Best Turtle Tank in 2024 Review Updated

Turtles are adorable creatures that should be more mainstream. They don’t get as much attention as dogs and cats, but they can be quite the popular reptile pet. What is an amazing thing about turtles is their slow pace. Their seemingly laid-back attitude towards life undoubtedly contributed to their long lifespans. They can teach us a thing or two about slowing down and living in the moment. One thing to be aware of is that a turtle can grow to be quite large.

The biggest problem when purchasing the best turtle tank is to account for the maximum size of your aquatic turtle pet. You should also consider the species of your turtle and how many you own. This could greatly impact your purchasing choices when looking for turtle tanks. Our team of experts has reviewed the best turtle tanks on the market to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best Turtle Tank in 2024

1. Best Value: Hamiledyi Turtle Habitat

Hamiledyi Turtle Habitat

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Our first option is the Hamiledyi Turtle Habitat that is a great starter tank for turtle owners. The tank kit provides a 3-gallon turtle tank only and doesn’t include the filter or UV heating lamp. It gives great value and isn’t a big investment. It makes a great starter kit because you can easily exchange it for a larger one if needed when your reptilian baby grows larger.

It comes in different colors to suit your mood including clear plastic, so you can see what your turtle is up to, or you can choose to give home some privacy by opting for the all-black option. There are different levels in the tank to allow you to create a little pond for your turtles. The turtle aquarium kit has a ramp design to aid your turtle when he climbs from one tier to the next.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Sturdy plastic design
  • Great turtle starter kit
  • Has a docking platform
  • Has a ramp

Why We Like It

We love this turtle tank option, especially for a baby turtle since the size is suitable, and it has a swimming area that can be filled with water plus a basking platform.

2. Best Budget: Geegoods Turtle Aquarium Tank

Geegoods Turtle Aquarium Tank

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This next turtle tank aquarium kit from Geegoods is similar to our first choice, but it has two color options with one being significantly cheaper and better for those on a tighter budget. This reptile habitat is not only great for turtles, but also hermit crabs, and other small amphibians and reptiles. The plastic is very high quality and the tank comes with everything you need to get set up.

The turtle aquarium can withstand up to a whopping 330 pounds of weight and is resistant against impact and abrasions. It also has a ramp design with a separate basking platform, swimming and feeding area.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Withstands impact and abrasions
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • Has separate areas
  • Budget price

Why We Like It

We love the shape of the tank because it’s easy to add on the additional filter or UV heating lamp when needed down the line.

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3. Binano 3 Piece, Turtle Tank

Binano 3 Piece

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Perhaps one of our favorite turtle tank options, this turtle tank from Binano is a 3-piece set, which means you get everything you need plus more to get your turtle tank started. The set is great for baby turtles or an adult turtle as it comes in both medium and large sizes.

Other than the sturdy turtle tanks, you also get plastic flowers and a dirt absorber with your purchase. Similar to the previous designs, this 3-piece turtle tank is also very robust, can withstand impact and can hold up to 330 pounds. There are five different areas in the tank and the clear blue plastic allows you to monitor your reptile easily.


  • 3-piece set
  • 5 different areas
  • 2 sizes
  • Great for adults or babies
  • Comes with everything you need

Why We Like It

We really like the excellent design of this top rated turtle tank that provides your pet with the best environment that includes 5 different areas.

4. RYPET Turtle Tank Aquarium

RYPET Turtle Tank Aquarium

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The Rypet turtle tank aquarium is another option that resembles our top choice. The plastic used to create these turtle habitats are sturdy and non-toxic, which is very important since your turtle will spend most of his days inside feeding, sleeping and playing. There are 5 different areas with a dry and wet area cleverly separated in the molding process.

There are 3 different colors available, each giving you more ease to monitor your turtle pet. The unique shape of this turtle tank gives you the ability to clip additional add-ons in the future such as a filter, and even a lamp when the weather gets a little colder.


  • Dry and wet separation
  • Tough build
  • Not only good for turtles
  • 3 different colors
  • Non-toxic

Why We Like It

We are always honest in our turtle tank reviews, and the shape and build of this tank are so popular because of the versatility it provides the owner and the turtle.

5. rnairni Turtle Tank Aquarium

rnairni Turtle Tank Aquarium

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We finally present a different reptile habitat than the previous options. This starter kit offers a more complicated design consisting of three separate areas. There is an escape-proof area that prevents your turtles from climbing out, a filter layer and finally the tank itself.

Your turtle will feel comfortable when feeding, sleeping, swimming and even breeding thanks to the separate sections and privacy of the design. Rnairni also provides the accessories necessary to set up an aquarium tank kit including decorative stones, a basking ramp, and a dropper to clean the turtle tank.


