Best Filter for 10 Gallon Tank in 2023 (Reviewed By Experts)

Thinking about adding a 10 gallon fish tank to your set up? As a beginner, this is the perfect tank size to start with, especially if you are considering a small fish like a betta or something along those lines. Perhaps you just want a small fish tank for the kiddos to enjoy. A 10 gallon fish tank is a great place to start.

Sometimes, you can find a fish tank that comes with a kit and is fully loaded with everything you need. Other times, you might need to consider the various accessories and items that you need to make your tank work the best way that it is intended to work.

A 10 gallon tank requires a reliable filter for 10 gallon fish tank that is powerful enough to handle the surface area and keep your tank clean as intended. Whether you’re looking for multi stage filtration, an air pump, or simply want a top rated filter for 10 gallon tanks, we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we will share with you the top 10 gallon fish tank filter options on the market. We’ve scoured the options to try to share the very best with you. Whether you are a beginner with small fish or you just need a new fish tank filter 10 gallon solution, you’re sure to find a solution here!

Stick with us to learn about the top options for a filter for a 10 gallon fish tank and more.

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One of the best filter for 10 gallon tank

Top Rated Filter for 10 Gallon Tank Reviews

Below, you will find a variety of options for fish tank filter. We selected our favorite options and we’re here to give you the complete rundown of the best filter for 10 gallon tank review details. Each pick will have a review so you can make an educated decision on the most ideal fish tank filters for your needs.

1. Best Overall: Aqueon Quietflow Internal Aquarium Filter Kit with Media

Aqueon Quietflow Internal Aquarium Filter Kit with Media

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The Aqueon Quietflow Internal Aquarium Filter Kit with Media comes in a nice value pack that gives you a 4 months supply of all of the things you need to make this power filter work as it should. You get the replacement filter media and cartridges as well an ammonia reducer supply. The sponge filters appropriately prepare your canister filter for biological filtration. You really can’t go wrong with this guy.

This filtration system is quiet in operation and while it’s recommended for 10 gallon aquariums, it can actually work efficiently for up to 20 gallon aquariums. The internal filter cartridges effectively clear the water and boost your flow rate in the aquarium. The power filter even has an LED indicator so you know when it’s time to change out a cartridge.

The sponge filters combined with the canister filters design is compatible with both freshwater and saltwater aquarium setups. Everything operates on a five stage filtration process that include biological filtration as well as chemical filtration and mechanical filtration in the process. Your aquarium will never be clearer or healthier than with the Aqueon Quietflow filtration system.

The Aqueon Quietflow filtration system is well-made and is highly rated across the board as a reliable aquarium solution. 5 stage filtration will provide the best results possible. You can easily check price and see this is a great deal for the quality and design.

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  • Hang on Back filters with five stage filtration, including chemical filtration and mechanical filtration
  • One of the top aquarium filters on the market
  • Filtration volume could handle up to a 20 gallon tank
  • Comes with replacement filters to get you started
  • Perfect for your new quarantine aquarium or a beginner getting started


  • This is not as quiet as you would expect given the name (Aqueon Quietflow Internal)
  • Does not offer adjustable flow for fish tanks

Why We Like It

The Aqueon Quietflow Internal Filter types is one of the best on the market. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain and it will keep bacteria at bay with chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration all ties into one simple and reliable device for your tank water needs.

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2. Budget Pick: Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums

Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums

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Next up, we have an affordable option that is certainly a fan favorite from the table of contents. The Tetra Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums is perfect for 10 gallon tanks. This particular option is hang on back power filter but the same brand and style also has an internal filter that works much like canister filters for filtration.

Click that check price button and you won’t be disappointed with this internal power filter solution. The Tetra Whisper IQ power filter is named such because it is whisper quiet in operation and one of the best and most affordable filters on the market. Tetra Whisper has been a popular brand for a clear fish tank filter solution for quite some time. Aside from 10 gallons, you can get clear up to 60 gallons with Tetra Whisper filters.

Your fish will be happy and healthy and the hang on back design filters work with little to no maintenance required. This sweet filter uses what is called Stay Clean technology, which just means it stays cleaner for longer. The filter is compatible with freshwater and marine fish.

These 10 gallon filters work on activated carbon with mechanical filtration. It has a spillway as well as adjustable flow control. The bio scrubber uses activated carbon to clear bacteria through the filters. The intake is also adjustable to fit your aquarium just right.


