Brazilian Pennywort: How to grow in an aquarium?

Today we are going to discuss one of the most famous aquarium plants which is Brazilian Pennywort, also known as Hydrocotyle leucocephala. These plants are very easy to keep, they grow really fast and are pretty cheap to buy. It is definitely a recommended freshwater plant for beginners. We are going to discuss the planting process of these plants, the care and everything else related to Brazilian Pennywort. If you want to learn more about this aquarium plant, continue reading the article.

Genereal Information of Brazilian Pennywort

The Brazilian pennywort, also known as Brazilian water ivy, pennywort or Hydrocotyle leucocephala, is an aquarium plant type that is very easy to grow and take care of. It is a native plant from America. Brazilian Pennywort can be found in Argentina and in Mexico.

Primarily it was found in wetlands, in slow moving rivers and during the wet season they can be found in flooded areas as well.

This is a plant with round leaves that grows around slim stem. These plants when kept in a tank can grow maximum up to 15 cm (6 inches) in width and 60 cm (24 inches) in height.  When Brazilian Pennywort grows above the surface of the water, it starts to grow small white flowers.

The leaves of these plants are pretty unique and are very different than the leaves of other aquarium plants. The leaves grow from the stem and right from that connection there are some veins that grow along the leaves. This veins then give branches to smaller veins and this way they serve as a supporter for the leaf.

Also, the stems of these plants are also unique. They grow in segments and the joint of each segment can be seen. The stems of these plants are strong enough to keep the leaves in the water.

An interesting fact about these plants is that they have been used as a medical herb in the tropics. Also, as this is an edible plant it has been used as a spice as well. It is said that is has a taste of a pepper.

How to plant Brazilian Pennywort?

Planting Brazilian Pennywort is as easy as ABC. You simply put the stems into the substrate and they start to grow very fast. These plants do not need much time to adapt to a new environment. Usually people plant these aquarium plants in the back of the tank as a background. But if you do not mind the light being covered then you can leave them freely floating. When kept floating these plants can be a hiding place for fry and a place for infusoria to develop. These are unique aquarium plants that can even grow out side, so you can leave it grow above the surface of the water. These plants can also do well for terrariums.

The Brazilian Pennywort can be used in paludariums as a bog plant as well, if provided with enough humidity. It will grow above the water with small beautiful white flowers.

Requirements for Brazilian Pennywort?

These plants are very easy to grow in an aquarium. Even beginner hobbyists can handle this task. When the plant is growing really well, you should prune them from time to time. As when they grow too much the leaves can get tangled and can cover all the light. Also, you can keep the prunes and put it back in the substrate or let it float and they will grow back again. These plants can grow in a medium lighting. But if the light will be more than that is even better. When the light is not enough for Brazilian Pennyworth they do not grow properly and do not have the needed appearance. When choosing a light it is recommended to get an LED light bulb. Although this is not a must but you can add Co2 and regular plant feeding for these plants.

As for the compatibility with different types of fish, this plant can be used in tanks with any types of fish. Except for gold fish and cichlids as they can damage the plant.

Brazilian Pennywort

Issue with Brazilian Pennywort?

Even though these are very easy growing plant still there sometimes may be some issues with them. If your plant is not growing as it should then it is probably lacking something. You should check the nutrients, the Co2 level, the lighting in the tank. If you notice that your plant is not growing properly and is losing many leaves, then this can be because of the lack of light. Also, pruning can help to boost up the growth of Brazilian Pennyworth. If the leaves of your plant are turning yellow or falling down this can be because of the lack of iron. Try adding more iron to the water to keep your plant healthy.

Where you can buy Brazilian Pennywort?

As we’ve already mentioned these aquarium plants are very commonly use. So you can buy Brazilian Pennywort in any aquarium store. You can also buy these plants online. Another way that you can get hold of these plants, is by buying from other hobbyists who are willing to sell the plants that they have grown.

Specifications of Brazilian Pennywort

  • Tanks size: minimum 19 L
  • Location in the tank: Anywhere be it mid, back or floating
  • Care: Very easy
  • Temperature of the water: 68 – 82 F
  • Ph level of the water: 6-8
  • Propagation method: Cutting
  • Can grow outside of the water: Yes

So, we tried to provide you with as much information about The Brazilian Pennywort as possible. Hopefully this was enough to learn all the specification of this plant. Overall if you have decided to decorate your tank with this plant, it is highly recommended, because these plants are very easy to grow and take care of. You just need to make sure that it gets enough lighting and nutrients and soon your whole tank will be filled with the leaves of the Brazilian Pennyworth. Also, do not forget to prune it from time to time.

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