  • Safe materials
  • Can hold up to 400 pounds
  • Three layers
  • Separate areas for different activities
  • Comes with accessories

Why We Like It

The Rnairni turtle tank is a more advanced option than the previous ones that come in decent tank size and comes with everything your turtles need.

6. X1 Total Turtle Tank Starter Kit

X1 Total Turtle Tank Starter Kit

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If you are looking for the total package, the turtle tank from X1 has everything you need including a UV light fixture with the lightbulb, a water filter, and even a cute little palm tree for decoration. You basically get everything you see in the picture to get your turtles set up. This tank also has separate areas for different activities and it’s very strong, made from non-toxic polypropylene.

The terrarium only comes in blue, but the see-through plastic makes it easier to keep an eye on your turtle no matter where they are. The high quality turtle tank is the perfect tank for your turtle. The plastic also makes the tank very easy to clean. Just unclip and empty the tank and replace them after cleaning.


  • Comes with attachments and accessories
  • 5 separate areas
  • See-through plastic
  • Non-toxic polypropylene construction
  • Suitable for little critters too

Why We Like It

We love options that come with everything you need. This eliminates the amount of research you would need to do on a turtle tank kit and it even comes with its own filtration system!

7. PETLAOO Turtle Tank Aquarium

PETLAOO Turtle Tank Aquarium

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The turtle tank from Petlaoo is so sturdy anyone under 300 pounds can stand on it without causing damage. The high quality plastic is non-toxic and 100% safe for your turtles. The habitat is suitable for box turtles and ones of other species as well as small hermit crabs and other critters.

The 5 separate areas provide places for your turtle to enjoy his house while swimming, feeding, breeding and just relaxing. This turtle tank kit will keep your turtle safe and comfortable thanks to the skidded ramp that will prevent him from slipping and help him get to different platforms easily. The tank is easy to clean and low maintenance, and have your pet’s best interest at heart.


  • Great for aquatic turtles
  • Great as a reptile kit too
  • Has a basking area among others
  • Safe for pet turtles and other creatures
  • Clear design that’s easy to clean

Why We Like It

Our pet’s safety is the number 1 concern. The non-toxic and durable materials really make this option a great aquatic turtle tank.

8. PINVNBY Plastic Turtle Tank

PINVNBY Plastic Turtle Tank

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Plastic turtle tanks seem to come in the same design. This is because it’s tried and true and has proven to be the best turtle tank layout. PINVNBY only uses the highest quality and toughest materials when creating this turtle habitat. What makes these turtle tanks stand out is the additional items they come with. You will find tweezers, plastic flowers, and a dirt absorber with your purchase – what more could you want?

The blueprint also has the same 5 separate areas featured in a turtle habitat of the same design including a basking area, feeding area and swimming area. Your pet turtles will be very content living in this space.


  • High quality materials
  • Innovative layout
  • Comes with bonus items
  • Strong
  • 3 color options

Why We Like It

Aside from the proven design, PINVNBY also offers exceptional customer service. You can get a full refund or replacement on these turtle tanks no questions asked!

9. kathson Turtle Habitat

kathson Turtle Habitat

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To ensure your turtle pet is completely satisfied with his aquatic turtle tank, Kathson creates separate areas for your turtle. It will create a different “room” for your turtle pet to eat, sleep, relax and rest, swim and bask. The sturdy plastic also allows you to decorate it however you wish with additional add-ons such as a filter, a heat lamp, and other things to make sure your pet is healthy.

A turtle may not get up to as much mischief as a dog, but it’s still advised to keep an eye on them. The clear design will help you identify when the tank needs to be cleaned and to make sure your turtle is safe in the tank.


  • Functional design
  • Clear and strong plastic construction
  • Easy to add accessories
  • 2 colors
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Why We Like It

Other than having a reputable product, we love it when sellers or manufacturers have some sort of guarantee to protect your purchase.

10. Lee’s Turtle Lagoon

Lee's Turtle Lagoon

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If you want a different design, then Lee’s Turtle Lagoon is the way to go. This turtle tank has a different shape but still creates different living areas for your turtle. It puts focus on providing a swimming area with a little ramp in the center for your turtle to come up for air. At the top of the ramp is a basking and feeding area complete with a decorative palm tree.

The clear blue plastic will give the feel of a tropical island to make your turtle feel more at home. The material also makes this best turtle tank very easy to clean and to monitor your aquatic turtle. We will say, however, that it could be a challenge to add accessories due to the curved shape of the tank.


  • Unique shape
  • Has a feeding and basking area
  • Comes with a decorative palm tree
  • Clear plastic
  • Strong materials

Why We Like It

The kidney shape of the turtle tank really plays into the name “turtle lagoon”. With the added palm tree decoration, this is one of the most adorable aquatic turtle tank designs on the market.

