Best Betta Fish Tanks to choose from: Top 10

Bettas are among the most popular beginner fish species. Thanks to their lower space and maintenance requirements, they can be kept in smaller fish tanks with adequate filtration and nutrition. 

best betta fish tank

While DIY betta tanks with multiple chambers are preferred by a few veteran aquarists, self-cleaning tanks are considerably more popular among beginner and experienced fish-keepers. 

In this article, we’ll go through the 10 best betta fish tanks that you can choose from.

Top 10 Betta Fish Tanks

1. Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit 1 Gallon

Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit 1 Gallon    

A small yet convenient package, the Tetra Bubbling 1-gallon aquarium is almost perfect for your betta. Made with Acrylic, this lightweight fish tank’s design and filtration system effectively minimize the maintenance requirements. However, your betta will be much happier with at least a larger 3-gallon tank. 


  • Hexagon-shaped aquarium: 

Making it easier to place in corners, the hexagonal shape of Tetra allows more space for the betta to swim around the tank without stressing. The Hexagon shape also allows better viewing and easier water drain. 

  • Strong water pump and bubble disc: 

A bubbling disk in the middle of the aquarium acts both as a water dispenser and flow generator. Let your betta enjoy the bubbles without struggling against the filter flow. 

  • Rainbow LED colors: 

Cycle your fish tank through an array of differently colored LED lights. The LEDs are synchronized with the bubble disk and change their color after specific intervals. 

  • Internal filter with bio bag

Despite its small size and lack of space, an efficient bio-filtration system is present in this package. However, it may also reduce the 1-gallon space further. 

  • Easy feeding hole

The clear canopy has a hole at the top for easy feeding. But, you have to remove the lid for water changes. 


  • Very cost-effective.
  • All-in-one package.
  • Perfect for starters.


  • Not enough space after putting the filter in.
  • Build quality.

Summary: best 1-gallon small room betta fish tank.

2. Koller 5-Gallon Panaview Aquarium Kit

Koller 5-Gallon Panaview Aquarium Kit    

Offering ample space for a betta and a few other small tropical fish, the Koller 5-gallon Panaview fish tank is pretty affordable and beginner friendly. Equipped with a dedicated filtration system and molded design, the Koller is one of the most well-accepted betta tanks in the market. 


  • Multiple Lighting Color Selections: 

7 bright and dazzling color selections are available to brighten up your setup with daylight white, blue, green, amber, aqua, purple, and red. While the LEDs are powerful enough to sustain betta fish, live plants may not be able to thrive under similar conditions. 

  • Powerful Filtration with Pump: 

A 45 GPH filter is included in the package with AQ10FC-60 replaceable cartridges. The absence of an air pump in the package also is partially fulfilled through the filter. 

  • Seamless Design and Viewing Angles: 

The molded body with a wide form factor allows you to get a more interactive experience out of your fish tank with Koller. Furthermore, rounded corners make the experience much nicer, with enhanced visibility and interaction.

  • Horizontal Swimming Space

The focus of this 5-gallon fish tank revolves around horizontal swimming space and provides ample room for a single betta or a couple of tropical fish to move around. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Quite Cost-effective
  • Impact-resistant plastic body
  • Children and cat-safe secure lid


  • We received a faulty lighting system.

Summary: Best betta fish tank for tropical fish keepers.

3. Aqueon LED MiniBow Small Aquarium Fish Tank

Aqueon LED MiniBow Small Aquarium Fish Tank    

With its automatic drainage system, water change is made easy with Aqueon LED MiniBow Fish Tank. The tank is the perfect solution for your betta fish that needs enough space to stay active and stretch his graceful fins. This beginner-friendly acrylic aquarium is perfect for desktop setups in bedrooms and offices.   


  • SmartClean Technology

Aqueon employs the power filter to drain water through a simple rotation of the nozzle. Partial water changes can be facilitated within a few minutes without making a wet mess of your office desk. 