  • Operated by a self-priming motor
  • Bio scrubber to remove unwanted bacteria through the filters
  • Sound shield to reduce noise output
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Quality filters at an affordable price


  • The filter piece itself is fairly large and may be bulky on any gallon aquarium

Why We Like It

These filters offer full 10 gallon aquariums disclosure on just what they can do. A simple hang on back style that uses activated carbon and gives you all of the flexibility and adjustability you need to care for your fish without a lot of noise. Prepare for an aqua clear fish tank for less!

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3. Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Filters for Fish Tank

Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Filters for Fish Tank

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Next up, we have the Marineland Penguin Bio Wheel Filters for Fish Tank , which easily stands up in comparison against the Marina power filter as one of the best 10 gallon filters you will find out there. It’s a little bit more expensive but a pro tip is that sometimes you really do get what you pay for. This is a hang on back filter rather than an internal filter or a corner filter.

This is a biological filter that operates on 3 stage filtration and uses an intuitive bio wheel technology specific to these filters. It’s filters up to 100 gallons per hours and can actually work for up to 20 gallons and not just 10 gallon tanks. The filtration is superior and incorporates chemical filtration and mechanical filtration as a filter for a 10 gallon tank.

The spray bar is quiet effective on this best filter solution for your fish. This one is easy to use and easy to maintain as well. Replacement filter cartridges are pretty simple to come by. The quality is certainly there to keep your fish protected in all of the best ways. Forget the sponge filter when three stage filtration is an option for you.

The filter media on this filter system is reliable. You also have flow rate control with this power filter that no canister filter would be able to provide for you. Biological filtration doesn’t require a spray bar system to really let the air pump work or the adjustable flow to be active.


  • Multi stage filtration that includes mechanical and biological filtration
  • Covers a surface area up to 20 gallons
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Great for small fish and large fish alike
  • No activated carbon necessary


  • This best filter can sometimes be a little noisy compared to an internal power filter

Why We Like It

If you want a pro tip, go with a filtration system that works and this is one of those. It falls into a best filter for a 10 plus gallon tank because it works and it is simple and popular. Yes, it might cost a few dollars more but forget the sponge filter or corner filter and keep your tank clear for your fish with no worries.

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4. Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter

Zoo Med Nano 10 External Canister Filter

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Next up, we have another popular option. The No products found. can work with a nano tank but it is a filter for a 10 gallon tank of any kind. This is an external chemical filter so you don’t have to make room inside of your tank. It can set up outside of your tank and simply connected through the appropriate hoses and tubing measures to do its work for your fish.

This particular filter media won’t affect your flow rate in any way and the power filter works quite similarly to a sponge filter or internal filter to give you aqua clear water that you can depend on in your aquarium.

This canister filter from Zoo Med is well-made and it again does cost slightly more but that is because it is a canister filter aquarium filter for a 10 gallon tank and so it has a wholly different setup. The sponge filter portion of the canister filter provides a filter media that saves space and won’t vibrate and create a lot of noise like an internal filter might.

This does come with the spray bar system and it works on multi stage filtration like most filters should. Whether you have small fish in your fish tanks or just a small tank, this canister filter is reliable. Bacteria won’t hassle your fish tanks any more with these filters.

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  • Canister filter that stands alone outside of your tank
  • Great for small tanks and quiet operation
  • Sponge filters are strong and reliable
  • Easy to use and customize to your needs
  • Package comes with the spray bar and everything you need


  • The sponge filter may have to be adjusted to be effective for some tanks
  • You might need an upgraded pump for more power behind the filtration

Why We Like It

When it comes to taking care of your fish, some of us go with tanks that just can’t reliably house a traditional filter, This canister filter sponge filter system is the answer to those troubles. You can customize it to your needs and it’s pretty simple and reliable as well.

5. Aqua Tech Ultra Quiet Power Filter for Aquariums

Aqua Tech Ultra Quiet Power Filter for Aquariums

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This option, Aqua Tech Ultra Quiet Power Filter for Aquariums offers chemical filtration as well as biological filtration because it is a little bit of all filtration all in one simple filtration device. This multi stage filtration power filter for a 10 gallon tank is an ideal filtration system for an aqua clear tank. No canister filter here, just a simple aquarium filter that even has a steady flow rate to keep you moving along.

This aquarium filter for a 10 gallon tank will come with everything you need, including a cartridge and all of the hook up pieces. It even has the premium activated carbon that no canister filter will ever provide you and not all other filter styles have either.