Best Turtle Tank Buyer’s Guide

Just because there are a lot of options with the same shape and overall appearance, it doesn’t mean they all offer the same level of durability, convenience and safety. The best turtle tank or at least most of the top-rated turtle tanks needs to meet certain standards. To help you make the right purchase, our team of experts has created a detailed list of what characteristics to look for in the best turtle tanks.


What size should you get? That is the top consideration when purchasing a habitat for any animal. Unless you don’t mind spending money in the future to upgrade the tank, you should accommodate your turtle at its full size. This is only if you have one turtle. There are a lot of turtle owners out there that get 2 or 3 to start with so they can have a friend.

It’s easy to underestimate the size of the tank when a turtle is in its infancy because they are quite small. Your pet turtles will grow to more than 3 times their size, which means the more turtles you have, the larger your initial tank needs to be. A pet turtle that feels suffocated, regardless of the turtle species, are more likely to attempt escape.

However large your tank would be to accommodate one adult pet turtle, double or triple the size depending on how many you have. If you don’t have a clear idea of the full size of your pet turtle, the approximate measurement is about 30 gallons per turtle.

A lot of our turtle tank suggestions are meant for baby turtles, so make sure you switch to larger tanks as your pet turtle ages. A 10-gallon tank is good for baby land turtles or a starter aquatic turtle habitat, but at least a deluxe 20 gallon turtle tank is needed as the optimal turtle tank size. You may even find 40 gallon to 55 gallon tanks to keep your turtle happy and healthy.

A 40 gallon or 55 gallon tank for your turtle can take up a lot of space in your home, so before you purchase your new pet, make sure your house can accommodate the size of the tank your turtles need. Some other suggestions for grown turtle tanks are the Tetra Deluxe 20 gallon tank and the Seaclear Acrylic Aquarium are good choices they resemble fish tanks but are meant for turtles


There are also different types of turtle tanks to choose from. You may be wondering if a fish tank can suit your turtles, but we would still advise purchasing a tank that is meant for your pet.

You can get ones with a lid or ones without. If you have a mischievous turtle that loves to explore, then make sure you get one with a lid. there are different gallon tank sizes to choose from that offer lid protection to keep your turtle safe.

You also have the choice of plastic turtle tub tanks or glass options. The glass tanks are the best turtle tanks for adults. They are much larger in size and can be customized with tank decorations.

There is also the species of your turtle to consider. Turtles are generally split into two different categories: land turtles and aquatic turtles. Turtles are amphibians and require both land and water to thrive. The difference between the tanks necessary for both species is the amount of land and water they get.

As you may have noticed by now, turtle tanks require many separate areas for your pet turtle. The more space it has to do different activities, the happier he will be. In our turtle tank review, a basking area, feeding area, swimming area are always present in each option.

Land turtles need access to water and aquatic turtles still require dry land. Turtles love water, but no matter how much it likes to be submerged, your turtle needs to have an area where he can dry off and relax. This is where the basking platform comes in. The basking area is typically an elevated part of the tank, sometimes it’s built right into the tank and other times it is a protruding fixture like a big rock.

The more clear space your turtle tank has, the better the view of your little reptile is. It’s important to keep an eye on your pet just in case he decides to explore outside of his tank.


Other than the tank itself, the features and add-ons you include in your turtle tank will have a profound impact on how your pet grows and develops. A filter is a vital tool in your aquarium kit that regulates water quality. Water quality in a 10 gallon, deluxe 20 gallon, 40 gallon or even 55 gallon aquarium tank is the equivalent of air quality for us. Your turtle needs to have fresh and clean water to stay healthy.

Turtles are notoriously messy, and the water filter you choose to place in the tank will have its work cut out for it. Look for heavy-duty options on the market. For baby turtles, some owners choose to clean out their turtle tanks often instead of going for a filter. While we can see why, especially since baby turtle tanks are often temporary, we still advise investing in a good filter. The filter will still be useful when your land or aquatic turtle outgrows the initial tank. A lot of fish tank filters also work with land or aquatic turtle tank.

Heating Lamps and UV Light

Turtles in their natural habitat like to spend a lot of time in the sun. To simulate this same environment, you need heating lamps or UV light. UV lights can also generate the heat found in heating lamps and they also help to fight germs and bacteria in your aquatic turtle habitat. It’s unlikely that you will find UV lighting or heat lamps in your basic aquatic turtle kit, so make sure you purchase one on your own.

The best turtle tanks will come in an ergonomic shape that makes it easy for you to add attachments. Heating lamps and UV lights can be clipped onto the side of the tank, which is why it’s important not to have a curved shape but straight sides when looking for a turtle tank.