  • All-Inclusive Package

Almost every essential is included in the package except for a heater and gravel. However, most self-cleaning tanks don’t ship with a power filter either. 

  • 3D Swimming Space

Explicitly designed for betta and other smaller fish, the height and width of the tank are kept large enough, compromising with the depth, to support the most active swimmers.  

  • Elevated Base

An elevated base is provided with this self-cleaning betta tank to improve stability, easily reach underneath the tank, and hide the wiring. 

  • Power Filter

A dedicated overhead power filter is included in the package for both filtration and water change operations. The filter cartridge and water conditioner are also included in the package for it to become truly all-inclusive. 


  • Well constructed with convenient wiring and feeding fixtures.
  • Easy setup and maintenance.
  • Bright white daylight with a blue tint. 


  • The filter is a bit too powerful for smaller fish. Consider using a sponge cover over the suction. 

Summary: Best betta tank for office and bedroom desks.

4. Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon

Koller Products AquaView 2-Gallon    

Ideal for betta and tropical fish, the Koller Aquaview 2-gallon is a humane replacement for the spherical fish bowls. It comes bundled with a power filter, LED lighting, and premium filter cartridges for clarity and water quality. The included power filter does its job pretty silently and doesn’t harm the small fish species. 


  • Power Filter

A 25 GPH power filter is included with this betta fish tank. The cartridge provided with it is sufficient enough to biologically filter the small tank. 

  • 7 Colors LED Light

Ranging from daylight white to purple and red, a 7 color LED lighting system is included in this self-cleaning betta fish tank. Customize your aquarium as per your preference and habitat requirements. 

  • 360-Degree Viewing

The fish tank allows you to cherish your betta from anywhere in the room. Keep it in the middle or against the wall, thanks to the cylindrical design, you’ll have the liberty to view it from any angle.  

  • Built-in Timer

Although limited by only a few predefined settings, the lighting setups in this betta fish tank come with a built-in timer. You can choose between 2H, 4H, and an always On setting. 


  • Smaller footprint. The circular base doesn’t take up much space on your table. 
  • Powerful and efficient filtration. 
  • Trickle filter flow keeps the water moving slowly. 
  • Silent filter motor.


  • The lights aren’t of premium quality

Summary: Best betta fish tank for smaller apartments.

5. Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

Marineland Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit    

Stressing on a vertical design with rounded edges and a beautiful glass canopy, the Marineland Portrait Glass kit is one of the best betta fish tanks. With a 5-gallon capacity and a robust filtration system, this tank allows room for a few plants and a gracious betta. Furthermore, it’s equipped with a 2-stage lighting system. 


  • Vertical Design

The vertical design of this glass betta fish tank leaves a smaller footprint while leaving enough space for your plants to grow and the betta to swim around. 

  • Daylight/Moonlight Lighting

Supported by a timer, bright daylight, and blue moonlight setups help maintain a natural rhythm in the aquarium. However, the daylight is a bit on the lower side. 

  • Sliding Glass Canopy

A sliding glass canopy on the top increases visibility and allows easy maintenance access. For example, substrate vacuuming. 

  • 3-Stage Robust Filtration

The hidden 3-stage filtration through proprietary Rite-size Z cartridges keeps a cleaner and healthier environment for your betta fish tank. 


  • An ideal choice for keeping betta with live plants. 
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Effortless setup process
  • Adjustable pump control


  • The filter lid doesn’t snap in place. 
  • The filter is a bit overpowered for small fish species.  

Summary: Best betta fish tank with plants. 

6. YCTECH 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kit

YCTECH 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kit    

Flattened at the back, the YCTECH 1.2-gallon semicircular tank is one of the best-selling betta fish tanks. Its small yet smart design hides the filtration and lighting system quite meticulously and allows more space for decoration and practical usage. 


  • Powerful Filter Motor

A powerful 5W filter pump and sponge installed in the back provide great water cycling and filtration for this smaller tank. You may also add other filter media in the chambers to make it more efficient.  

