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Aquarium with healthy sea life is extremely appealing. However, one may not be aware of the trouble hobbyists go through to keep the tank water habitable for the fish, turtle or plants therein. All kinds of sea animals and plants need given water specifications to survive. That is when Seachem products become very important.

As a matter of fact, the tank houses all manner of sea animals and even plants. With time, the water becomes impure. Animals in the tank, just like the rest out of it, defecate. This pollutes their environment as it is the same place that houses their feeds.

To keep the water pure, certain chemical products have to be added. This ensures that water remains healthy for the tank pet. For this article, I am going to take a look at some of the many products that Seachem has to offer. All these chosen Seachem products have a specific purpose.


Seachem Purigen

Purigen is described as a synthetic adsorbent that gets rid of numerous impurities in tank water. Made from synthetic polymer that is macro-porous, it has the ability to terminate both soluble as well as insoluble impurities from aquarium water. Its effectiveness exceeds other water cleaners by at least 500%.

Purigen performs a number of functions too. It controls nitrite, nitrate and ammonia. If these nitrogenous wastes are left in the tank, they can release certain harmful compounds into the tank water, thereby making it impure. While acting on the compounds, it significantly improves aquarium water by increasing redox. It also minimally impacts on trace elements.

How to Use Purigen

Using purigen is simple. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Soak purigen in water solution. The ratio of purigen to water should be 1:1.
  2. Allow it to soak for at least 24 hours in a container that is non-metallic. This ought to be done far away from children as a precaution.
  3. Rinse well before soaking for 8 hours in a solution of dechlorinator. The dechlorinator should be 2 tablespoons to a single cup of water.
  4. If purigen is to be used in fresh water, it ought to be soaked for at least 4 hours. A tablespoon of buffer for one cup of water should be ideal.
  5. After this activity, it is ready for reuse. At the same time, its original color gets restored.

While using purigen, caution has to be practiced. If chlorine odor is detected, it is advisable to avoid reuse. When there is element of doubt, testing is necessary. Have a few beads of purigen soaked in water before testing for any residues using chlorine kit for testing.

When it is getting exhausted, purigen has a tendency to darken progressively. This can be handled splendidly by bleaching. Seachem Purigen acts on three platforms. These are:

  • Mechanical Filtration – it improves the health of the tank by straining solid debris.
  • Biological Filtration – Refers to the action of dangerous ammonia breakdown by bacteria. This is then converted to nitrite before it is finally changed to nitrate that is less toxic.
  • Chemical Filtration
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Seachem Matrix

An aquarium needs a porosity biomedia which removes nitrogenous waste from it. The Seachem Matrix is ideal for this purpose. The porous inorganic solid is approximately 10mm in diameter. A liter of matrix solution provides protection for a surface of up to 700 square meters. This is almost equivalent to what is covered by 170 liters of other media like the plastic balls.

Unlike other media that only handle the external surface area cleaning, the matrix extends its functions to both the external and internal surface area through the macro-pores. Macro-pores are essential in nitrifying as well as denitrifying bacteria in the tank. This is important as it allows the Matrix to terminate the presence of ammonia, nitrate and nitrite combined. This is done simultaneously and within the same filter.

Matrix does not breakdown as it is inert. This means that there is no need for replacement.

As a majority of bacteria are often internal, Matrix can be rinsed without the risk of having its filter damaged. It is also compatible with most types of filters, wet or dry.

Pros of the matrix

  • A great way to upgrade the old filter
  • Quite easy to clean
  • Works best with a number of filters including sump, top and canister filters
  • With its highly porous media, it offers a huge surface area which is perfect for getting rid of nitrifying bacteria

Direction of use

For each 200l or 50 gallons of water, 500ml of water should be ideal. Matrix tolerates a number of filters and can therefore be placed in any. However, it works best with the canister filter.

Matrix is large enough therefore no filter bag is necessary for various applications. For good results, the drip tray system would be a recommendation.

Matrix sizes include 100ml, 500ml, 250ml, 1l, 4l, 2l, 20l and 100l.

