Marimo Moss Ball

Marimo Moss Ball

Many people think the key to a beautiful tank are the plants that grow.

However, too many plants and they will not get enough light or develop well; with only a few plants the tank will look uninhabited and uninteresting.

You have to find the right balance between the number and size of the plants.

If you want something interesting and elegant, the Marimo moss ball might be exactly what you need.

Marimo moss ball in a tank

It is incredible how many attention-grabbing adornments you can construct with this plant that will make simple tanks look remarkable.

The plant looks just like a ball and from the outside anyone would believe it to be moss.

The truth is this great plant is actually a spherical alga.

Marimo Moss Balls

Morimo moss ball is suitable for small tank

One reason why these plants are so suitable for small tanks is because they are slow growing at only 0.5 centimeters per year; this means you don’t have to cut it or worry that it will occupy your tank.

In their natural environment they can grow as large as a bowling ball, but this was never seen in a tank; however, some moss balls can get as large as a tennis ball.

The advantage of a slow growth rate is it may be years before your ball is that large, but you can split the ball into smaller sizes as well.

Additionally, these plants can live more than 100 years, thus prepare to have it for your lifespan.

Marimo moss ball maintenance

Caring for a Marimo moss ball is very simple to do.

The first thing you have to watch out for is the sun; although the Marimo moss ball needs to have medium indirect light, keeping it exactly in front of the window will damage the plant.

Also direct sunlight will turn the ball brown and it will eventually die.

To avoid this, rotate the ball so all sides receive the same amount of sunlight and move it out of the direct light.

They naturally live in cool lakes, which means the temperature is always under 75-77 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what your tank temperature should be.

If your tank is not near sunlight, you can use a fluorescent light above the tank as long as you turn it off during night.

Cleaning Marimo Moss Ball

Cleaning marimo moss ball

The best way to keep the moss ball clean is to remove it from the tank and gently squeeze it in a bucket of aquarium water.

Squeezing it in aquarium water pushes the murky water out and releasing it draws the cleaner aquarium water back in.

If it floats after being put back in the tank it is because the water has not filled up the middle yet; however, it will sink to the bottom again once it does.

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Water parameters are essential

As for the water in the tank, you have to measure the parameters of the water once in a while because this plant cannot deal well with chloride; the water must sit in an open recipient for 24-hours before you put it in the tank.

You can change the water once every few weeks and every week during the hot season when water evaporates quickly.

Marimo moss ball is perfect for small fish and shrimps

If you keep this lovely plant with fish, make sure they don’t enjoy it too much; freshwater fish love plants and if they eat from it too much, they will destroy the shape of the plant and eventually it will die.

Shrimp especially love the Marimo moss ball because it catches small bits of food on top for them to eat.

Moss balls are also great for fish to hide behind and explore.

More facts about these balls

In summary…

This plant will look great in a simple tank or in an elegant one.

They provide beautiful color to the landscape and will keep nitrates down.

Plus, moss balls can be used creatively to enhance your tank’s design.

If you’re interested to get some for your tanks, click here.

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  1. I bought 8 marimo moss balls 2-3 days ago from I hope a reputable aquarium plant site off the internet. They came with explicit instructions on how to get them acclimated to a new tank. I placed them in a 2 gallon TopFin “isolation” tank that I had just done a 100% water change on. So now it’s been 3 days & I want to transfer them to my other 2 tanks. What specifically should I do as to not disturb my Mystery snails & one betta if anything?


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