This filter is powerful and strong. If you’re looking to buy on Amazon, this is one of the top filter choices you will find and it’s not a bad price either. The power of this filter is not thwarted by a powerful motor that works to clean out bacteria and toxins in your fish tank or 10 gallon aquarium.

The filters and filter cartridges are simple and yet effective for any gallon aquarium. This could actually work for up to a 20 gallon aquarium but it is best for 10 gallons. It’s sleek and simple and your filtering for your little fish could never be better.


  • Works for chemical filtration
  • Perfect for 10 gallons
  • Operates quietly and efficiently
  • Easy to maintain and change
  • Sleek and simple by design


  • Limited verified review information to truly make an informed decision before you buy

Why We Like It

When it comes to filter for 10 gallons, you can be quite limited. It seems like there are so many that are designed for large tanks rather than 10 gallons tanks so you have to worry about cheaply made filters instead. This is an affordable filter that is reliable for your fish environment and tank needs.

Best Filter for 10 Gallon Tank  Buyer’s Guide

Now that you’ve seen the top filter options for a 10 gallon, it’s time to figure out which direction you might need to do. There are several different factors that might affect your final decision when it comes to picking out a filter so our goal with this section of the guide is just to provide you with an overview of details.

By the time you browse the guide and your options, we hope that you will be able to make an informed decision on the right filter to meet your needs.

Filter Capacity

Probably one of the first thing you should take a look at for your filter is the filter capacity, specifically the bio-media capacity. Filters are designed to hold the smut and other media during the filtration process so finding a filter whose media can handle a LOT will be easier n you in the long run and easier on your tank as well.

Remember that there is both good bacteria and bad bacteria. Your filter should use the good bacteria to treat the aquarium while cleaning out the bad bacteria from the tank. Most filters have multiple layers so you might have sponges or carbon or other materials as part of the filters.

Bio-media capacity is an essential quality to be familiar with so that you can know the waste and debris is being cleaned away as it should be within the tank.

Why Filter Cartridges?

There is a great debate as to whether you really need filter cartridges. One side of the spectrum says carbon filter additions are unnecessary while the other side swears by carbon filter. It’s totally up to you. Feel free to do a little bit of research to determine whether or not carbon or a filter cartridge in particular is valuable for your tank needs.

You may find that it differs depending on what is in your tank as well. If you’re treating fish or using chemicals in the water, we recommend that you use carbon filters to get rid of residual chemicals that might be harmful to fish. That filter cartridge will help to filter out the rest of the gunk so you don’t have to worry about it affecting your fish.

Adding carbon can be fairly expensive, especially if you change it out as much as is recommended for a tank. Do yourself a favor and skip the carbon filter when it isn’t needed but have it available for those times when it might be necessary.

If you do feel as though you want it in your tank, that is totally up to you just be prepared to change it frequently and possibly spend money keeping that filter additive in check for your tank. In most cases, carbon filters are really only good for about 3-4 weeks at a time and you have to completely replace it, regardless of how well the rest of the cartridge is holding up.

Filter for 10 gallon tank on a table

Flow Rate

Another important aspect for a filter decision for your 10 gallon tank is the flow rate of the filter. A pro tip recommends that you have a filter that that operates at no less than 40 GPH for a 10 tank. This flow rate is pretty important because if it is too low, it will not be effective for your tank and you will notice that it simply can’t keep up in the long run.

The general rule of thumb is that your flow rate should be approximately four times higher than the capacity of the tank. This is where the number 40 GPH comes into play for a 10 gallon tank. Your flow rate can be higher than this and in fact, might be more successful at much higher rates.

Every tank benefits from a hearty flow rate and really the higher the flow rate, the better off your tank will be. On the same note, you don’t need a flow rate designed for a 500 gallon tank in your 10 tank so don’t go overboard with the power in that aspect.

How the Nitrogen Cycle Works

Some would question whether a tank this size really needs a filter and the answer is absolutely yes. Even the smallest of tanks can really benefit from a filter being set up. The reason for this is the nitrogen cycle that is unknowingly taking place within your tank.

The nitrogen cycle works when you feed your fish. There is both fish and food present. The food turns into waste from the fish or from not being consumed and from there levels of ammonia as well as CO2 are formed. The CO2 goes to plants and the water and might actually have some benefits for them but the ammonia turns into a bacteria that can become harmful.

A portion of the ammonia transmits into nitrites through good bacteria and becomes nitrates as it circulates through. Then the plants absorb the nitrates and the water is changed by that absorption. It’s an endless and ongoing cycle within your aquarium.

