Best Automatic Fish Feeders in 2024

Beginner aquarists often mistake fishkeeping as an easy hobby. After all, you don’t have to walk your fish like a dog, right? 

It’s pretty hands-on. So what do you do when you work long hours or have to travel – how do you take care of fish feeding routines?

You need the help of technology. Automatic fish feeders are more reliable than asking a buddy to fish-sit for you. Here are the best automatic fish feeders in the business.

The 10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders 

1. Eheim Automatic Feeding Unit

heim Automatic Feeding Unit

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Whether or not you are at home, the Eheim automatic fish feeder will ensure your beloved fish are fed the right amount at the times you select daily. Program feeding times throughout the day. Simply input the time selection and portion size in the auto fish feeder, and rest assured that the Eheim is on the job and will feed your fish. 

It’s straightforward to use and has an easy-to-read user manual to help you precisely set your feeding routine. The unit can hold 100 ml of fish food and will dispense the food in the selected portion sizes. 

Fish pellets often turn stale near a humid environment, but the built-in fan and ventilation system on the automatic feeder help keep the fish food dry.


  • Automatic fish feeder
  • Feeds the right amount of food
  • Set feeding time per day 
  • Built-in ventilation system 

Why We Like It

We like the built-in fan and ventilation system that keeps the food in the auto fish feeder fresh for feeding time.

2. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder

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The Fish Mate automatic fish feeder gives you a clear view of the food that remains in the unit for your fish. You have complete control over the food in each compartment, eliminating the risk of overfeeding your fish. There is enough room in the auto fish feeder to feed your fish for 14 meals.

The feeder timer is easy to set to feed your fish from 1-4 times daily. The quartz-powered timer is up to the task of feeding your little marine creatures at the same time every day. With just one AA battery, you can expect to power the automatic fish feeder for a year! The battery indicator light will notify you when the battery starts running low.


  • Clear view of the food
  • Easy to use
  • Lower battery indicator
  • Quartz timer

Why We Like It

Whether your fish eat twice or even four times daily, the automatic fish feeder can get the portion size right and dispense food effectively.

3. Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder (CY009)

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder

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You never have to worry about a flat battery leaving your fish hungry with this Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder. Recharge the device with the USB cable, but it can also operate on AA batteries or the built-in lithium battery. The device is more economical on your wallet and better for the environment.

The lithium battery is 800 times rechargeable! It’s a large-capacity feeder capable of holding 200ml of fish food and can dispense the correct portion sizes of granules, pellets, flakes, and powders. You can set the feeding times for the day and how much food to dispense. It is the perfect device for all fish species.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Large food portion capacity
  • Suitable for different fish food types
  • Can feed up to 4 times a day

Why We Like It 

A rechargeable battery keeps the money in your wallet and a smile on your face, knowing you never need to worry about a flat battery.

4. Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

Torlam Auto Fish Feeder

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The timer of the Torlan automatic fish feeder is easy to program, and you can set it to feed your fish every day. You can mount the fish feeder on the side of the tank or the tank lid, whatever suits your tank design. A moisture prevention design also keeps the food dry to minimize clumping and keep the food fresh. It’s compatible with most fish foods, including flakes, pellets, powders, and more.

The rotatable pedestal makes it easy to fill up the food compartment, and the large capacity of the food chamber decreases the frequency of refills.


  • Easy to program and set
  • It can be mounted in two places
  • Keeps food fresh and dry
  • Rotating pedestal

Why We Like It 

It doesn’t matter what type of tank you have; you can mount the automatic fish feeder on the lid or the side of the tank.

5. Havergo Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquariums

Havergo Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquariums

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The Havergo automatic feeder has several great design innovations that make it an excellent choice for an automatic fish feeder. Including a sealed chamber for the fish food is handy, but the mixer is ideal for breaking up clumps to ensure accurate dispensing. 

Equipped with a large feed container of 230 ml, the feeder is ideal for larger tanks to help eliminate frequent refilling. The high-tech feeding system controller is intuitive, and you can set six different daily feeding periods with adjustable feeding volumes. If your fish are large and slow to digest food, this unit allows alternative day feeding to minimize waste buildup in the tank.  

Sadly, the feeder is only for fish pellet food of 1-4 millimeters in diameter. Powders, flakes, and liquids cannot pass from the feeding opening. 


