Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture Review

As any other aquascaping enthusiast, you want to be sure you have the best equipment for your tank.

One of the most important elements is the lighting in order for your plants to grow properly.

The market is filled with diverse brands of LEDs and light bulbs, but not all of them are suitable for your needs.

One of the products that stands out is the Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture.

Here you will find everything you need to know about this piece of equipment and if it’s worth buying.

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Three Light Slots

Depending on your tank, you can decide if you need more or less light.

It’s time consuming and expensive to change the entire installation every time you want to adjust the lighting, so this device is perfect for your needs.

If you want to attach only one LED or three, it will work just as well.

Even more, you have the chance to combine different types of lights so your fish and plants can feel comfortable all the time.

Sometimes you have to provide a special light for the daytime and another for the nighttime; using two different light sources can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t have enough space on the cover of your tank.

However, this product already includes a Day White LED, making it more accessible to just decide on the other ones that you need.

Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture

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Moisture-resistant Connections

No matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen.

In the end, you are using electrical equipment next to a large tank of water, so you need to be cautious.

The great thing about this product is that the connections are moisture-resistant.

You will not be able to soak them in water completely, but there will not be any problem if a few drops of water end up on the cables.

Also, this means that the cables will not be damaged in time no matter how long you use this device.

Easy to Install

If you don’t want to spend too much time installing your equipment, this product will save you some effort.

It has adjustable mounting legs for any size or shape of your tank.

If you want, you can attach it to the lid of the tank so the equipment itself will not be visible from the outside.

Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixtures

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Three-Light Mode Available

The power switch allows you to choose what kind of light you want to use at any moment of the day.

The moon glow will transform your tank into a real luxurious aquarium by emphasizing the colors of your fish and making your plants grow faster than usual.

Besides, you can place your aquarium right in your bedroom and this light will not disturb you while sleeping.

If you wish, you can use the moon glow light together with the day one, just to give a new look to your tank.

The best thing to do is connect it to a timer; this will allow you to leave the house without worrying about your tank.

Energy Efficient

Keeping your tank up-to-date can be expensive sometimes, so you want to buy a piece of equipment that will last you a long time.

The energy consumption is also important; you can’t afford to keep the light on all the time along with other devices if they consume too much electricity.

Considering this, the Aqueon LED Aquarium Light Fixture is perfect for your needs.

It will last a long time and you will not have to repair it every few months.

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