Most of the time, your levels will not rise to dangerous capacities but nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia levels can be harmful to both fish and plants over time. It can pose a threat that you never even see. Since an aquarium is closed where those aren’t circulating out, the risk rises. Ultimately, it can lead to sick and stressed fish as well as plants that are suffering from the particles. It can lead to death or disease for both.

Plants can help with the nitrates situation as they benefit from nitrates and can absorb those to benefit your fish. But from there, a filter is what will really save your tank and cycle all of the worthless particles out for the overall health of your aquarium.

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Types of Filtration

There are so many different filter forms from canisters to corner to HOBs and even internal filters. It’s an endless filter buffet. That type doesn’t really make a difference for this size of tank if you want the best but you might have a preference.

Then, there are specific filtration methods to consider. Those include, chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration. Each of these has a different purpose. A lot of filters are designed to work through all of these types but not all of them. Let’s talk about these different types of filter operation.


This is perhaps one of the most popular filter setups you will find. It’s one of the best methods because it takes a cyclical approach designed to lookout for the contents of our tank. With biological filtering, the process allows harmful bacteria to break down so the toxic parts are filtered out and the good bacteria is left to play and provide benefit to your tank.

Most of the time, biological has to be combine with either mechanical or chemical in order to be effective for a clean tank. If you’re looking for clear waters, this method needs additional support. It provides good bacteria and keeps the bad bacteria out but it doesn’t necessarily keep things as clean since it lets good germs build up. Places like rocks, substrate, and sponges can accumulate extensive layers of buildup when this method is used.


Chemical is the method that uses activated carbon. The term is slightly misleading because you aren’t really using chemicals but the carbon is designed to pull chemicals out of the water while also removing waste from the water.

Chemical methods are very rarely used as a stand alone filter method because the sole purpose is to remove waste but it might not cycle good germs back in to provide your plants and fish with additional nutrients or even CO2.

Remember that there is a time and place that is best for chemical filtering practices and that it might not always be necessary or even beneficial. This method can get pricy because carbon doesn’t last long and cartridges have to be replaced as a whole more frequently because of that aspect.


Mechanical is the method that is most often combine with biological filtering because the two make a grand pair when it comes to filter work. Mechanical methods require a pump system and this filter system will circulate your water while also filtering out the nasty stuff like floating particles, waste, and grime or debris.

This filter method is what leads to clear and clean water but it is best combined with another method for the purpose of truly filtering out the bad stuff and retaining the good stuff. Think of it as this filter method is the cleaning machine while the other method is the filter that figures out what goes and what stays.


Finally, you want a filter that will last. It’s no good to you if the filter that you choose only holds up for a few months or even a year. Find something that will be reliable and is going to be there for you when you need a filter the most. There is no reason to let a filter let you down.

You can always check out reviews and what other people have to say about the filter you are checking out. If there are known issues or glitches, you will find those in the filter review details and this can be a good resource for understanding just what you are looking at overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a 10 Gallon Tank Need a Filter?

The quick answer to this question is yes. It can take a lot of work to keep up with a tank this size manually. Apart from just keeping it clean, a filter helps with circulation and air flow. A tank this size should never be used without a filter, unless of course there is no water in it.

Can I Put a 20 Gallon Filter in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Absolutely! In fact, you might find that a larger filter actually works better for your tank. It seems silly but the more power behind the filter, the better off your tank will be. It’s quite alright to upgrade to a more powerful filtration device for your fish, just try not to go overboard here. You don’t need a 500 gallon filter for a 50 gallon tank.

How Much is a Filter for a 10 Gallon Aquarium?

This is a loaded question. There are certainly some options on the market that are under $20 and can work quite well for filtration. On the same note, some options might be close to $100 and also work well. You can find a quality filter for this size of tank no matter what your budget is.

What Pets Can You Put in a 10 Gallon Aquarium?

This is a pretty standard size of aquarium and you can put any aquarium pet in there. Fish, turtles, lizards, snakes, and more.

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We hope that you find this guide to the best filter media for a 10 gallon aquarium to be a valuable resource for your needs. Every aquarium deserves a reliable filter media device and so do the animals or plants you have in there.

Expert Tip

Experts recommend that your flow rate for your filter is four times the capacity of the tank. This means that a 10 gallon aquariums should have a minimum filter media flow rate of 40 GPH but you can go higher as well.

Did You Know?

Carbon may not be required for filtration unless your water has specific chemicals or additives in it that need to be addressed. You can save a few dollars on filtration if you can skip the carbon or possibly even use it less for effective filtration.

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