  • Regular feeding intervals of 1-6 times per day
  • Feeds pelleted food of 1-4 mm in diameter for easy dispensing
  • The stirrer helps prevent clogging
  • A sealed silo tank stops moisture and bug penetration

Why We Like It

The design is minimalist, and the programming feature is easy to use. With an AA battery backup and USB rechargeable batteries, a sudden loss of power won’t stop the feeder from doing its job.

6. Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium

Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder

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The futuristic design, diverse feeding chambers, and unique feeding programmability of the Petbank Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquariums are just some of the things you will love about this automatic fish feeder. 

Unlike other feeders with a single food chamber for your fish food, this feeder has 16 compartments (15 being usable for feeding, and the 16th chamber the dispensing chamber). You can select different foods for each ration and time when to dispense the food. 

You can’t feed flakes or shrimps from this feeder, but you can feed mealworms and different sizes and shape pellets. The feeding chamber is also fully secured to prevent it from getting wet and clogging the food. 

Rations can be up to two grams in weight, and the automatic feeder is ideal for any size tank that receives a ration of this size at a time. Using the programmable feeding schedule, you can select three feedings daily, with up to three compartments per feeding. Set the schedule to feed every day, every second day, every third day, or even every fourth day. 

Use the suction cups or the clamps that attach to the side of the aquarium to mount the automatic feeder. 

The 700 mAh battery is fully rechargeable with a USB, lasting for as much as two months per charge. There are no additional battery systems as a backup.      


  • There are 15 feeding chambers 
  • Many different feeding scheduling options 
  • Can feed up to three compartments per session 
  • Individual rations can be tailored according to what your fish need

Why We Like It

The feeder looks like a flying saucer—what’s not to like? The design is classy, and the functionality of the LCD screen is excellent for setting a more intricate routine for feeding.

7. Aoyar Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium

Aoyar Automatic Fish Feeder

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The Aoyar Automatic Fish Feeder offers a rather unique take on reducing waste when feeding your fish. The feeder comes with a feeding ring secured to the tank side with a suction cup. This prevents the food from floating all over the water’s surface, helping fish eat more efficiently and preventing excess food from sinking to the bottom.

Use the auto feeder to dispense meals 1-4 times a day, and set the feeder to spin 1-3 laps of the silo, helping to control the amount of feed dispensed. 

Swing the feeder around when refilling, and it can comfortably handle all types of fish food except liquids. The sliding feed port helps eliminate moisture problems. 


  • Large silo capacity of 200 ml 
  • Dispense food by rotating 1-3 laps of the silo
  • Set 1-4 feeding periods per day
  • Includes fish feeding ring

Why We Like It

Adding a feeding ring helps minimize wastage, and the silo is moisture sealed, helping to reduce clumping and blockage.

8. Hygger Large Programmable Auto Pond Feeder

Hygger Large Programmable Auto Pond Feeder

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But what about when you have a large aquarium or a pond with big fish to feed? What then? Luckily, the Hygger Large Programmable Auto Pond Feeder will handle all your large-volume meal rations.  

The Hygger is a large-scale automatic feeder that delivers bigger rations aimed at fully grown big fish. The feeder can dispense pellets or sticks sized 4-10 mm, so only feed fish that are large enough fish with this feeder. Also note the feeder dispenses 25 grams per ration with the small auger or 90 grams with the large spaced auger, which does limit ration sizes a little. 

The automatic feeder can hold a total volume of 5 pounds of food, which means you can fill it, and it will last several weeks, depending on how many fish you are feeding and how frequently. 

The timer can set six feeding slots daily, while the feeding auger can set 1-9 portions per feeding. This is an ideal automatic feeder if you regularly feed portions of 25 grams and are going away. 

Note that the feeder has a pillar base and is mounted externally to the tank, not on the side of the canopy. 


  • Can feed fish for several weeks with the large capacity feeder
  • Select feeding per day or alternate on which days to feed
  • Electrically powered, and no battery power
  • One of the few feeders that has the capacity for large-size pellets

Why We Like It

The Hygger feeder is an ideal automatic feeder for ponds or large aquariums of 100 gallons or more, and it feeds rations of 25 grams or more. 