  • Included Decorations

A few artificial plants are included in the package, making it perfect for birthday and festival gift choices. Moreover, being portable and lightweight, you can easily move it around your house. 

  • Impact Resistant Acrylic

While glass aquariums are better in terms of aesthetics, this acrylic betta fish tank is made durable enough to withstand extreme abuse. 

  • Bright LED Lighting

A 5W LED lighting setup is employed to showcase the grace of the tank and the vibrancy of your fish.  


  • Small footprint
  • Cost-effective
  • Hidden filtration and lighting. No visible sponge. 
  • Powerful filter motor


  • Cheap material
  • Filter and light have the same power source.

Summary: Best small betta fish tank for small apartments.

7.  Tetra GloFish Betta Aquarium Kit

Tetra GloFish Betta Aquarium Kit    

Intriguing beginner aquarists, the Tetra GloFish Betta Aquarium Kit is a lightweight plastic canopy that includes both filtration and lighting in the package. The blue LEDs in this setup are specifically designed for fluorescent fish and accessories from GloFish. 


  • Tetra Small Filter

A small internal Tetra filter is included in this betta fish tank. While it exceeds expectations in terms of water cycling, the suction is a bit too harsh for smaller fish. Consider using a sponge cover to protect their fins. 

  • Black Background

Thanks to the blue lights and clear water, a black background works perfectly with this GloFish betta fish tank.

  • 8 Blue LEDs

Blue LEDs are included in the package to enhance the fluorescent glow of the GloFish and accessories. However, the colors of your betta will also be enhanced. 

  • Air Pump and Tubing

A small air pump with tubing is included to support the betta. The tubings are hidden behind the background and decorations. 


  • Comes with everything included, except for the fish and decorations. 
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Perfect dimension for office space.


  • The filter is a bit overpowered for betta fish. 

Summary: Best betta fish tank with fluorescent fish.

8. PONDON Betta Fish Tank

PONDON Betta Fish Tank    

Made with durable glass and bettas in mind, the PONDON Betta Fish Tank equips itself with an adjustable filter pump, LED lighting, and aerating nozzle. This 2-gallon tank takes pride in being a great option with an adjustable flow filter pump and curved edges. 


  • Adjustable filter flow

Not many self-cleaning tanks in this price range offer adjustable filter flow to accommodate species with different bioload and water flow requirements. 

  • Anti-Scratch Glass

Premium scratch-resistant and durable glass is used to make this betta fish tank. Glass, being much more clear, is always a better option than acrylic. 

  • Adjustable Aeration

In addition to adjusting the filtration flow, you also can adjust the aeration volume of the tank as per your preference.  

  • Daylight LED Lighting

Powerful LED lighting provides natural underwater sunlight, ensuring a more vibrant fish color and healthy plants. 


  • Easy to set up. 
  • Quiet operations. Can be kept in bedrooms. 
  • Top Feeding Hole. 


  • Light doesn’t reach the back of the tank due to design. 

Summary: Best betta fish tank with adjustable filter flow. 

9. Aqueon Betta Falls 3 Section

Aqueon Betta Falls 3 Section    

Thriving as a display unit and failing as a permanent tank, the Aqueon Betta is a 2.2-gallon, 3-section betta fish tank that is lightweight and convenient. Priced in a considerably high range, this tank can hold 3 bettas together for a short period. We dissuade from keeping bettas in such confined spaces. 


  • Constant flow of filtered water

The waterfall design constantly cycles the water through each tank by overflowing them. Filtered water is continuously fed to the compartments without needing to dedicate filters for each module. 

  • Three separate compartments 

Three compartments are present to house three male bettas. However, they aren’t sufficient enough to hold bettas for long without swimming space and maintenance. 

  • Frosted panels

To reduce stress among the bettas and to give them a safe space, frosted panels are introduced between each partition.  

  • Includes starter kit

Every accessory that you may need to sustain the small tanks is included in the package except a heater. However, a small heater can be fitted below the tank. 