If you live in a very warm environment, then the kidney-shaped tanks can work out and you might not need to invest in a heat lamp.

Basking Area

The basking area has been brought up quite a lot in our best turtle tank review. This is where the aquatic turtle lays out to dry off and enjoy some quality alone time. Many of the turtle tank options we have on our bets list feature more separate areas than a glass tank would.

The elevated platform is the basking spot for aquatic turtles. An aquarium kit that doesn’t come built and ready, you will need to add your own basking spot to your 20 gallon turtle tank for your pet. Also, think about adding a light fixture to help him distinguish between day and night time if your turtle tank is not close to a window.

Feeding Area

The feeding area is the indented spots in the aquatic turtle kit tank. Turtles can enjoy their food in private in a separate little area that won’t spoil the rest of the turtle tank. While a feeding area is not necessary, it’s best to look at a turtle tank with one included.

Swimming Area

Whether you have a land turtle or an aquatic turtle species, the best any gallon turtle tank will have a swimming area. The difference in the tank for these two species as mentioned before is just the size of the swimming area. An aquatic turtle will require a larger swimming area with a smaller basking spot while the opposite is true for land species.


When you invest in the best tank, you want it to be durable. A glass tank will be more of a permanent fixture in your home so the chances of you moving and shattering it is much lower. However, the smaller and more portable tanks are usually made of very durable non-toxic plastic that can hold 300 to 350 pounds and is resistant to impact and abrasions. A starter aquatic turtle kit and an actual turtle aquarium will vary in price, but you want it to be durable and strong no matter what.

Materials and Safety

No matter which type of tank you choose, make sure the materials used are safe and non-toxic. These tanks are what your pet calls home, so you want the tank to be the best and safest. Both plastic and glass material are very easy to clean. Since we mentioned that turtles can be messy, it’s imperative to clean their tank often, even with a heavy-duty filter in place. The leftover food and waste from your turtles can pollute the water in a matter of days, creating the perfect environment for germ and bacteria buildup.


How easy is it for you to set up your tank? After you have identified all the accessories needed to create the best home for your turtle, you have to figure out the best placement for everything. There are many ways to plan out the tank, but keep in mind that keeping to the separate areas is your best bet. For example, the basking spot is where the UV lamp should be focused on. This is the place your turtle uses to dry off and hang out in the “sun”. Therefore, it’s not a wise idea to focus the rays of the lamp on the swimming or feeding areas.


What decorations are you going to place in the tank? Little palm trees and plastic flowers are pretty to look at but at they the most practical? Depending on your turtle species the best decorations to include for your pet are ones that match its native home. Animals are always curious, and if your turtle is bored, it may just turn its attention to the plastic decor you have in the tank and devour it.

To keep your pet safe from harm, we would advise looking for decorations that are too large for them to fit into their mouths and are made from non-toxic materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cute turtle eating fresh chopped green lettuce from stone bowl

How big of a tank do you need for two turtles?

The rule of thumb for deciding on turtle tank size is 20-30 gallons per turtle. If you are thinking about two turtles, then look for a tank that is double that. The same rule applies no matter how many turtles you get. Consider the species of turtle and how large they can get to determine the best size.

What can live with turtles in a tank?

Small and peaceful fish such as guppies can live with turtles in a tank. If you choose to have small fish, keep in mind that they may become food for your turtle.

Do turtles like to be touched?

Turtles know their owners and like to interact with them. A misconception is that turtles, reptiles and fish aren’t interactive, but they are. They aren’t cuddly pets but they sure enjoy pats and strokes every now and then.

How often to clean a turtle tank?

A turtle tank requires a ton of maintenance because they are messy pets. Look to do some sort of picking up every day, but a complete overhaul only needs to be done every week. The cleaning of a turtle tank is very important to keep them healthy.

How do I keep my turtle tank clean?

Having a designated eating area for your pet will keep the water clean for longer. Not only that, but you should pick up the leftovers whenever your pet turtle is done with his food to keep the tank clean. Think about partial water changes every week and don’t forget to clean the filter system.


Your turtle will be very happy to know that you are putting so much time and research into finding it the perfect home. There are important points to consider regardless of the turtle species such as tank size, materials, what to place in the tank and how to keep it clean. If you follow our guide thoroughly, then your amphibian pet will not only be happy, it will be very healthy too.

Did You Know?

You can add a turtle into your existing fish tank with the right accessories included. Many aquarists use turtles as tank mates to round out their community. There are many turtles that can live in harmony with equally peaceful fish.

Expert Tip

Adding substrate can help with the filtration process. If you don’t have a very powerful filter, this could be something to consider.

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