9. Hygger Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium, WiFi Intelligent Fish Food Dispenser with APP

Hygger Automatic Fish Feeder

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Suppose you have the budget and want a really intelligent automatic fish feeder that you can monitor long distances. In that case, the Hygger Automatic Fish Feeder for Aquarium, WiFi Intelligent Fish Food Dispenser with APP is for you. This automatic fish feeder comes with WiFi and a 2K HD camera so you can see your fish, record them, and do visual inspections while traveling (or if you’re stuck at work). 

By connecting the feeder to a power bank, you can ensure your fish are never without care due to a power outage again. The rechargeable feeder connects with USB for charging, and you can go to town with the detailed app that allows you to change the feeding routine, even when you’re not there. 

The app even informs you when the feeder is running low on food so you can fill it up before your feeder is empty. It also records each feeding, so you can create a comprehensive feeding record, which is ideal for sensitive fish.


  • WiFi connection for remote access
  • 230 ml capacity container 
  • 1-15 meals per day
  • Accurate feeding up to 0.1 grams per meal
  • Additional power supply via power bank

Why We Like It

The use of technology is excellent with the Hyger WiFi auto fish feeder. The food chamber is sealed against moisture, helping to prevent clogging of the feed mechanism.

10. Tropinova Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

Tropinova Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder

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Finally, for a fish feeder that’s super affordable, practical, and really easy to refill, the Tropinova Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder is an ideal option. The design is elegant, and there are no unnecessary frills that you end up paying for. 

To refill the feeder, simply slide the feed hatch forward, add your feed, close it, and set it for automatic feeding. The unit runs off two AA batteries; you can choose rechargeable batteries to cut costs further. 

The large 200 ml food silo can feed 5-6 fish for about a week, and you can set the amount the feeder should provide based on how many rotations per feeding you choose. Choose 1-3 daily feeding times and determine the ration size you’d like fed.

A great bonus is that the feeder can handle flakes, pellets, sticks, powders, and more, so you don’t have to change your fish feed simply to match the feeder’s requirements.    


  • Affordable and versatile design
  • Large food silo 
  • 1-3 feeding per day
  • Determine food ration based on silo rotations
  • Waterproof food shield
  • Easy to fill

Why We Like It

This is an excellent beginner-friendly automatic fish feeder. It’s super easy to program, and you get all the basic features and an easy-to-fill feeder that fits rimless and rimmed tanks.

Best Automatic Fish Feeder Buying Guide

Aquarists hate going on holiday because they dread returning to a tank with little bloated fish floating on the surface from not eating enough. Automatic fish feeders are the solution, but getting the right one is essential. 

There are a few considerations to examine to check whether your new automatic fish feeder will really meet your and your fish’s needs. If you follow our guide, you will choose an auto fish feeder that will feed your fish according to your routine and give you several years of service. 


The size or capacity of an automatic fish feeder refers to how much fish food your auto feeder can hold. A larger one is necessary for a large capacity tank with many fish, as it will decrease the frequency of refills. However, you may not need a large-capacity automatic fish feeder if you only have a couple of fish or baby guppies.

So, to determine the device size needed, look at how much food you usually dispense per feeding session. Larger fish tend to eat more, so even if you only have a few, you may need to buy a larger one than a tank with a few smaller fish.


The battery is another essential consideration when shopping for the best automatic fish feeders. Most fish feeders require AA batteries to operate. If you choose such a model, we strongly advise purchasing one with a low battery indicator. It will notify you a while before your battery runs out, ensuring the unit has enough power to run for a scheduled feeding routine when you are away.

An automatic fish feeder with rechargeable batteries is a great option to save on costs. These rechargeable feeders have USB cables that plug into any compatible device or adapter. 

Recharging it frequently or continuously ensures the auto fish feeder will always continue working in your absence. If you choose a unit that offers both an AA battery and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, then you really have the best of both worlds.

Portion Settings

You must ensure you feed your fish the right amount of food with the automatic feeder to avoid overfeeding. The timer control will also dispense food to your aquatic creatures at the right time daily. Automatic fish feeders with quartz timers offer the highest precision.

You also need to check the fish feeder can dispense the correct type of fish food, whether it be powders, pellets, flakes, and more. You don’t want to switch up your fish’s diet just to use the automatic fish feeder. 

Correct feeding greatly influences your fish’s health, including their color, immunity, and development, so choose a feeder that can handle the proper feeding routine.