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Seachem Stability

An aquarium looks splendid when it is in impeccable condition. However, it is not as easy to maintain as it may seem to be. A number of factors have to be put into consideration for successful aquarium maintenance. These include containing the pH levels of water and ensuring the toxic levels of chemicals in the water remain habitable for aquarium life. To do this, a water conditioner is a necessity.

A conditioner for the aquarium is required for certain reasons. These are:

  • To bring back good bacteria to the tank so that dangerous ammonia is terminated.
  • To get rid of chlorine or manage it to certain levels.
  • To balance the water pH levels.

Factors to consider before acquiring a conditioner

  • Identify the challenge in the aquarium. This is important as it will help in the acquisition of the right conditioner. When making purchase, consider a conditioner that can handle two or three problems at ago. This way, some saving is made on cash and time.
  • Size of the aquarium. Consider the size of tank to know how much to use. While at it, remember to read instructions carefully to avoid overuse or underuse. The two are both detrimental to the life of fish, turtles or plants in the tank. Using the right amount should suffice at all times.
  • The brand of conditioner. Brands play a great deal on the outcome of product use. Purchase a brand with positive reviews that has worked well for many clients.
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Product Review

Seachem stability is a Seachem product that has been used in a number of aquariums for various reasons. Perhaps the first is to bring back to the tank bacteria considered necessary for the lives of plants and fish. It does this by offering a healthy bio filter that can serve all types of aquariums.

The product is also touted to contain bacteria that can survive varying pH ranges, organic levels and temperatures. It is said to be able to serve for longer periods of time without the fear of it producing unhealthy toxins in the form of hydrogen sulfide.

It comes in a single 500ml bottle. Its major aim is to restore important bacteria into the tank. This especially happens when a hobbyist does not employ recommended ways of washing the tank’s filter properly. This often leads to destruction of bacterial ecosystem. For other problems not related to restoration of important bacteria, other products should be used and not Seachem Stability.

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Seachem Prime

Seachem Prime has the same qualities as stability, though it does more in terms of removal of toxins. Apart from introducing into the tank healthy bacteria to reduce toxic elements including ammonia, Seachem Prime also does away with chlorine. A concentrated conditioner for fresh and salt water, seachem prime has the ability to convert ammonia into a non-toxic form which is safe and can therefore be removed by the bio filter in tank.

It can be used when cycling the tank for removal of nitrite toxicity too. When used, it readily detoxifies nitrite as well as nitrates. This gives room for the bio filter to work more efficiently in toxin removal.

Other benefits of Seachem Prime are

  • Detoxification of heavy metals present in tap water at usual concentrations.
  • It is non acidic. It will therefore not impact on pH levels of water. Neither does it activate skimmers.
  • Helps in the generation of slime coat.
  • Can be overdosed up to five times the usual dose to get rid of nitrite without negative reactions.
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Seachem Flourish

It works to limit growth of algae on the leaves of plants in the aquarium. When algae invade plant leaves, natural intake of carbon is inhibited, leading to stunted growth. Seachem flourish minimizes algae growth by doing the following:

  • Promoting ferrous state of iron due to the presence of some reducing properties. This is easily utilized by plants as opposed to ferric iron.
  • Has neither phosphate nor nitrate.
  • It improves the aquatic Redox because of the presence of aldehydes bases.
  • Is accommodative of CO2 generators.
  • It does not need replacement as the clay gravel therein is porous. This makes it ideal for the root structure of plants and overall health of plants.
  • It is not chemically treated. Likelihood of it altering the chemistry of water in the tank is minimal.

When using Seachem Flourish, it is advisable to clean it before it is added to the aquarium. If this is not done, it will discolor tank water. A little caution, it is not ideal for plants that exhibit delicate roots as it easily destroys them.

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In summary

Seachem products are great to have if you want a clean and habitable water for both your fishes and plants. As a matter of fact, tank water needs treatment if it is to remain habitable for both plants and animals therein. Using recommended Seachem products can help a great deal in this venture.

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