than a few fish or a couple of large fish, then a sizable 100-gallon tank is perfect for allowing enough room to swim. Reefer tanks put a lot of development and improvements to the tank design, and the results are fabulous if you have the budget to set up your own Reefer dream.  

3. Reefer Deluxe XL 452 G2+ System (91 gallons)

Reefer Deluxe XL 452 G2+ System

If the big Reefer tank is not loaded with enough features, there is a deluxe option too. This even more amazing kit contains loads of extras, scaling up from the regular Reefer. 

You will be amazed by the addition of LED lights, mounting arms for the lights, and the increased functionality of a WiFi-compatible app to run your tank remotely.  

And while the price tag is quite a bit higher than the regular Reefer G2+ XL, the Deluxe model just has cooler lighting gadgets and connectivity. Ideal for those who travel frequently. 


  • Tank Dimensions: 47″L x 22″H x 23.6″W
  • Tank Size: 91 gallons
  • Total height: 56 inches
  • Sump size: 24 gallons
  • Glass thickness: Bottom and front glass – ½ inch, side glass – ⅝ inch
  • 2 x ReefLED 90 lights
  • Two mounting arms for lights
  • Remote control via app


  • It’s an excellent tank setup with the usual internal plumbing, 75 GPH pump, sump, bubble trap, etc. 
  • Comes with a marine-quality cabinet with internal compartments to hide plumbing, a sump, and more. 
  • Includes two high-quality LED lights, pre-programmed with different light settings, from sunrise and sunset to moonlight and cloud cover
  • The mounting arms for the lights are well positioned, and can rotate when busy with tank maintenance
  • Control your tank remotely with an app and Wi-Fi-connectivity
  • Ideal for managing your tank when away from the app


  • The increased price tag becomes quite a worry, even though this is the “unicorn” of luxury tanks
  • The reduced sump size and glass thickness may affect what fish you can stock in the tank, though these reductions were likely due to overall weight restrictions.

What I Like: 

I like the app’s versatility and that you can create your own light cycles using this technology to simulate daytime and nighttime to help acclimate your fish. While this tank holds a bit less volume than the other Reefer, it’s still a great product, and it will make any aquarist’s heart beat just a little faster.  

4. RGTQ – Black Fish Tank 124-Gallon LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank

RGTQ - Black Fish Tank 124-Gallon LED Aquarium Kit Upright Fish Tank    

When you want a large tank, there isn’t a huge difference between a 100-gallon tank and a 124-gallon, and the RGTQ black fish tank is simply stunning. It’s designed for placement as a type of room divider, and the tank fits with a narrow side against one wall, while the rest of the tank has a continuous curve, creating a natural aquatic “wall” between one room and the next. 

The tank has its own base and stands solidly on the floor, reaching roughly waist height for most people. It’s finished with a countertop, creating a beautiful display space. 

All the hardware is hidden, including a top filtration unit, pump, and aerator. And since the tank is available in three shades of white and black, it will blend seamlessly in any decor scheme.

At 15.7 inches across, there is enough room for larger fish to comfortably turn in the tank and engage in healthy swimming. 

Enjoy brilliant visuals as the tank is made from low iron clear white glass with edgeless curving from one side to the next. The tempered glass is also resistant to impact and won’t pick up scratches or marks easily, leaving nothing to spoil your viewing pleasure. 

Installing the tank is super easy. Simply connect the pump per the guidelines, then fill it with water, acclimate your fish, and enjoy.   