The following setting is the frequency or how often your automatic feeder distributes food daily. Most of our top feeders can dispense food 1-4 times daily. Generally, your aquatic companions should eat several smaller meals rather than one or two big meals throughout the day. Overfeeding in one session encourages the decomposition of leftover food, so smaller meals are best.

It’s easy to forget and skip a meal here and there when you are busy, so to avoid these mishaps, rely on an auto feeder to feed your fish at a predetermined time.


An LCD screen is very handy with this type of device. While an LCD screen may be a luxury that many deem unnecessary, seeing just how much food you are putting in and all other relevant details will be helpful when setting up the device.


Moisture is your number one enemy when storing fish food (and this includes the food in your automatic feeder). The best automatic fish feeder will have safeguards to reduce moisture buildup in the compartment. What happens when too much moisture accumulates in the automatic feeder? The dry fish food will clump up, clog the feeder, and eventually lead to a malfunction.

Placement on the Tank

The next part is the mounting of the automatic feeder. The type of mounting fixture of the feeder will depend on your tank design and setup. Some feeders are mounted on the side of the tank or the lid.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Does an Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

Each fish feeder has an internal timer that you preset to dispense a measured portion of food at a particular time of the day. Its primary purpose is to feed your fish whenever you aren’t home.

You can set it to feed your fish as many times a day as you need. If you only use the feeder to feed your fish when you are at work, then select a twice daily schedule. Choose the feeding schedule that suits your daily fish feeding needs.

How Can I Feed My Fish While on Vacation?

An automatic fish feeder is the best way to keep your fish fed while traveling. If you have a roommate or family nearby, you can also ask them to help. However, humans are fallible, and the best way to ensure your fish will enjoy seamless feeding is with automatic fish feeders.

You may even find an automatic fish feeder an indispensable part of your life whether you are on vacation or not. We lead busy lives, and sometimes, taking time out of your day at specific intervals to feed fish just isn’t possible. If true for you, you can benefit from one of these automatic fish feeders.

Are There Downsides to an Automatic Fish Feeder?

The one downside you may have yet to consider is the lack of interaction with your fish. You may miss out on feeding joys if you rely only on an automatic fish feeder. However, using a fish feeder may be inevitable when you go on vacation.

However, there could be possible risks to using an automatic feeder. If you don’t check on battery levels, the feeder may run out of power when you least expect it and place your fish at risk. Always check whether the feeder you buy has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or alternative power source.

Is All Fish Food Compatible with an Automatic Feeder?

Not all fish feeders are created equal. Some fish feeders cannot handle a particular type of food. You’re in luck, however, because most of the feeder options we presented can be used for all types of fish food (except for live types). You must ensure your fish feeder meets your pets’ dietary needs.

Hopefully, your aquarium inhabitants will thrive on the same type or relatively similar food to make things easier.

What Are the Benefits of an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Fish feeders provide more benefits than not. One benefit, and we’d argue that it’s the biggest, is the freedom it provides when traveling. You no longer need to worry about getting home at a particular time to meet your fish’s feeding schedules. The worst thing an aquarist can do is forget to feed their fish and maintain the tank conditions.

With a feeder, you won’t owe your friends and family members any favors for asking them to take care of your fish when you are out of the country. Another thing that all pets, no matter the species, benefit from is consistency. Consistently feeding your fish at set intervals will ensure their health.

A fish feeder can take care of that for you without you needing to rush home and stop what you are doing.


There is no debate that an automatic fish feeder is one of the best additions to your tank. Not only does it benefit your fish buddies, but you as well. You also have the option to hand feed and enlist the help of a fish feeder if you don’t want to cut off all interaction with your aquatic pals completely.

If you aren’t sure about where to begin, you can refer to our top 10 list as a good starting point and use our guide to help narrow down all the choices. With the right fish feeder, your life will become infinitely easier!

Did You Know?

When you clean up all the leftovers in the tank you avoid contaminating the water. Fish are naturally opportunistic and they will eat whatever food they find, so they may not always be hungry at feeding time. Only allot a specific amount of food; if you start noticing your fish do not devour it all, you can lessen the amount.

Expert Tip

Excess food will contaminate the water and cause a rise in nitrite and ammonia levels, but it can also clog the filters. So, use an automatic feeder to minimize overfeeding and waste.

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