  • Works pretty well as a display tank.
  • The waterfall design looks nice.
  • All-inclusive package


  • Not spacious enough to house bettas permanently. 

Summary: Best display betta fish tank.

10. Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit

Fluval SPEC Aquarium Kit    

The premium-most option in this list, the Fluval SPEC 5-gallon betta fish tank, is the gold standard for keeping betta. Its 7000K LED system with 20% brighter light and robust tank construction with etched glass provides a haven for both your betta and plants. 


  • 3-stage filtration

This betta fish tank employs a proprietary 3-stage filtration system through foam block, activated carbon, and bio rings for clarity and quality. 

  • Brighter Illumination

37 LED bulbs with 7000K daylight temperature offers adequate lighting to grow plants and emphasize the betta’s colors.  

  • Etched glass

Risk-free etched glass and aluminum trims are used to manufacture this self-cleaning betta fish tank. 

  • 5-gallon glass tank

Appropriate for a single betta and a few plants, this 5-gallon glass tank is the best betta fish tank in the market. 


  • Minimal noise. 
  • Adequate space for plants and a betta. 
  • Powerful filtration and water flow. 


  • Pricing. 
  • Filter suction is a bit too strong for smaller fish. 

Summary: Best overall betta fish tank. 

Buying Guide

Considering there are hundreds of other betta fish tanks, we’ve prepared a buying guide for you to choose the best one among them. 

Tank Size

The absolute minimum space requirement for betta fish is 2.5 gallons to freely swim, hide, and explore decorations. The recommended tank size, however, is 5 gallons. 

In contrast, there isn’t any upper limit when it comes to tank size. Larger aquariums maintain better water parameters and provide ample swimming space.  

Most betta tanks that are below 3 gallons, are considered display tanks and aren’t suitable for healthy inhibition. Anything less than that would require frequent maintenance and water change.

Filtration System

Being one of the most abused fish species, they often are forced to inhibit small spaces without adequate filtration. Although bettas aren’t as high bioload species as Goldfish and Cichlids, they also produce a significant amount of ammonia and nitrite in the tank. 

Ensure that your betta fish tank comes with at least biological filtration and enough water flow to keep the betta moving at a slow pace. 


The best betta keepers pair them with plants to offer places to hide and explore. Therefore, ample lighting to grow plants is critical for a balanced betta fish tank. 

Moreover, even if you choose to go with artificial plants, adequate lighting can enhance the colors of your friendly betta to a great extent.  

Build Quality

While acrylic, as a material, is similarly inert to toxic chemical reactions as glass, it’s much more scratch and stain-prone than the latter. 

Additionally, check for leaks, flimsy lids, quality of the hoses, foul smell, and any residues in the tank before choosing your betta fish tank. 

Customer Support

Replacement filter cartridges, broken equipment, and shipment damages would require you to contact customer support for the Betta fish tank. Check online reviews and availability of both email and toll-free numbers to ensure the same. 

Furthermore, as these self-cleaning tanks are more lenient towards offering convenience, make sure that the replacement parts are easily purchasable and are available online. 

Check out our detail article on “Aquarium Cleaning Guide.


1. What kind of fish tank is best for bettas? 

Self-cleaning fish tanks are best for betta. Choose a tank that is at least 5 gallons in volume and has adequate lighting and a filtration system in place.  

2. Should you consider vertical tanks for bettas? 

As bettas naturally inhibit shallow waters, vertical tanks put undue pressure on their body. You may consider vertical tanks for your betta fish, only if the horizontal space isn’t extremely narrow, and has enough swimming space. 

3. Do you need a filter for your betta fish tank? 

Yes, you do need a filtration system for your betta fish tank. However, make sure that it’s only enough to maintain a laminar flow and doesn’t stress your betta or the plants. 

The Bottom Line

We’ve listed the top 10 betta fish tanks that you can buy online. We also have included a buying guide if you choose to deviate from the list. Hopefully, you’ll now be able to install and maintain a healthy betta fish tank that supports both your betta fish and live plants.

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