  • Dimensions: 47.2 (L) x 15.7 (W) x 49.6 (H) inches
  • Volume: 124 gallons 
  • Weight: 390 pounds (without water)
  • The tank includes a filter pump and filtration media, filter trays, a hidden sump, thermometer, aerator, and many in-tank decorations, such as corals, jellyfish, and more  


  • This tank is one of the best value-for-money buys I’ve seen
  • Includes all the necessary hardware for the tank to operate efficiently
  • The upper filtration tray adds a new level of cleaning and helps with maintenance
  • Maintenance kit included
  • Includes LED light with remote control with adjustable features and light colors
  • Simply add water and fish and enjoy


  • While the automotive quality glass is excellent quality, the tank does become very heavy
  • Installation instructions are in Chinese

What I Like:

The positioning of the tank is excellent as you can enjoy the views from both sides, whereas other tanks are set in a cabinet, allowing limited side viewing. The kit is complete, and you can really go to town with some fantastic fish, knowing the tank will take care of them.

5. Innovative Marine 100 Gallon EXT External Overflow Aquarium – Complete Reef System

Innovative Marine 100 Gallon EXT External Overflow Aquarium - Complete Reef System    

A new kid on the 100-gallon block is the Innovative Marine 100-Gallon EXT complete reef system. The tank is complete with everything you’d need to start your aquatic adventures. 

It comes with a pre-assembled plumbing system; all you need to do is tighten the bulkheads and install them in the hidden filtration compartments. 

The tank also includes:

  • A sump.
  • Various filtration chambers.
  • Skimmers.
  • A system of weirs and drains.
  • The silent operation return pump.

The dual inlet valve is a nice touch, and since it’s fully adjustable, it’s even better for improved tank circulation. 

The heating process is in-line in its own chamber, managed by a corded heating system for efficient heating and better heat distribution—no more risk of your fish getting scorched by going too close to the in-tank heater.


  • Tank Dimensions: 47.3″ x 23.6″ x 19.7“
  • Cabinet Dimensions: Length 47.50” Width: 23.50” Height: 35.81”
  • Total weight of tank: 334 pounds
  • The tank includes a pump, sump tank, filtration media, and weirs


  • Very neat finish
  • Classic appearance with the black silicone edging
  • 15 mm high-quality, low iron glass for panels
  • The tank and cabinet come pre-assembled
  • Plumbing features are also pre-assembled
  • Efficient design
  • Various filtration chambers are hidden at the back of the tank for uncluttered viewing pleasure


  • Fairly high price 
  • No lighting kit included

What I Like:

I especially liked the side access to the cabinet, which means it’s super easy to assemble and install the sump without struggling to fit equipment and hands into the cabinet. The flexible “ball-jointed” inlet valves are really nifty, and it helps boost circulation in the tank. You can also shape this according to your aquascaping.   

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best 100-Gallon Aquarium

Unlike other types and size tanks available, there are fewer 100+ gallon tanks on the market. Short of custom ordering a tank and installing one yourself, the online options may make choosing easier since there aren’t so many. However, you should still have a buyer’s guide or a set of criteria to help you decide. 

So here are some great pointers to help you shop.


When you pay upward of $3,000 for a tank, you really want to ensure that it’s built to last and that all tank parts are of the highest quality. If you are buying a tank kit, you want to ensure the kit has suitable-size motors, equipment, and finishings. 

Examine the quality of the tank glass or acrylic, and take the time to check on all safety specifications of the tank.


While rimless tanks and reinforced glass panels are all the rage, you can also look at a smooth and seamless glass or acrylic tank. The shape will influence the size of fish you can keep in your tank and also the aquascape you can create.  


Few realize that a vital part of the tank’s successful use rests on a cabinet with enough support to carry the tank’s massive weight and the weight once the tank is filled. Imagine placing your expensive tank on a less-than-adequate stand or cabinet only to have it collapse under your expensive tank as you add the last few gallons of water! 

Ensure your cabinet has sufficient support to carry 400-600 pounds of weight or more. The material of the cabinet also needs to be made of marine-proof materials to resist rot and mold. 

With a 100-gallon tank, the stand must also hide your tank plumbing, sump, and additional mechanical requirements.  

