Everything about Malaysian Trumpet Snails

If you are an aquarium lover and you like to keep different species of fish, shrimp and snails, then at some point you probably have thought of getting Malaysian Trumpet Snails, as these snails look very beautiful to the eye and you can see them in any aquarium stores. Well, if you want to get some Malaysian Trumpet Snails for your aquarium, then follow this article to get some information that you need to know about these snails before buying them.

Its appearance and behavior


Malaysian Trumpet Snails are species of tropical freshwater snails, and as they are very adaptive, they are found in Asia, Africa, Turkey and in other places around the world. Malaysian Trumpet Snails have long shells that look like ice-cream cones. These snails are born very small and can grow up to a size of an inch. Usually, female snails are a bit larger than the male ones. The color of the shells varies from grey to brown and can also have some patterns. These snails like many other snails are very peaceful, they spend most of their type at the bottom of the tank digging substrate to find food especially during the light time and when the lights go off they come up. But from time to time they show activity as well, especially during the time of feeding.

Maintenance of the Malaysian Trumpet Snails

It is very easy to take care of the Malaysian Trumpet Snails as they do not require much and caring for them is similar to caring for other snails. You can keep them either in small aquariums or in large tanks, they can live in every size of water space. But do not put too many snails or fish together in a small aquarium as they also need space to live. Choose the best filters for these snails, filters do not need to be much powerful as the snails can get caught in the filter and die. So either choose a not so powerful filter or just cover the filter with something that can keep the snails safe. The temperature for the snails in the tank should be 21°C-27°C (70°F – 80°F), the lighting should be standard aquarium lighting and the pH should be between 7 and 8. You need to test the tank water very often, it is important to keep the levels of Ammonia and Nitrite at 0 ppm. Avoid copper as it can be fatal for the snails and be careful while using some medications for plant growth or for something else as they can be poisonous to the snails.

The lifespan of Malaysian Trumpet Snails

Usually, Malaysian trumpet Snails live about a year, though sometimes some snails can live a little longer. In order to have healthy snails, you need to feed them with calcium very often. Also when a snail dies you need to get it out of the tank as soon as possible in order to avoid infecting other snails.


These snails consume debris and they do not eat plants, also they will not compete for food with other inhabitants of the aquarium. Usually, they dig the substrate to find food and sometimes they go up to the surface to find food there. They are good aquarium cleaners as they eat all the leftovers, they even eat dead fish. If there is no debris left in the aquarium feed them by commercial pallets. In order to feed them, you should turn the filter off and drop the pallets.


Malaysian Trumpet Snails do not lay eggs but they breed very fast and in large numbers. Warmer water and more food create a better environment for breeding. If you do not want them to reproduce too often just limit their food. So if you want to breed Malaysian Trumpet Snails it will be very easy and effortless but if you do not want them to reproduce that can be a little bit difficult.

Tank neighbors


These snails are very peaceful so their tank neighbors should also be peaceful. They can get along well with other types of snails such as Gold Inca Snails, Mystery Snails, Ivory Snails, Nerite Snails and others. They can also get along with filter feeding shrimps as well as with shrimps eating algae, like Vampire shrimps and more. So Malaysian Trumpet Snails can have tank mates that are similar to them, those that are not aggressive and are as peaceful as they are. And avoid keeping them with snail eating fish. But if you want to buy these snails as food for other fish than it is not recommended to feed Puffers with these snails as many other hobbyists have claimed that puffers usually break the shell with their teeth but the shell of Malaysian Trumpet Snails is too hard and can break the teeth of puffer, thus the puffer can be left without any teeth and will be no longer able to eat anything,

Is it worth getting Malaysian Trumpet Snails?

The answer to this question can vary for different people. As for many people, these snails are an interesting addition to their aquarium. They are very easy to take care of. But for others, they may be annoying as they reproduce very fast and in very large numbers. So you can get one or two just to try and see if you are able to take care of them or not. And be careful to buy healthy snails in the stores, do not buy the ones in the display tank, because usually, they keep them with other dead tank neighbors. Also, do not buy those snails that are not moving or if they are upside-down.

So overall it seems that Malaysian Trumpet Snails are very easy to take care of and can be a great addition to your aquarium collection, especially if you do not want to spend much time looking after them. But before buying them, take into consideration everything you read above to see if you are ready to take care of too many Trumpet snails as they breed really fast. Good luck with your choice.

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    • Hi,
      To anyone that have a community tank. Do not have these nasty vicious snails. I have Gold Severum. A magnificent creature I have had for years and is so friendly. But these things got onto him and borrowed into his skull. He is now very sick. He has two holes in his head. If I could I would post some very graphic pictures. He is still alive and The medication I have put in the water seems to habe irritated the snail and my granddaughter saw the mongrel come out. Beware.


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