Cover or Lid

Finding a lid to cover a tank as big as a 100-gallon tank can be challenging. However, it is doable, and lids are handy to muffle noise from water inlets further and prevent boisterous fish from jumping out.  

A tank with an existing lid will take the chore of finding a lid out of the process. Some tanks have reinforced pillars with glass shelves to cover the top of the tank and provide additional space for display. 


If your tank comes with its own accessories, such as a pump, filter, and more, then you are extra fortunate, as it can be quite the search to find a pump that is powerful enough for your tank and small enough to fit into the sump or return chamber. 

Needing to add accessories such as lighting kits and filtration baskets can chase up the price, so choosing a fully accessorized tank is great.    


Ultimately, you can’t have what you can’t afford. Your budget will determine whether you have the funds to buy a tank this big. Furthermore, your current residence is also bound to influence if you have physical space for a large 100-gallon tank. 

Usually, it’s best to purchase a large aquarium when you own your own home or are unlikely to move any time soon. Large tanks don’t hold up well to being assembled and disassembled frequently.  

Considerations When Building a 100-Gallon Tank 

Perhaps you want something unique but haven’t found it online yet. You may even contemplate building your own 100-gallon tank or getting a local company to create one for you. No problem! However, there are a few things to keep in mind. 


A tank is under tremendous pressure. So, while you may believe your quick “glue-job” has secured the sides of your tank, it’s an entirely different story when that same tank now contains 100 gallons of water. 

If you are building the tank yourself, consult a professional tank builder on the type of glue to use and the process to dry the glue optimally. If you use a local tank building company, ensure they back their work with a guarantee in case something happens and the tank leaks. 

The Stand

The tank stand or cabinet must be strong enough to hold the tank, accessories, equipment, water, fish, and other decorative elements. Reinforcing is vital. A 100-gallon tank weighs upwards of 300 pounds without the water and any other parts in the tank. With water, you can add several hundred pounds more. 

A regular TV stand isn’t going to cut it, nor will a bookshelf. 

Accessories vs. Dimensions

When you plan a tank, you likely have some vision of what you’d like to keep in your tank. The tank’s dimensions can also influence the size of fish you can keep in the tank. Long and narrow tanks give a bigger viewing surface, but these limit the maneuverability of the fish in the tank.  

Consider your tank needs before choosing and building a 100-gallon tank, as these will affect the tank’s dimensions.  

Upkeep Costs

Ultimately, maintaining a larger aquarium will cost more than on a small tank. When you crunch the numbers of getting your own 100-gallon tank, you should also add in the daily maintenance cost for a large tank. A poorly designed tank will end up costing more if the filtration doesn’t work effectively.

The pump needed for a large tank is more expensive than for a smaller tank and will need more electricity. Likewise, the water required will be more, and if you have to buy water specially, it can get very costly to fill the tank and top it up. 

Another cost in terms of time is the time it takes to clean and manage the running of a large tank. Pre-built tanks with automatic tank operations systems can take a lot of the headache out of keeping the tank clean. These may have a higher price tag but can ultimately save you money and time.

Space Considerations

Finally, where are you going to place your beautiful 100-gallon tank? Before you hire someone to build a tank, or buy one, consider where the tank will stand. Do you have sufficient space to allow the tank to feature beautifully, and can you ensure the tank won’t be disturbed or damaged if you have one in your home?

Consider your children and other pets when planning where your tank goes. You certainly don’t want your child to fall into the tank or cut themselves on the glass edge.


Investing in a bigger tank like a 100-gallon aquarium doesn’t need to be scary. Keeping a large tank is a little more complicated than a small tank, but it’s so much fun too. For starters, the filters are usually more advanced, which makes changing out filtration media less of a chore, especially if you have an ATO. After the initial setup, your aquatic dreams can become a reality. 

The excellent tanks in this article are a great starting point; you need only click a link to make your dreams come true. Now, all that remains is populating your tank with magnificent fish, plants, and crustaceans…happy shopping!

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